What IT Courses Can You Study Online

What IT Courses Can You Study Online

IT is one of the most exciting fields to pursue a career these days. As we have our feet firmly planted in the digital age, more and more young people, as well older people considering a career change, are looking at pursuing a career in IT and not without good reason either.

What IT Courses Can You Study Online

After all, there are so many windows of opportunity in this exciting field, and not only in traditional job roles, as entrepreneurism is more than alive and well in the IT sector, it defines it in so many ways. If you’re looking at pursuing a career in IT, developing your skills in a particular field of IT is essential, so what we’re looking at here are some of the exciting IT online learning opportunities that you can pursue.

Web & Graphic Design

With more and more career options becoming available to those pursuing an IT career, website and graphic design isn’t as popular an option as it once was, but it’s still up there with the top career choices.

There are many aspects of a website and graphic design that you can focus upon by enrolling in an online course, including Adobe, the multinational company with a strong focus on multimedia. There are many Adobe courses available, including:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Having Adobe certification and skills is essential if you’re going to pursue a career in graphic design, website design, and even content creation and management (most content creation and management roles require Adobe certification), so enrolling in one of these courses could give your career the kick-start it needs.

Digital Marketing

One of the most exciting fields in the industry at the present point in time, digital marketing is a broad field that includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, direct email marketing and many more. Enrolling in a general digital marketing course, one which covers all areas of digital marketing is a great way to start, but also bear in mind that there are many courses which focus on a single area, for example, professional diplomas in mobile marketing or search marketing.

IT & Networking

A very broad field of information technology, there are many courses that can help you develop and hone the IT and networking skills you require to land the job of your dreams and forge a strong career in the exciting field of information technology. Microsoft courses, for example, an MCSA Windows 10 course that enables you to develop skills in Microsoft 10, can help you to land a position as a:

  • Helpdesk support staff member or manager
  • Senior IT technician
  • Technical support engineer

In addition to Microsoft courses, there are also courses that specialize in Cisco Systems, CompTIA and many more, so you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice with regard to online learning opportunities.

Whatever field of IT you’re interested in focusing upon, you need the education and the skills required to pursue a career in that area. And to gain that education and those skills, the best available option is for you to enroll in an online information course, one delivered by a reputable training provider.

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