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The 100 is the first book in a series of four by Kass Morgan The series starts off in space where the human 20th Century Photography: Museum Ludwig Cologne race is living after a nuclear explosion on Earth many years ago There is only one problem they areunning out of air on the ship and need to eturn to Earth To test whether the Earth is survivable they send down 100 young criminals all under 18 The Series Is Written From The Point Of View Of series is written from the point of view of members of the 100If you have watched the show be warned this is completely different this book is most similar to the This book is most similar to the episode but after this book they go in completely opposite directions I loved both the show and the books but don t expect them to be similar I m eading these after watching the series and there are uite a few details that are not the same which keeps the books interesting in this situation I can t say I have a favourite out of the book or the series the different plot lines are The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space, Volume 2 really exciting toeadThe story is elatively simple but works at a good pace and I m constantly excited to keep eading and find out what happens next Despite several issues with inconsistancy where parts of the plot contradict other parts of the story such as timelines of how long people are in certain places etc the stories flow well If you Deathless re a stipler for accuracy then I d maybeecommend avoiding them but if you can ignore the occasional thought of I m pretty sure it said they were there for double that amount of time in the first chapter then it s a eally exciting ead with some moments of thoughtfullness and consideration of class and poverty Ultimately it seems that these issues aren t too elevant to the plot I decided to ead this book after watching the first season of the TV series Immediately I was hooked mainly because I The Third Lynx (Quadrail, realised the book was so different We ve got new characters in this book including main character Glass and new storylinesThe narrative is split between four POV characters Wells Clarke Bellamy and Glass And I guess because Iead this after having watched the series I can t help but compare it I soon Mixed Doubles realised that characters who d died in the TV series early on weren t going to die in the book instead we get to know a lot about them And these four characters areeally well written They ve got flaws Though I have to admit that with the exception of Bellamy their narrative voices sounded a little similarWhile these four chara. The 100 Book. ,
Cters are extremely well written I found many of the secondary and minor characters a little flat I d have liked to see Luke and Thalia especially fleshed out a bit Octavia s characterisation seemed a little stronger but again not as strong as the POV charactersSo I loved the worldbuilding in this book Perhaps than in the tv series though it is of course similar But
book feels a lot Julio Bunny and the Foreign Lion (Free Audio Book Inside): --- Easter Book Collection For Kids realisticThe is told through a mixture of present day action for all four POV characters and their flashbacks And the flashbacks are whateally held the book together They made everything so much cohesive they also eally helped me understand the lead up to the book s set up Reading the final flashbacks at the end was an aha moment as it made me truly understand what had been happening at the beginning Not to say that there hadn t been enough info provided at the start there had but the ending just gave it all that little bit of extra meaningSo this book is shorter than I was expecting it to be And although Glass had a clear arc in her narrative there wasn t so much a complete arc For Clarke Wells Or Clarke Wells or Instead the final few Pages Introduces Another Element introduces another element other people who have survivor on earth This clearly sets up for the next book and because of this for me the book s written like a TV series than a novel series I thought that was especially interestingAnd I do just want to say that although Clarke has two love interests Wells and Bellamy it s not eally a typical love triangle which I Raja Smurf (Smurf, really appreciated We see her with both of them at different times in the book but theomance is definitely not a huge drive force of the book which I Zwanzig Männer sind genug really appreciatedThe writing is so addictive though and I couldn t put it down Highlyecommended if you want a YA dystopianpost apocalypticscience fiction Dying Light read f you have watched the TV series based on these books you know the basic premise However as usual the TV show takes a lot of liberties and changed most everything except for character names and some basic motivationsThe 100 is set approximately 3 centuries after a nuclear event makes earth uninhabitable The only known survivors were on space colonies designed to escape Earth and keep the humanace alive until the adiation levels lowered to a survivable level Unable to get any conclusive data from their tests and with the space stations deteriorating the council decid. One Paperba. Es to send the 100 teens awaiting e trial on their 18th birthdays to the surface to see if their data is correct and the surface is survivable For obvious easons this idea is fraught with danger Beginning with the fact that an entire group of teenagers is who have never even been out of a climate controlled area are now expected to survive and feed themselves in the woods with little to no shelter supplies provided by the adults sending them there Of course on the way down the incredibly old and ill maintained ships begin to fall apart upon e entering the atmosphere so supplies are lost as well as livesMost of this book is spent in flashbacks Hardly anything on Earth actually happens
flashbacks of main characters give eader background of why they are on Earth and how they The Case of the General's Thumb relate to each other They also provide context for the society and culture they left I am not against flashbacks but this was too much set up What actually happens on earth is perhaps 10% of book one As usual the book and characters are so much better than in the TV seriesThis book is neither terrible or good It was interesting It had enough to keep meeading until the end I will probably read the second book mainly due to curiosity of whether the story line becomes current even focused vs flashback the second book mainly due to curiosity of whether the story line becomes current even focused vs flashback It was the perfect book to ead while on the Stairclimber easy and euiring no eal brainpower All in all it s your typical shallow YA story love triangles included Okay I know it s YA And I know many eviewers said its not like the TV show But I thought it would be in depth character driven not less I An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles read the hunger games YA can be better than this This is terrible Unreadable I got two thirds through and stopped It s all teen girls and boys falling in love and acting in the most unbelievable ways in a threatening situation Its like Twilight fan fiction had a baby with Lord of the flies but it came out backwards Every chapter every conversation stops and then has a gossip fest of this guy loves you but she hates him and loves this other guy who doesn t see her that way and on and on and on Oh and apparently after a lifetime in a space station it takes like a couple of hours to learn how to hunt with a bow It would take hours just to understand how to shoot a bow without hurting your arm Ten page chapters thin characters and sappy writing Please watch the show and ignore this mess. Ck Morgan Ka.

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