Ten Ways To Make An Seo-Friendly Blog

Ten Ways To Make An Seo-Friendly Blog

Search engine optimization is the bull’s eye for today’s market. An SEO friendly blog refers to one having a good traffic generated to your blog such that you get noticed. Creating a blog is not that tough but making it popular needs your skills. There are certain tips that will help you create a blog that generates such a craze:


A Blog that easily attracts everyone

Wait! Don’t just try to write. Think! Think, about a topic that will attract your readers. The topic of your content is the most valuable part of your blog. A topic that will strike interest as it is all about your audience.

Quality Matters

Your quality of writing is what comes next. Enrich your blog with words that are easy to understand for all, yet rich enough to impress your readers.

Error Free

Make sure that your blog is written without any error such as it should not have any grammatical or any spelling errors in it.

High In Readability

Not all the readers and visitors are comfortable with the high-end language. Thus, it is important to keep the sentences short and readable so that it can be understood by almost all types of readers.

The Format

Arrange your blog in proper parts. Put an introduction and then slowly approach your topic. Do not put repetitive words. Rather use proper headings and sub-headings so that your blog appears more appropriate. Add a topic to your article with a proper header. Use of keywords is appreciatedto make your blog SEO friendly.

The Keywords

Keywords are the most important element in any blog. Search for keywords that can offer your blog the maximum exposure and then include such keywords in your blog.

Placement Of The Keywords

It is not just important to include the catchy words of the keywords; it is also important to place it at the correct place. Most SEO experts say that keywords should be placed in the first sentence or the last sentence of any blog.

Platform Friendly

While creating a blog, be sure that it is platform friendly, especially mobile and tablets that are the most commonly accessed devices of today. This helps you as if any inbound links as they won’t be divided either. If you attain any SEO power that will be recolonized by engines like Google, which is perhaps the most desired one.

Including Lots Of Visuals

It is a human psychology to get attracted to visuals, so never forget to optimize images related to your content. This not only adds more information but also gains attention. Sometimes explaining with proper diagrams is more preferred than only words.

Relating to Social Media and Links:

Utilize the reach of social media sites like facebook, twitter, etc. The more popular you can make it more will be the traffic. You may as well use the RSS or Feed subscription options. These allow your readers to subscribe to your blog. With this, your readers are easily updated with all that your blog, and thus a pretty good traffic is assured to you. Linking your blog to other links also makes your blog popular. It is a healthy practice as well. You may also use Google’s search console. It can be used by just going through its certain steps.

Now that you have already attained some points that you must keep in mind while creating a blog don’t think much and get started. A good blog does not only earn you popularity but also some extra bucks to your pocket.

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