Keeping Your Company Email Clean, Secure and Safe

Keeping Your Company Email Clean, Secure and Safe

Though email has been with us for some time now, there are more viruses and other nasty malware infecting company computers than ever before. This is not even mentioning all of the malware that sits on home computers doing damage day after day! It is fantastic that more people around the world have access to the Internet than ever before, but this increased use also means that more people are vulnerable to malware attacks and more people are creating malware to do the damage.

Keeping Your Company Email Clean, Secure and Safe

The Problem with Malware Infections

Email remains the most popular choice in business for communication both within the same company and with stakeholders and third parties outside of the company. This means that all company email is vulnerable to spam, junk mail, Trojans, keyloggers, viruses, and other malware. The trouble is that when a company network is infected with malware it can cause the following problems:

  • Stolen data: One of the most frightening consequences of malware-infected company computer networks is the prospect of stolen data. This can range from customers’ credit card numbers to secret company information. If anything is electronically stored and accessible through connected networks, it is vulnerable. How many times have you heard about a large company having customers’ credit card details or passwords stolen by unnamed perpetrators from other countries?
  • Delays and costs: When a company’s computer network is infected with email-borne malware, it can cause huge delays. Worms can literally take over computers and begin sending out thousands of email messages to thousands of recipients over and over again. Some viruses can even take computers hostage electronically and cause damage that needs to be solved by in-house IT teams. In some cases, systems need to be replaced. All of this comes at a cost and causes delays.

Given how vulnerable many businesses are to email-borne malware, what is the answer to protecting these networks? We can invest more time in training staff on how to recognize spam and malware, but there are some other elegant solutions that are now very affordable and effective.

Stopping Malware at the Gate

The advancement of technology and cloud-based services has provided many companies with affordable enterprise-grade anti-malware solutions. Cloud-based solutions like Mailcleaner are relatively simple for IT staff to use and deploy, and provide a layer between the email gateway of a company and the rest of the Internet. This means that they act as an electronic net, trapping spam and malware at the gate before it has a chance to infect vulnerable computer networks within the company.

Even though companies invest a lot of time in training staff on email best practices so as to minimize the risk of a malware infection, an affordable cloud-based filtering solution is a great backup. A company can literally invest thousands of dollars in hardware-based firewalls and other filtering solutions, but the accessibility of the cloud has provided everyone with affordable services that filter out up to 99% of unwanted email from untrustworthy third parties.

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