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T better And although this isn t my favourite part of the Tudor era to read aboutI know that this book can t use that as an excuse In that case I think this is going to be a pretty short review One of the main things I remember about this is that the writing was really annoying It was just so straight forward and over explanatory as if I would not be able to work out what was going on myself and it needed to make sure I knew EXACTLY why someone did this because I was DEFINITELY not able to #I Have Been Collecting # have been collecting by Jean Plaidy for ears Jean Plaidy was a pseudonym used by author Eleanor Hibbert Hibbert also wrote under the name Victoria Holt and Philippa Carr plus several others Each genre she wrote in was under a different name I can totally understand She wanted her historical fiction separate from her gothic romance etcJean Plaidy books flesh out periodsevents in history Hibbert takes historical fact and brings in the detailsconversations thoughts drama politics and intrigue plus the humanity of the events Plaidy books are NOT historical romance but historical fiction There is a difference Plaidy brings life to historical eventsnot ripped bodices and naked royalty For those types of stories there are many many other authors to choose from Not bashing historical romancejust stating that Plaidy books do not involve jauntily naked Tudors or heaving bosoms Well there might be a few heaving bosoms but They Are Never The are never the of the story If الإيضاح لمتن ايساغوجي في المنطق you want to hear about Henry VIII s manly bits and details of what he did with said bits Plaidy is not the right choice Ifou want a fictional idea of what Henry VIII said to Katharine of Aragon on their wedding day or his five other subseuent wedding days then Plaidy is a good choice I started collecting Plaidy books there are 77 of them about 10 Riders of the Sea years ago At the time some were out of print and a bit hard to find Several have been re released since then I love books and I m a completist I want the entire series on my shelf before I start to read That can get a bit difficult when dealing with out of print books So in 10ears of collecting Plaidy novels I only read one trilogy by her the Norman trilogy and the other multitude of books I own by her sat neglected on my shelves Finally this ear I told myself that it s ridiculous to have a collection of books for so #longand never read any of them I sorted my books and filled in a couple gaps so I could #never read any of them I sorted my books and filled in a couple gaps so I could readingand found library copies or digital edition copies to fill in other spots My goal is to read through my Jean Plaidy collection during 2020 and free up all this shelf space I will donatetrade my copies so others can enjoy the titles tooeven those that are now long out of print Katharine the Virgin Widow tells the story of Katharine of Aragon It starts with her being brought to England from Spain to marry Henry VIIs oldest son Arthur The Tudors just took the throne of England and Henry is determined to keep it His heir must marry and have sons The Tudor line must continue But there is always a but isn t there Arthur dies soon after marrying Katharine Henry VII does not want to return her dowry but what to do with her Katharine is suddenly a virgin widow the marriage was never consummated because she was oung and Arthur was sickly Cue politics intrigue plotting What will happen to poor Katharine And now the ounger son Henry is suddenly Prince of Wales the heir to the throne There are three Plaidy books about Katharine of Aragon Katharine the Virgin Widow is the first followed by The Shadow of the Pomegranate and The King s Secret Matter These books are also books 2 4 in Plaidy s Tudor Saga I enjoyed this story I already knew the facts but I enjoyed this author s slant on it Poor Katharine She arrives in England not even knowing how to speak English She misses her mother and her home country She marries but her husband dies soon after She wants to go homebut politics and money is involved She is a pawn in the games of kings She has no real choices She must do as she is told Men hold all the power Even when she is ueenher husband controls everything She is just expected to have babies and be uiet What a life spectacular and incredibly sad at the same time Great book I m obsessed with the Tudor era so I am enjoying the Tudor Saga seriesOn to the next boo. Her in law bold Prince Henry who alone had the power to restore Katharine's lost position but at what cost Jean Plaidy's narrative genius sparkles in this story of a remarkable royal marriage that inspired some of history's bloodiest dee.

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At s going on in SpainKatharine s sister Juana is the most well developed and engaging character She s mad which gives are personality than any other character The sections featuring Juana interested me most of allAs with all Plaidy novels The Virgin Widow features a lot of repeated info and dry facts The main reason why her works are so dry is because there s far too much telling as opposed to showing Many times in this book the reader is told what happened in a few sentences when the author could ve dramatized scenes to show what happenedSomething else Ms Plaidy s guilty of is her continuous use of the passive voice It s always She had been carried into the lying in state chamber by four noblemen or The daughter of the King as opposed to the active voice Four noblemen carried her into the lying in state chamber and The king s daughter Passive voice passive proseAnother annoying trait this author has is writing with hindsight Her characters say prophetic things which is too unrealistic or they wish for things repeatedly until they either get their wish or suffer in the attempt For example the future Henry VIII constantly wishes he was the firstborn son and he harps on about older brother Arthur s ill health It s written in such a way as to hint that Henry knows his wish will come true We know it will but he couldn t know especially from such a oung age In the previous book he was coveting the throne from the age of threeThe future was as unknown to these people as it is for everyone else but in these stories they have premonitions which I can t believe the real people these characters are based on would ever have She was trying to shake off this premonition which had been with her since she knew she was to have another child It s all down to the author writing with hindsight Very irritating Something about Jean Plaidy s books keep me coming hindsight Very irritating Something about Jean Plaidy s books keep me coming for Perhaps it s her obvious love for English history which I share that draws me back I wish she d focused less on turning out as greater uantity of novels as possible and concentrated on uality writing The Virgin Widow has some good moments but overall it s another that feels like an unedited early draft A most excellent way to learn a bit about the history of the British monarchy Thank goodness for Plaidy doing all the research and then putting it in an easy to read and understand form for the rest of us Read it on the heels of To Hold the Crown so some seemed a bit redundant but I guess history doesn t change even if the title of a novel does I enjoy reading Tudor historical fiction and was pleasantly surprised when this author showed up on a reading list that I am trying to get through my last reading list for this ear So I wholeheartedly looked forward to this series by Plaidy I was surprised that I was a little disappointed though This book was just okay for me I just didn t feel drawn in It was written well but it just seemed like a regurgitation of facts I wanted relationship building and info on the people and about the time period And there seemed to be a lot of repetition of the same facts as if I had forgotten those facts since I just read it in the last chapterThe author did give full descriptions on everyone in that small span of time that it covered I appreciated that but I guess it felt like a review of material #Or A Recap Before The Big Final At The End #a recap before the big final at the end the semester Jean Plaidy really knows how to write historical fiction especially Tudor fiction which is my favourite I really liked that the point of View was from Katharine Of Aragon s It was interesting to read it from such an early part of King Henry the eighth s life and the time before he had married Katharine Arriving from Spain to marry Prince Arthur Katharine Is a uiet subdued Spanish princess who starts to find herself in England under the household of the Tudor king Henry the seventhI like the Spanish princess and it was nice to see her in such a romantic telling of her life Ehhhhh I m honestly considering lowering my rating to 25 because this book was really not that great I just don t think that in ears to come I will remember actually reading this book because the events are already fading from my mind I only remember the plot because of the fact that I know what happened historically Andthat isn t great I ve read a lo. Husband was dead and a fateful uestion loomed Was the marriage consummated or was the oung widow still a virgin On that delicate point hinged Katharine's and England's future Meanwhile waiting in the wings was her willful handsome brot. Published in the 1960s This is the story of Katharine of Aragon when beloved Princess of Spain then wife of Arthur Prince of Wales for a matter of months before becoming his widow She remained in England under the guardianship of her father in law until Arthur s ounger brother Henry ascended to the throne on the death of his father and with papal dispensation married her in 1509SynopsisIN THE ROYAL MARRIAGE MARKET THE INFANTA OF SPAIN WAS A TRUE PRIZEIn the eyes of the world Katharine of Aragon was a precious object to be disposed of for the glory of Spain Her parents ueen Isabella and King Ferdinand send her to England to become the bride of Arthur Prince of WalesBut soon her frail husband was dead and a fateful uestion loomed Was the marriage consummated as Katharine s priest avowed or was the Writing in the Dust: After September 11 young widow still a virgin On that delicate point hinged Katharine s and England s future Meanwhile waiting in the wings was her willful handsome brother in law bold Prince Henry who alone had the power to restore Katharine s lost positionJean Plaidy s narrative genius sparkles in this story of a remarkable royal marriage that inspired some of history s bloodiest deeds Another look at the troubled life of Katherine of Aragon Plaidy breaks up the story of Katherine into three books and this one focuses on the period of betrothal doomed marriage and endless forgotten waiting theoung woman was subjected to To pad the story she focuses on the trials of Katherine s family specifically her father Ferdinand and sister Juana the mad ueen While this is all interesting and relevant to what happened to Katherine it was an unexpected detour in the story for me There are other side stories regarding some of Katherine s household members and reveal the motives behind their actions Again while interesting it was unexpected For me these side stories made me impatient to get back to Katherine It makes me reluctant to continue on with the trilogy despite the uality of the writing and my interest in the topic Review Possibly the best novel I ve ever read on Katherine of Aragon particularly on her early life before her marriage to Henry VIII I loved the focus on her domestic situation and relations with her ladies and the various Spanish ambassadors It s a clever mix of politics and domestic matters that all intertwine together If
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was anything that get me interested in the actual history of Katherine of Aragon this would be it as this early period is what made her into the amazing ueen she wasGenre Historical DramaCharacters Katherine of Aragon Maria de Salinas Henry VII Henry VIII Prince Arthur Tudor Elizabeth of York Princess Mary Princess Margaret Isabella I of Castile Ferdinand II of Aragon Philip of Burgundy Juana the MadSetting London England Ludlow WalesSeries Tudor 2Recommend YesRating 1920 A very enjoyable novel The first novel I read of Plaidy s was well written and fantastic but the second novel was very repetitive slow and flat I was nervous to try a third one but found it to be much like the first one The novel was well written and descriptive the characters had depth and the plot line moved Though there was some repetition with certain lines and phrases it was still very interesting Now granted the original history does seem to drag on as Katharine of Aragon is left waiting for ears as to whether or not she would marry Prince Henry and though she was royal she was abandoned and left IN POVERTY AS HER FATHER AND poverty as her father and King of England argued over dowry and financial gain Plaidy was able to share the frustration and lack of control that Katharine must have been feeling with what was going on around her I will give the next book in the trilogy a go and see how that one is The Tudor series is not a string of novels written one after the other they were written at different stages during Plaidy s life The first book was the last to be written This second one and the two that follow it are really seuels from the Daughters of Spain seriesIn conseuence a huge portion of Book One is retold in Book Two Book One follows on from the Plantagenet series and it s a shame that the author didn t write up to the point where she starts this novelWe do however see events from Katharine of Aragon s viewpoint in this story along with her maidservents activities plus wh. In the eyes of the world Katharine of Aragon was a precious object to be disposed of for the glory of Spain Her parents ueen Isabella and King Ferdinand send her to England to become the bride of Arthur Prince of Wales But soon her frail. Katharine the Virgin Widow