Things You Can Do With a Computer to Save Time


We can say that computers have revolutionized modern life as we know it is a major understatement. While computers have simplified many everyday tasks and have helped us save time, it is equally easy to waste time with computers. Although people are truly grateful for the things they can do and the ways by which they can save time with their computers, they are also grateful for the way that their lives have been transformed and greatly simplified.


Here is a look at some of the things you can do to save time with your computer.

*Paying bills:

One of the most obvious ways we save time with our computers is by paying bills online. We no longer have to spend time writing checks, entering the information into a check registry and then going to the post office to mail the bills. We can even set things up with the various accounts for which we pay bills online so that we get reminders to tell us when the bill is due.

Online banking:

We can do pretty much all of our banking online. It is no longer necessary to go to the bank to transfer money from account to account. We can even download our bank statements and reconcile the statement directly without computer check or bank account records.


More and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to shop online. Holiday shopping is much easier when you do it online. You can order gifts, have them gift wrapped and sent directly to the recipient without having to do the wrapping and shipping yourself. Many online retailers offer significant discounts over traditional retail stores, making the prospect of online shopping all the more appealing.

Making all travel arrangements:

It doesn’t matter whether you want to book an airline flight, rent a car, book a hotel or plan an entire vacation. These days, you have to pay a surcharge to book a flight by phone. You can even get your itinerary as soon as you make your reservations.

Airline check-in:

You can check in for a flight 24 hours before your flight is scheduled to leave. You can even switch seats if alternative seats are available, and you can print your boarding passes. If you are only traveling with carrying on luggage, you can go through the fast electronic check-in at the airport.

Get grocery coupons:

Until fairly recently, the only way you could get grocery coupons was by purchasing a Sunday paper. Now, there are many sites from which you can download and print the coupons you want. Instead of having to go through everything page, you can go through online coupons very quickly and choose what you want, print those and be done with it.

Purchase movie, theater, and other event tickets:

Many movie theaters and other event venues will allow people to purchase tickets online. In addition, this is a way by which to be able to choose the exact seat you want. It is often possible to get a discount for purchasing tickets online, especially if you are purchasing a series of a ticket because this eliminates the need for the organization from which you are buying the tickets, to send you a catalog.

Sending birthday, holiday or other greeting cards:

With the rising cost of birthday and greeting cards, people are opting to send e-cards as opposed to wasting paper and postage on a card that would be sent via snail mail. If you join some of the sites that allow you to send cards for free, they will even send reminders to let you know when you need to send someone a card.


You can file your state and federal income taxes on the computer. The programs available for doing so guide you through the entire process and actually do the calculations for you. All you have to do is enter the data, and that’s quite easy to do, especially if you have kept the records on your computer by using an accounting software program.

Creating home inventories, address lists, grocery lists, etc:

A computer makes it very easy to keep inventories of your household possessions, to keep appraisals of possessions, and to keep the address and phone number records. You can also keep recipes that you download so that you don’t have to bother with an abundance of printed cookbooks. A computer makes it possible to make grocery lists and plan menus so that the items you need for the menu are added to the grocery list.

There are far too many things that one can do with a computer to list. The things mentioned here are among the most important and these are things that really make life easier. The ability to keep bank records on a computer can prevent people from overdrawing their accounts so easily, but it also helps them see where they are spending their money. Computers have completely revolutionized life, and for many people, they have become the primary means of communication with others.

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