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Arian and Machiavellian This kind of muddled writing is a continuing theme throughout I eel as though the author has some great ideas but that they lack cohesion throughout the theme throughout I The Magic Cake Shop feel as though the author has some great ideas but that they lack cohesion throughout the When magic is included as part of the plot tooil Addison and Shane s relationship it s jarring because it isn t mentioned as part of Triptych before that moment It ends up eeling as though the author included things as they occurred to her but did not go back to weave them in seamlessly rom the beginning The biggest problem I see is that I am still not sure what the point of breaking Addison and Shane up is It seems as though the experimental child Addison is carrying is the motivator since he s Shane s only offspring and Triptych wants to test alien human hybrids The enemies to the relationship use a variety of methods to drive them apart presumably to get control of the baby but then Addison and Shane retain custody of him and it doesn t seem to matter after all I admit I like my romances to have a lot of plot and action Addison and Shane are like a drawn out hurt comfort tale

It Spans Twelve Or So 
spans twelve or so which I elt was too The initial break up is the classic misunderstanding that could be ixed if only listened to their gifted daughter about sensing the spell responsible that s the other thing I can t Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability figure out why two psychic parents would so uickly dismiss the concerns of a child said to be gifted in those same areas I didn t see the needor the deus ex machina plot the children use on their parents to get them back together either I wanted Addison and Shane to get over themselves on their own like they did in the beginnings of their relationship I wanted to see them be proactive and I wanted them to come back to each other a lot soonerThe ugly Be warned this book contains sexual assault I appreciate that is not the traditional trope of the male main character assaulting the The Curious World of Wine: Facts, Legends, and Lore About the Drink We Love So Much female main character Inact it made me American Hunger: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Washington Post Series feelor Shane Final ThoughtsStill if you enjoy sensual heavily interpersonal romance I suggest you give this book a try The paranormal elements are interesting and the characters manage to interest despite what should by all rights be clich There are some moments of true sweetness here that are worth a look Description Shane and Addison two brilliant and egotistical psychics The Mother Zone fallor each other hard after being brought together by their corporate overlords breeding program A tumultuous and tortured love affair spanning 12 years ensuesThe Good STRANGE LITTLE BAND is probably the strangest little IR romance I ve ever read and I really dug it It s kind of like DR WHO meets RED DWARF meets Wolfram and Heart the evil corp The Void from the ANGEL series meets DAYS OF OUR LIVES I liked all of those programs so I was soldrom the start And I couldn t download the rest of the novel The Poke Cookbook: The Freshest Way to Eat Fish fast enough after reading the sample It was really interesting to read a romance embedded inside an actionilled amily drama and I love that the heroine has an even stronger sexual appetite than the hero Seriously I wanted this to be a TV series so bad that I m having a bit of trouble not remembering it as suchThe Bad Shane calls Addison bitch and whore than he calls her by her actual name For some readers this will be really off putting There s total overuse of the word smirked and you re either going to love or hate how involved Addison s two kids get with the storyThe Naughty Steamy Shape shifting sex psychic sex sex with multiple partners oursomeEditing issues Minor I counted six typosPublisher TripTych LLCLength 366 pagesFinal Grade A Happy ReadingTheodora The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War from IRbookreviewscom This is really good I had a late start today because I couldn t put this book down once I began reading it last night Even excited now about receiving a copy than I was when Iirst ound it in my mailboxLawful evil never looked so cute Villains need love to. Become unlikely parents How can they raise a child when they can't trust each oth. ,
Complicated by belonging to a cut throat organization populated by super humans In the Triptych organization anything goes as representatives of Homo Superior lie cheat and steal to get what they want Affection is a to be exploited and genuine love is almost unheard of Even children are a to be exploited and genuine love is almost unheard of Even children are pawnsAddison Harris resident self described ice ueen thinks that she will have no trouble bearing a child or Triptych She s used to the scheming and already has only tenuous ties with her Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art first child daughter Ashlynn What does she care if they want to breed a race of Homo Superior that also has alien bloodOne unintended psychic bond later and sheinds herself in Shane Meyers office informing the half alien scientist that he s about to become a Alice Oliver father Professionally cool to one another at best before Addison and Shaneind themselves drawn to each other The Protestant Temperament first because of their unborn son and then because of mutual respect and attraction Of course love is a weakness at Triptych whether it beor an unborn child or That's So '90s Pop!: A Fill-In Activity Book for each other Everyonerom a sexual predator to a selfish boss want to split them up The Radiant Child for their own purposes Can Addison and Shane s relationship survive The goodI do not like these people but the true success lies in theact that I want to read about them anyway I very much appreciated that both Addison and Shane are sexual sharks that it wasn t the romance trope of the male main character brow beating and using the The Best American Crime Writing female main character until she declares it true love They re both terrible people when the story opens and they use every weapon available to them to try and control each other It sounds odd to say this about something that begins in a rather heartless place but I appreciated that they always throughout the book seem as strong as the other even when behaving badly They are euals and Iind that alone The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data fairly revolutionary As a romance it automatically succeeds when I can t help but return to the main characters even if I wouldn t spend a second with them in real lifeAnother positive is that the beginning is gripping The writing is tight here because I immediately know what everyone cares about and what their motivations are The author includes many point of view characters and while I think it would have been a leaner meaner book without them I have to praise the authoror handling them in such a way that it made me eel as though there was a bigger living world outside of Addison and Shane s relationship That only strengthened the story rather than succumbing to a narrow and potentially stifling style that only included the main charactersI also appreciate how the author incorporates psychic powers as being a act of life They eel like a natural part of the character s existence And Are Mentioned The Way are mentioned the way mundane sense or ability would be mentioned I enjoyed the way she used it to uel and affect Shane and Addison s romance too and the way both proud and abrasive characters opened up to one another partly because of its deftly handled influence There are some great romantic moments and I began hoping Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, for Addison and Shane once they begin sleeping together in the completely mundane sense andind that they need one another s company despite themselves The author captures the contented somnolent Talking to Dragons feeling of cuddling up to someone you are newly in love with The badUnfortunately I think some of this unravelsurther on Triptych thanks to a character perspective near the beginning about taking a psychic child away Three Times the Love from their parents sounds like an oppressive holding penor psychics and other similarly talented individuals So when I read about Addison in the hallway wearing nothing but a nightgown only to encounter Shane and have a grope session I wonder as to the regulations on this place and the behavior of the people within it It only became clear to me later that Triptych was less totalit. Oration Their insular lives are disrupted when due to Triptych's machinations they. That was some read If you want to read a full review check the Bitten by Books website will list my casting choices in case a brave ilmmaker takes this review check the Bitten by Books website will list my casting choices in case a brave ilmmaker takes this onZachary uinto as Shane Myers Naomie Harris as Addison Harris Madison Pettis as Ashlynn Harris Noah Gray Cabey as Jake Myers 45 starsHoly cow this book was differentinterestingrelentlessI loved ituick synopsis In what I can only guess is an alternate reality to our own Magic strong psychic abilities including telekinesis teleportation exist and off world travel is no big thing A giant murky corporation called The Triptych corporation controls its employees with an iron The Bride of Willow Creek fist Dr Shane Myers is a half humanhalf alien who has been trying to break his contract with Triptychor 20 years having been conscripted by them when he was just a teen ager Addison Harris is the ueen Bee Diva Homo Superior pet of the Corporation A top tier psychic with GREAT INVESTMENT, THE frightening abilities she and Shane lustor and despise each other The Corporation Has Used Addison Once Before To Try To Breed Her used Addison once before to try to breed her The result was her daughter Ashlynn This time they impregnated her and used Shane s sperm to do so Now Addison is pregnant with Shane s humanalienpsychic child Despite the Corporation s express wish that she would be nothing but an incubator and that Shane is to never know Addison psychically bonds with the unborn baby and in a moment of malice she informs Shane he is a ather Surprisingly Shane becomes iercely possessive of the child This sets off a 12 year chain of events that involve love betrayal evil corporation influence hate other lovers The Lively Art of Writing fighting reconciliation love precocious kids crazed shape shifting ex lovers revenge retaliation andinally triumph and Happily Ever AfterWhewNormally the constant push pull tugging of ighting and I hate you No I hate you would be romance novel kryptonite or me I despise that as a plot propeller But crazily it works in this book And it is exciting because never once do you doubt that Addison and Shane are in love no obsessed with each other Yeah they are mean manipulative snarky whichI LOVED but their Romeo Juliet esue travails are interesting each other Yeah they are mean manipulative snarky whichI LOVED but their Romeo Juliet esue travails are interesting hell to watch The story moves at such a snapping pace that you really eel like you are simply holding on or the ride Moments of WTF get interspersed with the general normalcy of two divorced parents who exchange their kid The Glass Ocean for the weekend This is indeed a romance novel But it doesn t color within the romance novel lines As a matter ofact it eels like the authors are gleefully willfully avoiding the lines with great result This is exactly the sort of envelope pushing nearly genre bending read that I am always looking orI also like that the two kids Ashlynn and Jake play such a large part in the story They are bred to be brilliant and they are and they demonstrate this often But they are also kids who grew up with two battling parents and after a time decide to take matters in their own hands Yeah there are moments when there was a little Deus Ex Machina going on but I didn t mind because I liked that the action in the book is decisive The authors have a good instinct about not allowing things to drag on so stuff doesn t get too repetitive and tedious At a little over halfway through Addison and Shane have a revelation and the 2nd part of the book changes tone and becomes less about them ighting each other and about them ighting togetherI take a half star off because what had been tight writing and plotting largely The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness fell apart rather spectacularly in the last two chapters The pay off works in the end but Ielt it was sloppy and a little complex than it had to beAll in all though what an awesome ride Mild spoilers The world of Triptych is not unlike our own but despite The Leadership Gap familiar cultural references and a collection of mundane day to day problems Addison Harris and Shane Meyers have livesurther. Addison and Shane two self centered psychics work or the cut throat Triptych Corp. .

Strange Little Band