Scarica [Michele della Valle: Jewels and Myths] Autore Michele della Valle

Michele della Valle: Jewels and MythsIndDella Valle is celebrated for his great appreciation and application of color and it is this above all else that is most admired in his work Rare and precious or nexpected and mysterious the vibrant grass greens flaming orange and lilting blues of sea and sky are the colors of jewels for which he has become celebrated Vivienne BeckerIt is his Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi Vol 1 use ofnusual and All Things Consoled unconventional materials that has really marked him out as a very modern and truly original practioner of his craft Recently Ised carbon fiber in An Unusual Way To Mimic The Feather Like Details Found unusual way to mimic The Feather Like Details Found The Pistils Of Anemone Flowers feather like details found the pistils of anemone flowers Miche. ,

It began as a game and must remain as a game Michele
Della ValleOne Of The Most 
ValleOne of the most after jewelers in the world celebrated among an elite international coterie of collectors and connoisseurs a rarefied name a destination jeweler Vivienne elite international coterie of collectors and connoisseurs a rarefied name a destination jeweler Vivienne for Sothebys MagazineMichele della Valle is A Gin-Pissing-Raw-Meat-Dual-Carburetor-V8-Son-of-a-Bitch from Los Angeles unuestionably one of the leading jewelers at work in the world today He is famed for his appreciation of rare andnusual gemstones and it is his est for and discovery of those gems that forms the heart of Every Piece He Makes I piece he makes I continually traveling in pursuit of that rare stone full of charm I love to travel I love to

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Lle della Valle in the New York Times This *BOOK IS AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY TOLD THROUGH PICTURES OF THROUGH PICTURES OF *IS AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY TOLD THROUGH PICTURES OF DELLA an autobiography told through pictures of della influences and above all his spectacular jewelry creations A story in pictures that spoke of my adventurous travels to exotic countries in search of rare and precious stones I hope it will succeed in telling you about me about my work about my emotions and the myths that inspired me It is not a boring autobiography but rather a dream in colors I have dreamt of extraordinary people and places I dreamt the cheerfulness I dreamt the colors and the joy of nature It is precisely from these dreams my jewels are bo.

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