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Awakening the Dreamer: Clinical Journeys Interpreting Landscapes: Geologies, Topographies, Identities; Explorations in Landscape Phenomenology 3 Issues in African American Music: Power, Gender, Race, Representation That Thing Called Love (Razor Bay, That Thing Called Love In the Electricity of Your Touch
G worthwhile here If you re not one of those readers who closes one s eyes and day dreams about the pulchritudinous alpha male with his banana hammock in full splendor jogging on the beach then this is not a book for you Else you might actually like the book and maybe even like it a lot If you o to some review sites you ll see an abundance of positive reviews But I very much doubt any of those are from people who are strictly Urban Fantasy readers who read the Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved genre because ofreat characters mystery suspense plot and action where applicableSpeaking of plot what the heck just happen with it in Afterlight Plot consists of main female character talking about how bad ass she is how awful her life has been up to this point all the awful shit she did to herself when she was young how moist she would The Prime Minister of Paradise get on the thought ofetting high on drugs Then someone close to her Charlie O. and the angry A's gets infected with Vampirism she meets the hot alpha male she has recurring sexual dreams sheets horny notices the dude oing from supple to full on erection same room masturbation time fucks the dude a couple of times she has some sexual dreams fucks the dude a couple of timesBetween all of this the investigation consisted of she doing tattoos to her customers by day because it wasn t urgent enough to find doing tattoos to her customers by day because it wasn t urgent enough to find infected loved one then by night oing to some underground clubs she used to o to filled with skulduggery talk once about how awesome she is while describing how she had underage sex with a sick mofo and was raped pretty much just so she could et her fix talks about how many people are rabbing her ass in the club then someone attempts to rape her We learn nothing worthwhile she has some sex with alpha dude Rinse and repeat the same investigation tactic one night and et her ass kicked by some of the infected kiddies Then by the end of it nothing of the investigation mattered because the location just presents itself not that the investigation was any Dark Passage good in the first place We have about 15 pages left we do a summary of a crappy training in which it becomes uite obvious that the protagonist is pretty much all talk and not as tough as she think she is final battle comes along 3 pages or so into it sheets knocked out Then she wakes up and all is ood and pretty much as resolved as it could be Awesome Actually uite awesome indeed since it might just be the best part of the bookIf you re a strictly Urban Fantasy reader then heed my words and stay away from Afterlight If you are a reader that enjoys paranormal romance and those kinds of elements then best move on to someone else S REVIEW BECAUSE THIS WON T review because this won t of any help to you I say once ot no problem with paranormal romance or it s readers but I just hate Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers (Community Workers) getting conned into reading these types of books because people don t bother to differentiate between the two It s becoming harder and harder to find what you actually want when reactions to books in Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance are mirroring each otherIf the argument is that this doesn t fit the Paranormal Romance mold then we better find another subenre for these types of books because marketing them AS URBAN FANTASY IS NOT DOING Urban Fantasy is not doing any favorsFor Twilight fans well mixed reactions all around So 5050 chances of you liking this bookAnd say what you want about the book cover I actually liked it Viva tramp stamps though she actually has an awesome dragon tattoo in the back and she let us know about 10 times in the story and Truffula Tree. Count on was the powerful love of a sister Riley Poe will stop at nothing to The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez get her brother back The one thing Riley didn't count on was the powerful love of a vampire Eli Dupre will do anything toet her Follow Riley Eli and the vampires of the Dupre House into the shadowy underside of Savannah. AfterlightThat tries to stay away from female protagonist but FAILS4 Lurking in the bedroom while she s sleeping5 Female protagonist tries to save everyone by sacrificing herself at the end6 She Easy Breezy Miracle get s bit D ohSo yes If Bella happened to meet Edward 10 years later when she s covered in tats has red and black hair looks after her kid brother and wears minimal clothing and if Edward looked a tinsy bit horrible when heot fang and didn t sparkle then ta da TwilightI ll read the second in the series though just in case But I really need to stop reading books because of their covers 9411I wasn t sure if I wanted to write this reaction particularly since I don t enjoying shitting on people and messing with someone s livelihood But on the other hand I ve always been about informing consumers thus helping them choose how to spend their money wiser Which leads me to this ber negative reaction to my read of Afterlight by Elle Jasper first book in the The Dark Ink Chronicles series This is not something you ll see freuently from me so enjoy it while it lasts It ll contain a bit of spoilers nothing big but I don t think you uys will care And I ll apologize right now by how crappy this review actually is but not worth the trouble to do better I think Before you o further consider that this is a review aimed for strictly Urban Fantasy readers if you read and like PNR this will not be of much help to you I thinkAfterlight to me is representative of everything that I dislike in Urban Fantasy Might even say to some extent representative of what s wrong with the Get Fast!: A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride genre Some won t agree with this assertion but I really feel like I was conned by the person who decided to market this book as member of Urban Fantasy unless having 90% erotica romance andraphic sex scenes is representative of such a enre Add to that an investigative plot which ends up being dumbfounding and pretty much pointless and it has become the first and only book that I ve really regretted buying and reading It s situations like this one which hold backs many readers from trying Urban Fantasy books because they don t care to stumble into books like this one Which is A Shame For Both shame for both mindset and the books that allow it to festerWhen I finished reading the book it was uite apparent that this could be considered the porn version of Twilight To add to that insinuation oing around reading the different reaction of those that have read Afterlight have noticed similarities between the this book and the Twilight series some even uoting passages But I don t care about that One could say then that Afterlight might just be someone s Twilight wet dream come true Even the titles are somewhat similarBefore I m misunderstood let me just say that I don t like abundance of erotica romance and raphic sex scenes in my Urban Fantasy reading and trust me I ve tried That s not to say that I don t understand it s place in it or that I automatically dismiss books that contain such elements else I wouldn t have bothered reading this book to its entirety but I believe there has to be a balance and a relevance to it particularly when a book is littered with it I can handle it when the book is worth it and I don t judge a book simply because It Contains Them I Ve contains them i ve plenty it contains them I ve read plenty books in Urban Fantasy that are heavy on those aspects and have thoroughly enjoyed the books so just know it is not a deciding factor but won t lie it is a factor that it influencesThose issues aside I just didn t see anythin. Y Determined to take revenge on the city who entombed them the Arcos' ather strength in the city's youth Within the moon's full cycle the ang's uickening will be complete they'll become vampires Newlings out of control and craving human blood will ravage the city The one thing the Arcos' didn't.


Rating 55 too bad i cant ive than 5 starsWhat i love about this site is that you can actually discover new authors and new series and thats what it happens with this oneThis is for sure one of my favourite book thats what it happens with this onethis is for sure one of my favourite is for sure one of my favourite read this year 2011 and a book that i am looking forward to read the second oneAmazing story line with details that it actually make me beeing there and It didnt tired me at allI am not so familiar with Savanah and voodoo stuff but it was a ood chance learning about those things i had no ideajust familiar with Savanah and voodoo stuff but it was a ood chance learning about those things i had no ideajust little You wont regret reading this trust me at least those readers who are into Adults booksAnd for the record i envy Riley very very much having Eli to her side jealous faceThe ending make me wanted to read since the new hot and bad ass vampire uy is coming to the picture via dreams P signPS edit Eli music playlist to the car made me suezzeeee even since i both love Breaking Benjamin as well More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages25 starsI have positives to say about this book than negatives and as a debut novel amazingFirstly I love Riley Poe she is a refreshing portagonist and isn t weak like protagonists such as Bella from Twilight or just plain arrogantannoying like Sookie Stackhouse Riley has turned her life around from being a junkie trouble making teen who someone who has one to college and started their own successful tattoo shop Riley is a big sister who raises her little brother after their mother passed away and was under the care of an awesome old uy called Preacher and his wife who practice wicked African magic They helped Riley turn her life aroundWhile Riley has turned her life around she is still a kick ass female protagonist who thnks for herself rather than for the man who comes into her life EliThe book is enerally about Riley s brother Seth and his friends who accidently release two evil brother vampires by disturbing Da hell stone and due to this slowly begin a transformation that will make them the most savage type of vampireIn order to save her brother from becoming a creature of the afterlight Preacher introduces her to the Dupre family A local family of vampires who by the way are a type of vampire that can o out in the sun and Riley meets and falls for Eligius Dupre a hot tempered protective vampire who falls for Riley the same With some hardcore training and dark underground club hopping to figure out where her brother and his friends are hanging out to lure bait for the vampire brothers Riley Poe the Dupre family and Preacher man has less than a month to save Seth and as many lives as possible and to try and kill the brothersThe premise for this book is Riley s brother Seth and his buddies apparently release two brother vampires who were captured centuries ago While doing that these vampires make the teenagers into their minions and they slowly begin a transformation to becoming vampires which will be complete when they make their first kill in about a month s timeThe only thing I can think of that I didn t like about the book was that there was a fair bit of talking about nothing although its a nice change considering I just finished the Sookie Stackhouse series and the chapters are really long however it is still a book that is difficult to put down and will keep you wanting of Riley Poe I don t often like comparing the similarities between books butTwilight1 Rare blood type that makes vampires o Deal Maker (Mixed Messages Book 2) (English Edition) gaga2 A vampire family that s humane3 Male protagonist vamp. The Dupres have been Savannah'suardians appointed by a band of root doctors and hoodooists for nearly two hundred years They've all Godmanstone Blues grown complacent Now the Arcos brothers who've long been entombed at Bonaventure have been inadvertently freed by aroup of teenagers horsing around in the cemeter.