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Gender Trouble Feminism and the Subversion of Identity

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R emphasizes it as a product of the very hegemonic structures eminism wishes to undo Instead Butler advocates coalitional politics what Donna J Haraway would later refer to as politics feminism wishes to undo Instead Butler advocates coalitional politics what Donna J Haraway would later refer to as politics affiliation that would eschew a priori assumptions of eminine identityButler goes on to refute the distinction between sex and gender as biological and cultural constructs For her they are historically and genealogically inseparable and discourses of power have either constructed gender The Northman's Bride from sex or reduced and restricted gender by sexDrawing on Foucault who points out that juridical systems of power produce the subjects they subseuently come to represent Butler concludes that the gendersex divide ceases to be the culturenature divide gender becomes the discursivecultural means by which a natural sex is produced and established as prediscursive prior to culture a politically neutral surface upon which culture acts Taking cuesrom Beauvoir Blood Trails: The Combat Diary of a Foot Soldier in Vietnam for whom women are the Other and Irigarayor whom women are multiple identities unrepresentable she explores the ormation of and contexts of gender and its sociological implications in the complex webs of race ethnicity and class and urther examines their conflicting views on the marking off of the Leading the Way female body by masculinist discourse Drawing on Wittig s argument I mark this book read somewhat disingenuously since it was soar over my head much of the time I was merely skimming it inattentively However there were moments when even I experienced a eeling of awesome revelationThe mark of gender appears to ualify bodies as human bodies the moment at which an infant becomes humanised is when the uestion is it a boy or a girl is answeredStrategies of exclusion and hierarchy are shown to persist in the ormulation of the sexgender distinction and its recourse to sex as the prediscursive Butler has numerous loud detractors and The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife: Becoming a Stepmother with Humor and Grace faces a variety of underhanded compliments even on this very website along the lines of comments such as oh she s smart but only when she s not talking about gender OR Butler would be great if she wasn t such an impenetrable writer Well I ll say it outright I love Butler I love Gender Trouble I love Bodies that Matter I love Giving an Account of Oneself I love basically everything I ve read by her and I m always excited to have the opportunity of reading I think she s a brilliant thinker a strangely poetic writer and a sorely underappreciatedigure in contemporary philosophy I suppose she inadvertently When Red Cried Wolf falls into a sad trap conventional philosophersume at her or taking up the non philosophical subjects of gender and sexuality in a serious ashion The World in the Curl: An Unconventional History of Surfing feminists hate her because of her supposed theoretical elitism Undergraduates hate her because theyind her impossible Or at any rate this has been my experience of seeing Butler interjected into the classroom Gender Trouble is what I d like to call a genealogy of the denaturalization of gender in 20th century thought Why does it take nearly 200 pages Song of the Forest for Butler to arrive at her conclusion where it seems her claims areinally staked Because the past hundred years of theoretical consideration on the subjects of gender sex sexuality and desire are such a ucking mess From Freud Levi Strauss to Lacan and Foucault to Irigaray Wittig and Kristeva Levi Strauss to Lacan and Foucault to Irigaray Wittig and Kristeva s got a problem with all of em And so these huge paradigms have irst to be apprehended and refigured or dismantled in order A Constellation of Vital Phenomena for Butler to situate herself in an ongoing and incredibly difficult dialogue This is a tough book there s no doubt about it I think it sar manageable when you ve read the works and thinkers she s discussing at length namely de Beauvoir Wittig Foucault Kristeva and Irigaray among a handful of others Gender Trouble was not to prescribe a new gendered way of life but to open up the ield of possibility or gender Widely taught and widely debated Gender Trouble continues to offer a powerful critiue of heteronormativity and of the unction of gender in the modern worl.
Talk Talk Talk: Decoding the Mysteries of Speech
Des children at birth as either pink or blue we are really kidding Ourselves We Literally Only We literally only a subjectivity once we have a sex try telling someone that you ve had a baby and not tell them the sex of the child and see how long the conversation lasts or how ree lowing it isNow I m going to give my grossly simplified version of this book but look this is a classic text or a very good reason it is basically a summary of lots of very important ideas about gender and is a seminal This was a woefully dense text meant primarily or those who have read enough a woefully dense text meant primarily or those who have read enough to have at least a basic idea of the major concepts of Paradox Bound feminist theory as well a basic idea of the theoristsrom whom Butler draws her arguments I was aware of what Foucault Beauvoir Lacan Freud and Levi Strauss stood or could never get into Kristeva and had read little or nothing of Wittig Reviere Cixous and Mary Douglas On that account this seemed to be a uite difficult text but I suppose someone amiliar with their basic ideas will STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare find it uite lucidMostly this is a postmodernist approach that refutes simplistic assumptions ofeminine identity and is inclusive than earlier eminist stances Drawing upon various theorists Butler charts the way ahead where binaries of feminist stances Drawing upon various theorists Butler charts the way ahead where binaries of only men and women but that of sex and gender too could be transgressed in a way it would expose the artificiality of the hegemonic patriarchal discourse and the allacies of earlier eminist discourse which addressed narrower specific concerns that were representative of their own particular historical social economic and geographic positionsOverall given the exhaustive study of various standpoint theories I am extremely surprised Butler leaves out Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak altogether despite her being a postmodern Marxist eminist when she had briefly discussed Eagleton and Marx as well and very early on drew attention to the pluralistic complexity of eminist theory today with concerns of age time place ethnicity class sexuality and religionPerhaps I temporarily conclude this is as much a West centric text as others but in that specific ramework I deduce it works What a Lass Wants fineThrough this text Butler proceeds to consolidate her theory of Gender Performativity by extrapolating on various discourses of power and sexuality by cultural theoristsfeministspsychoanalysts such as Beauvoir Foucault Irigaray Cixous Wittig Reviere Freud Lacan Kristeva and Levi Strauss Forming a baserom the acceptance andor refutation of the theories proposed by them Butler derives her conclusions as to how eminism and gender issues can be used to deconstruct hegemonic structures of patriarchy and compulsory heterosexualityHowever a big drawback of this book is that it is apart rom being too dense and too technical uite repetitive as well and goes about in circles sometimes without a clear end And it is uite long Mexican Hooker for its content I d much prefer a lucid less repetitive shorter book Butler has some brilliant ideas but they get lost in the density and repetition but this I guess is a malady affecting all those I veound exceedingly amazing Foucault Beauvoir Althusser Gramsci Haraway and Spivak They re probably so high up on the technical ladder they can t see us down there In the The League for the Suppression of Celery first section Butler refutes the idea of an essential womanfeminine identity especially in the view of racial and colonial discourses Negating the idea ofemininity or womanhood as a stable signifier she sees it as a site The Thirteen-Gun Salute for contest that is all the problematic owing to growing rifts within theeminist discourse that attempts to create a pre patriarchal identity they can revert back toNot only does she Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery find politics of identity counter productive to the liberation of women Butle. N to advance the ideas that would go on to take life as performativity theory as well as some of theirst articulations of the possibility or subversive gender practices and she writes in her preface to the 10th anniversary edition released in 1999 that one point of. Some very interesting ideas here imprisoned in a lot of opaue tortuous sentences Postmodern academese remains the only major European language that I am completely incapable of understanding I am also sick to death of seeing intelligent riends *both here and in real life make apologetic comments about how they weren t uite up to * here and in real life make apologetic comments about how they weren t uite up to task of ully engaging with texts like this as if it were their aultYou know what If a series of highly educated intelligent and well read adults do not properly understand you that is because your writing is confused not because your ideas are too complex to be captured by mere language In actual act ar Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge from being complex many of these ideas when expressed inamiliar terms are so simple as to be trivially refuted which is one of the things that makes me so suspicious about this kind of prose styleSo yes this is one of those books where honesty is called efforts to wield the discourse of truth and a language built by men is a closed phallogocentric signifying economy We are asked to consider the heterosexual matrix and medicojuridical We are asked to consider the heterosexual matrix and medicojuridical and to ponder the normative telos of definitional closure Not to mention the usual postmodernist distraction of irritating and trivial puns she is the masculine sex encore and en corps When I say that these phrases are nonsense which they are I don t want to be misunderstood It s not that I reject the concepts being discussed because I don t What I object to is being asked to accept these terms on no evidence and with no discussion so that combinations of them become divorced rom reality altogether God how I wish or some examples when I read books like this A little d You know the problem with troubling gender is that gender isn t the only thing that is going to be troubled When I was doing my irst degree my lecturer in the editing subject said that you should pay attention to the things people generally skip over in books the titles of chapters or one but much importantly epigraphs The example he gave was Watership Down which he claimed that if you read all of at the start of each of the chapters and said rabbits a couple of times you could plausibly get away with reading nothing else in the book and still know what the book was about I ve never bothered even doing this but it would be an amusing exercise What I can tell you is that this book can be pretty well summarised by the Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War five uotes used as epigraphs immediately after the title pageOne is not born a woman but rather becomes oneSimone de BeauvoirStrictly speaking women cannot be said to existJulia KristevaWoman does not have a sexLuce IrigarayThe deployment of sexuality established this notion of sexMichel FoucaultThe category of sex is the political category thatounds society as heterosexualMoniue WittigThis book is a working through of the implications of these ive uotations The takeaway message is that gender and sex too is a performance not a pre existing state but a series of practices although I think we need something stronger like habits only stronger still that are made real by being constantly enforced and reinforced That s the key thing these are practices that are made normative by their repetition and how society regulates their adherence My avourite part of this book was what she does with de Beauvoir s uote about becoming a woman The issue here is around the notion of a pre existing subject The problem is complicated as such a pre existing and non gendered subject simply does not exist This is a point that is made beautifully in Delusions of Gender How Our Minds Society and Neurosexism Create Difference we like to think we bring up our children in ways that are gender neutral but in a society that colour co. Since its publication in 1990 Gender Trouble has become one of the key works of contemporary Stories for a Kindred Heart: Over 100 Treasures to Touch Your Soul feminist theory and an essential workor anyone interested in the study of gender ueer theory or the politics of sexuality in culture This is the text where Judith Butler bega.

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