How Wireless Technology Reduces Your Meeting Stress

Wireless Technology Reduces Your Meeting Stress

In my last blog, I discussed the phenomenon of meeting stress and how – if used properly – technology can offer a solution to this. The downside is also true. If technology does not do what it is intended for, the meeting stress will only increase.

Wireless Technology Reduces Your Meeting Stress

The serious consequences of failing technology

The serious consequences of technical problems before and during meetings and presentations are shown in the previous blog. I pick out a few findings. 70% of the respondents say that technological problems lead to frustrations; often resulting in a loss of credibility for the speaker or organization. 30% find it annoying that (important) people cannot participate due to problems with technology and have a quarter to missed deadlines. 47% booked meeting rooms longer than necessary to be prepared for technical breakdowns and 42% of people free time to practice with the technology (which is at the expense of normal work).

Make technology available to users

If you allow these figures to work on you – and also consider that a presentation is judged better when the equipment has been set up smoothly – then there is every reason to provide an infrastructure that does not cause any problems and that ‘just ‘does what you can expect from it. In a meeting it is not only important what is said, but also the supporting aspects are important to convey your message effectively. That is precisely why it is recommended to invest in good technology. Choose an audiovisual supplier that makes the technology available to the users and the application.

Invest in wireless presentation – the benefits

It will be clear that investing in well-functioning technology and devices is an absolute must. Think of wireless immediately. Not only does half of the office workers have a strong preference for wireless presentation, it also saves time. But wireless presentation has more advantages:

  • No hassle with cables: wireless presentation requires only a good Wi-Fi connection and connects underneath to connect cables or endless searching for the (right) cable. In addition, there is much less chance of stumbling and dust accumulation in a cable-free environment.
  • No problems with compatibility: MacOS, ChromeOS, iOS and/or Android are also used in addition to Windows. These different systems are not always compatible with each other. So the question is whether the PC connected to the image carrier supports the OS used by the presenter and whether the USB stick can be read. These problems are a thing of the past with wireless presentation
  • More interactivity: If content can be shared from any device, participants can more easily add their own input. This also appears with a click (literally!) On the screen. This increases interactivity, involvement, and effectiveness.
  • Lower costs: Upgrades to the IT infrastructure can be far-reaching; if one component has been replaced, this can have consequences for (other) equipment integrated in the network. Switching to wireless presentation, on the other hand, requires almost no investment.
  • Reduced IT burden for the IT department: Wireless presentation requires less hardware, fewer cables, and fewer settings – and so leaves IT time for other work.

Barco ClickShare: wireless presentation in one click

Are you convinced of the great advantages of an optimally functioning infrastructure for wireless presentations? Are you orienting yourself on the best solution for your organization or are you going to do this? Be sure to take Barco’s ClickShare into consideration. The ClickShare is Barco’s answer to the problems that are experienced worldwide in meeting rooms.

Up-and-running within 10 seconds

This innovative solution resolves the connection of your laptop or tablet to the existing equipment and allows you to share the content of your laptop or other devices within 10 seconds after arrival. The information or up to four devices can be shown on the screen at the same time. And the system automatically displays the best possible resolution. In other words, when you join a ClickShare set on the table, you are focused on the meeting – not on technology.

Quickly connect via the ClickShare app

Barco’s ClickShare makes it possible to show information from laptops wirelessly and simultaneously via projection, LCD / LED screen or digital whiteboard. Simply plug the one-click USB button into your laptop, tablet or smartphone and the image is displayed in one click on the presentation screen or whiteboard. The sound is transmitted and displayed over the audio system of the meeting room. To share content from your tablet or smartphone, simply use the ClickShare app and effortlessly send your presentation, report, photos, etc. to the display.

What now? You read it in our whitepaper

You have learned a bit more about wireless presentation. But perhaps you would like to know more. You further deepen in wireless technology for meetings and presentations and everything related to this. For example about the security of your network? Or about the management of devices? You can read the answers to these and other questions in our whitepaper.

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