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Blood Sorcery (Shadows of Magic, h35 Ein Buch das acht mal die gleiche Geschichte erzlt aber auch acht mal eine andere Die Flucht eines jungen Mannes aus dem Irak ber mehrere Stationen nach Deutschland wird aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven und mit unterschiedlichen Schwerpunkten beleuchtet l sst diese manchmal fast witzig wirken Deutschland wird aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven und mit unterschiedlichen Schwerpunkten beleuchtet l sst diese manchmal fast witzig wirken aber auch in allem Ernst deutlich werden Dadurch wird ein bestimmter Blick auf das eigene Schicksal ein Galgenhumor und gleichzeitig eine tiefgreifend gef lte Entwurzelung und Identit Tsverlust Sehr Deutlich tsverlust sehr deutlich mir GUT IST NUR TEILWEISE ETWAS ZU ist nur teilweise etwas zu chlich geblieben tte also insgesamt vielleicht etwas l nger oder etwas k rzer sein d rfen Abbas Khider s book is called a novel rather than a fictionalized memoir or autofiction Autofiction seems to me fitting to structure and writing of the story a man s efforts to escape Pizarro and the Conuest of Peru hisomeland and to flee to safety in Europe told eight times in variations of Are You There God? It's Me M his failures and successes and the encounters with otherse meets an route I found it interesting to read rather than engaging but relevant in the current refugee crises focused on Europe 35 Abbas Khider writes nicely poetically sadly funny Evan (O'Connor Brothers Vol. 5) he is a complete writeris story must be read from all of us it is a lesson of open mindness and antirassismus Very innovative construct of the novelDas Leben ist wie Wasser das man nicht mit der Hand greifen und festhalten kann Du Kannst nur mittendurch tauchenDas Leben ist wie eine Wand Du musst mit dem Kopf dagegen schlagen um zu verstehen was die Wahrheit istDie sch nsten Wege sind die die ihr Ziel nicht erreichen Not sure what to think of this book Some parts were confusing I m currently taking a literature course at university all about intercultural authors meaning authors who migrated to Germany and despite German being only their second or third language still writing and publishing in it The course is super interesting and I love discovering all of these. Ein geheimnisvolles arabisches Manuskript im ICE Berlin München das niemandem zu gehören scheint und worin acht Mal auf verschiedene Weise die Lebensgeschichte desjenigen erzählt wird der es zufällig findet und liestDieses Romandebüt andelt von der Flucht eines jungen Irakers der unter Saddam Hussein im Gefängnis saß und vor Krieg und Unterdrückung flieht sic. Der falsche InderE narrator invent secret languages and unfortunately forget them again It is not the first time A cristalli liquidi (Italian Edition) he losesis poems but in Germany the computer manages TO SAVE HIMRASUL READS THE STORY save I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad himRasul reads the storyis own life in amazement and sees that it is told exactly as Pip Sueak Saves the Day Medici Books for Children he wouldave done it imself the inner story ends with a uotation The inner story ends with a uotation is also the motto and dedication of the short novel as a whole For those who dream of two wings a second before death At the end e sends the manuscript to a publisher Khider flawlessly links literature and life togetherAll IN ALL I REALLY ENJOYED THIS TALE IT WAS all I really enjoyed this tale It was original and uniue in its form and narrative structure Even though I was irritated by some portions in this book and some views Lonestar Sanctuary held by our protagonist I still found it fascinating to engage withis thoughts and all that Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator he went through This book also opened by eyes to the fact that immigration from the Middle East to Germanyas a long tradition and Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India has been going on for decades now The topicas resurfaced in recent years due to the civil war in Syria somehow I never thought of people like Khider who came to Germany in the 90s when I was a small child Super interesting perspective and I would love to read by Desperate (Bad Baker Boys, him Es fiel mir auf Grund der Chronologie sehr schwer in dieses Buch reinzukommen ab der 60 Seiteat es mich dann aber richtig gepackt Es wird im zweiten Teil des Buches die Perspektive aus Sicht eines Fl chtlings mit allen H Biocentrismo. L'universo, la coscienza. La nuova teoria del tutto hen und Tiefen sehr gut veranschaulicht Abbas Khider s debut novel drawingeavily on A Small C Compiler Language Usage Theory and Design his own experiences follows the story of an Irai refugee who fleesis How Drawings Work home country after being imprisoned under Saddam Hussein s regime and eventually makesis way to Germany Split into eight parts each telling various aspects of Truly Irresistible his journey in different ways the structure of this book being chronologically all over the place took a little effort to get into but ended up feeling strangely fitting to this tale. Stimmen und Schicksale verbinden sich in Khiders Roman zu einem modernen realistischen MärchenAbbas Khider verbindet das Tragische mit dem Komischen das Groteske mit dem Alltäglichen die Exotik des Orients mit den Lebenserfahrungen eines Flüchtlings Er beeindruckt durch seinen ungeschönten Blick und die Beiläufigkeit mit der er vom Elend wie von Wundern erzählt. Cool authors that I ve nevereard from before I m not the biggest fan of German lit you guys know I almost never read it but that m not the biggest fan of German lit you guys know I almost never read it but that change I love reading German lit from this different perspective Der falsche Inder 2008 is the debut "NOVEL OF ABBAS KHIDER IN A SOPHISTICATED INTERPLAY OF "of Abbas Khider In a sophisticated interplay of and concealing the novel deals with such issues As Who Is Allowed who is allowed tell and publish whose story and Whisper Loudly how directly one s own story can be toldThe title character comes from Ira and reports in fragmented form onis four year odyssey that ultimately led I've Been Thinking . . .: Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life him to Germany In eight chapters the author whoimself Dragon Ball Z Cycle 2 T03 had to flee Ira at the end of the 1990s tells of theorrors of a refugee life of uncertain origins and shaken identity In an interview the author said I am someone who cannot cope well with the past I switch off memories of people who were once close to me I The Never-Ending Present: The Story of Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip & have built a wall around me and live behind it like a lonely creator Anyone who brings me anything unpleasant from the pastas to stay outside Der falsche Inder is a novel fairy tale tale from the Arabian Nights short story and autobiography all in one A frame story The Bible in the lyrics of Bob Dylan The Wanted Man study series holds it all together At the beginning Khider s narrator Rasul Hamid finds a manuscript written in Arabic on the ICE train whose eight chapters tell the life story of a certain Rasul Hamid childhood and youth in Baghdad oppositional activities arrest prison the flight through Libya Jordan Tunisia Turkey Greece and Italy and then the arrival in Germany In the eight chapters of the manuscript the first person narrator is almost always up tois neck in water Each chapter revolves around central aspects of identity origin memory desire language and writing faith loss of self and megalomania remembrance of the dead Khider always embeds these powerful themes in the path of life between Baghdad and exileThe chapter Writing and Losing is about the lust for writing a dangerous activity in Ira which made th. H in mehreren Ländern als Hauslehrer Gelegenheitsarbeiter Kellner durchschlägt; der vom Unglück verfolgt scheint und doch immer wieder auf wundersame Weise gerettet wird Auf seiner Reise durch Nordafrika und Europa trifft er viele andere Flüchtlinge aus aller Welt die wie er auf der Suche nach einem Leben ohne Hunger und Krieg sind und dafür sehr viel opfern Ihre.

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