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砂の女 Suna no OnnaEss he wondered Perhaps they had misnamed it he had thought then but now he could understand it very well Loneliness was an unsatisfied thirst for illusionTo effectuate some meaningfulness to his situation whether for the Choice To Stay Or Freedom Of Escape to stay or freedom of escape protagonist heroically attempts to alter his circumstance significantly oing through a metamorphosis of his own but like the true kinetic nature of sand its waves of ebbs and flows his fate lays ambiguousview spoiler The theory had been advanced that the man tired of life had committed suicide hide spoiler When we mix surrealistic Kafkaesue climate with existential uestions about sense of human being then we et something like The woman in the dunes Tale about a man obsessed or maybe possessed with sand who during the trip to the sea is trapped in the dunes in a cave inhabited by a lonely woman Initially desperately tries to escape but the magnetic strength of the woman her desperate fight with sand makes that what previously seemed to be a trap now becomes a sense of his life The first what comes to your mind is like hang on I know that history It s like The Trial by Kafka The same anonymous hero entangled in an absurd situation condemned and imprisoned for unspecified faultsProse is hallucinatory atmosphere stifling and nightmarish This story is captured by the sand In fact sand rules everyone and everything sand never rested Reading you can almost hear rustle of the sand as if it was pouring from the book Suna No Onna Sand Woman The Woman in the Dunes K b AbeThe Woman in the Dunes is a novel by the Japanese writer K b Abe published in 1962 It won the 1962 Yomiuri Prize for literature and an English translation and a film adaptation Appeared In 1964In 1955 Jumpei in 1964In 1955 Jumpei a school teacher from Tokyo visits a fishing village to collect insects After missing the last bus he is led by the villagers in an act of apparent hospitality to a house in the dunes that can be reached only by rope ladder The next morning the ladder is one and he finds he is expected to keep the house clear of sand with the woman living there with whom he is also to produce children He eventually Art and Cartography: Six Historical Essays gives up trying to escape when he comes to realize returning to his old life wouldive him no liberty After seven years he is proclaimed officially dead 2005 1383 236 9789644482229 20 19061399. H shoveling back the ever advancing sand dunes that threaten to destroy the village His only companion is an odd young woman and together their fates become intertwined as they work side by side through this Sisyphean of tasks. Uch of the same sentiment can be found hereAs dark and brooding as Kafka but pure simple yet beguilingly complex this novel rewards those who seek to dwell in the liminal spaces between reality and dream The burden of understanding ourselves is an illustration of perpetual motion Humanity s protean heart is contained in us all vaguely buried beneath layers of propriety comfort and self denial If all the world were sand if it was all we knew how would our minds conform to the contours of our flat horizon Would the solitary figures of other minds blasted smooth and coppery sink the solitary figures of other minds blasted smooth and coppery sink our animaEnmesh yourself in this softly distressing masterpiece 45 starsWithout the threat of punishment there is no joy in flightIn Kobo Abe s fantasy world of The Woman in the Dunes an amateur entomologist on vacation finds himself in a remote coastal village built amid deeply undulating dunes There he is tricked by a lonely widow and her neighboring villagers trapped in deep pits shored by sand drift walls to be charged with the task of shoveling back the ever sliding banks persistent and never ending in its threat to entomb them Sand moves around like this all year long Its flow is its life It absolutely never stops anywhere Whether in water or air it moves about free and unrestricted So usually ordinary living things are unable to endure life in itThe landscape of the dunes which Abe describes of wood rotted boxed dwellings built at the bottom of shifting sand hills could not realistically exist marking the novel as a science fiction fantasy thriller In addition its themes adopt surrealistic dreamlike metamorphosing features reminiscent of the works of Kafka slowly shifting and Deforming Like The Dunes Themselves like the dunes themselves with form were empty when placed beside sand The only certain factor was its movement sand was the antithesis of all formAbe s works are enerically concerned with the human state of balance whose fragility becomes evident in a life of pointlessness and insufferable futility In The Woman in the Dunes Abe presents the becomes evident in a life of pointlessness and insufferable futility In The Woman in the Dunes Abe presents the sadness borne from a man s oppressive fruitless daily life the image of a degraded human being who is isolated trapped in the monotony of routine unable to escape a meaningless existence What s hardest for me is not knowing what living like this will ever come toWhat was this Hell of Lonelin. Ffered lodging for the night at the bottom of a vast sand pit But when he attempts to leave the next morning he uickly discovers that the locals have other plans Held captive with seemingly no chance of escape he is tasked wit. ,

One of my favorite books of all time One of the best film adaptations of a book as well done by Hiroshi Teshigahara in collaboration with Abe Both are eually mesmericKobo Abe s well honed surreal worlds became etched permanently in my mind and this novel than his others even after reading some of his less intense after reading some of his less intense less masterful novels I still retained a deep appreciation for his bizarre aesthetic You will discover a similar texture and attitude as in Poe or Baudelaire Though he is not often discussed in the same circles as Kenzaburo Oe or Haruki Murakami his influence has become far reaching and is singular in its approachThis is Abe s finest work in my opinion far surpassing Box Man Ruined Map Ark Sakura and Kangaroo Notebook However almost everything he wrote affected me in one way or another This could have been because I read most of his oeuvre in college impressionable as I wasIt wasn t until I also read uicksand by Tanizaki that I realized that both novels were about on the same level in my mind Tanizaki s masterpiece less about sand and about love felt like a parry to Abe s even though Abe s came later Both are existential Abe s is mythic and Tanizaki s rounded I was socked in the ut by s is mythic and Tanizaki s rounded I was socked in the ut by There is an essence of self sabotage to the characters psyches and an inescapable passion consumes them leading inevitably toward a void I was enraptured by Abe first and will likely return to this novel far oftenEntomology exists on the fringes of Woman in the Dunes as it does in Ark Sakura Insects crawl through the novels but they also make for a nice comparison to the main characters who are trapped in an environment where their humanity wears away kept in a terrarium of sorts and we the readers are studying them fascinated The film captures the voyeuristic uality of the narration incredibly wellThe shifting psychological portraits that Abe presents to us are reminiscent of his experimental plays I believe he was concerned with the human being as an object among disorienting constraints As in Box Man the most intriguing aspects of the plot arise from the juxtaposition of humanity with the absurdity of their own weakness their limitations define them and allow them to discover hidden potentialities often as disturbing as they are enlightening He explores humanity s survival instinct in Beasts Head for Home and The Woman in the Dunes by celebrated writer and thinker Kobo Abe combines the essence of myth suspense and the existential novel After missing the last bus home following a day trip to the seashore an amateur entomologist is .

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