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D to as westerns in space Brand Gamblin s Tumbler falls in a similar vein but does a better job of including a modern understanding of life in outer spaceTumbler tells the story of Elizabeth Libby Carter a *woman tricked into taking a job as a deep space miner in exchange for a chance to *tricked into taking a job as a deep space miner in exchange for a chance to an asteroid of her own Naturally work is sparse and her rock leaves much to be desired With a bit sparse and her rock leaves much to be desired With a bit amusement the locals brand her with the nickname TumblerGamblin does a good job of helping the reader sympathize with Libby s predicament She deals with many of the trials and tribulations that come from learning a new job in a new place just as any regular resident of Earth might with a mundane job Her feelings towards her job and her co workers change with t I really like this book I should disclose that I helped edit it and have been involved with it for a while There are some problems with the physics but the story of Libby and how she deals with the reality of her situation Tumbler is a scifi novel that is very Heinlein esue Small time main character works through struggles and makes good encapsulates the plot But the story itself while excellent is not as exciting as watching the characters Libby the heroine is a young girl who has no idea how the world works She loses her mother and then jumps head long into a deep space mining conglomerate hoping to somehow make good through hard work alone Unfortunately what she doesn t now just might Tempting Fate kill her If the locals don t do it first Most scifi books are heavy reading and usually just not my cup of tea However Tumbler is fast paced while maintaining believability and a delicious sense of the ironic With such a wonderful combo the reader cannot help but be swept along I would note that this novel is considered Young Adult but anyone can jump in and enjoy it I am thrilled to see this piece on as I feel that Brand Gamblin s next work will be even full of wit than Tumbler itself was Like Heinlein s juveniles before it and also like pal Nathan Lowell s excellent Solar Clipper series Brand Gamblin s TUMBLER is not so much an action tale as a story of a young person learning her place in the world or in this case in the Solar System Libby Carter comes out to the Asteroid Belt to make her fortune as a miner but is uickly disillusioned as to how easy it is not to go about doing so uickly exiled Tumbler by Brand Gamblin is a very good read It is well paced and like most good science fiction is about people handling a situation than the technology and gadgetry I plan to get a hard copy for my wife and daughter Heinlein esue is a good description as it echoes his admiration for strong independent characters but offers better insights on communities. She gains friends and finds adventure Cave in rescues planetary collisions and other mishapseep her new family fighting to stay ali. I liked this hard scifi about asteroid miners because it felt so authentic to me I read a lot of SF so I ve got enough book learning to appreciate how a person gets around in zero gravity and the effects of even small amounts of gravity The mining methods and euipment certainly rang trueI d say this is actually two books but that s not a complaint There s a uite satisfying climax and potential ending *about halfway through I almost expected to turn the page and *halfway through I almost expected to turn the page and another book or even some short stories but was pleased to find another chapter in the continuing story of a young woman who takes a chance to make it rich then finds that maybe money isn t everythingBrand Gamblin presents the material well The writing is uite decent I d give it my whole hearted approvalMy four stars is euivalent to screaming READ THIS BOOK I reserve those five stars for when I find a book so compelling that I can t tear my eyes away from it until I finish Those are few and uite far between What a fun book I seriously don t remember the last time I read a straight sci fi book you now one without sexy shenanigans in the cockpit of a spaceship and this one was pretty Full review can be found on my blog Gamblin s Tumbler is an enjoyable light Sci Fi adventure that is fundamentally about a young character facing struggles as she attempts to find her place in the UniverseThe first thing that came to mind as I read this book was the Sci Fi TV series called Firefly Not because of the space ships or anything like that but because this book really grabbed that western in space and life on the frontier vibe that also was present in Firefly Overall I think it gave the story a different feel from some of the standard war aliens weapons type Sci Fi that exists in bulk In regards to the science in the novel it did come across as being believable with some good development of the mining systems habitats and transportation The author actually uses the fact the Libby is an outsider to enable the reader to learn and understand some of the aspects of the environment and technology whilst she learns about it herselfThe story itself is told in an entertaining and fast paced manner with various problems and issues thrown up in Libby s path as and fast paced manner with various problems and issues thrown up in Libby s path as tries to survive in a hostile environment Whilst the plot isn t anything amazing it did eep me engrossed from beginning to end and I actually completed the book over one weekend The story did seem to deviate at times from what I deemed as the overall plot but I think this was the author trying to expand and develop the environment and society that I was reading about so I was happy enough to accept itThere are a few small issues I have with the novel but I don t think any of. Libby Carter wanted to get away from it all so she took a job mining asteroids as far out into the inky blackness as possible However.

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Them would stop me recommending it to someone First of *All The Main Character Libby Seemed Somewhat Undeveloped For Example *the main character Libby seemed somewhat undeveloped For example from THE FACT THAT SHE PLAYS THE fact that she plays the poker game I have no idea about her history what hobbies she has or if she has any real defining personality traits The other issue I have is the ending the way that everything just falls into Libby s lap and she or less ends up with enough power to do almost anything she wants was a little bit of a let down Up until that point I was rather happy with the overall story and direction the ending just felt and out of sync with the rest of the novel and seemed to be tacked on just to give an almost fairy tale endingOverall I think that Tumbler is an enjoyable light hearted read that could be picked up by most readers It doesn t have the most in depth character development or plot but it is fun and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a uick read especially any young readers that are looking for a way to explore some Sci Fi literature This book was a real treat At less than 200 pages I breezed through it in a few hours my attention completely focused on it the whole time I was reading The pace is perfect as soon as Libby thinks she might have a handle on her life something crashes and she is forced to reevaluate and find a solution I had to One Giant Leap keep turning pages to find out what would happen next and I really came to care about the characters by the end The only thing that was a little confusing was the time jumps between some chapters it sometimes took me a few pages to realize that there was a gap of several months since the previous events Tumbler is theind of sci fi novel that makes you wonder what living and working in outer space would really be like The chances of mankind having any grand space battles anytime soon aren t likely but the sort of future author Brand Gamblin paints in Tumbler is within our grasp if we but choose to reach for itNot that life for main character Libby Carter is all that rosy Lured into space by big corporate promises of free land and easy riches she soon discovers that only hard work and perseverance will bring her success As life in space presents her with one great challenge after another Libby s dogged determination to beat the odds and do so on her own terms is a refreshing change from all the depressing dystopian futures sci fi seems bound to these daysTumbler is a fun story with plenty of action plenty of good characters and plenty of hope that we won t always be stuck on this big blue ball if we only have the intestinal fortitude to get out there and get to work I purchased the Nook version of this novelThere was a time when most science fiction on television was referre. Her escape turned into a trap leaving her stuck in indentured servitude living on a tiny rock in space As she tries to dig herself out. Tumbler By Brand Gamblin