Everything You Should Know About Programmatic Ad Buying

Everything You Should Know About Programmatic Ad Buying

To keep up with the technological advances discovered each year, advertising must do everything possible to upgrade and stay relevant. Many advertisers today buy digital ads without speaking to a single individual at a media company and print and TV ads may not be far behind this. Whether you are a company just starting out or a large corporation with ties across the country, you cannot fail to utilize every new avenue in regards to advertising. Reaching your target audience is the key to success and you may fall too far behind if you do not follow it into the future of technology. Therefore, there are several key things that you need to know before you make the leap into automation.

More Lucrative by the Day

Programmatic buying is on track to make up as much as 25% of the digital advertising revenue this year, according to eMarketer. That is a dramatic leap from as recently as 2014 when it was only 17%. In short, you stand to make a great deal of capital if you invest in this option now. There are many different ways in which a company can build revenue and reach their audience and See local is one company ready to help you begin your local online advertising campaign. With the help of the right company and a clever strategy, you can revolutionize the way you look at advertising.

More Than Direct Response

Programmatic buying systems now have access to traditional TV inventory and a large percentage of ad time in “over the top” TV streamed over the Internet. The practice is thus highly attractive to brand marketers who want to cash in on the online presence of their audience. Imagine for a moment that you serve a branding commercial to someone on his or her TV and follow it up with a display or Facebook ad on his or her tablet.

This not only exposed him or her to multiple forms of your ad in multiple settings but you also dramatically increased the chance of him or her remembering your ad. Humans learn through repetition and they are more likely to think of a certain brand for services or products needed if they have seen ads for that company in multiple platforms. See local can help you achieve this without once touching the top of your budget.

Data Rules

Ad buyers utilize programmatic buying to stretch ads across the web and then evaluate the platforms with the most positive response mid-campaign. They look at geographies, times of day, publishers, audience segments, and more to narrow their target accordingly. In this way, they can pay only for highly-effective ads that get the message across most accurately. This is a radical difference when compared to traditional ad buying in which a buyer agrees to run a certain number of ads with a publisher and is then locked into a contract. In short, you can utilize this to learn about your audience and when best to reach it, and a clever strategy may yet help you get the most from your ads without pushing too close to the edge of your advertising budget.

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