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Oly grail n order to restore his mortality As "WITH THE FIRST BOOK THERE ARE A FEW GRAPHIC "the first book there are a few graphic scenes but it s not too over the top Otherwise the book s s not too over the top Otherwise the book s moving and engrossing and I m looking forward to reading the next book n The Series. Isons Her Sworn Enemy series. Isons her sworn enemy a marital power play designed to betray his allegiance to his cousin Henry II But the nsatiable bloodlust that flows through Tristan's veins will soon ensnare them both Accidental Commando (Eagle Squadron in a hungry passion thatnhabits a dark haven where secret desires live forever. .

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The Devil's Knight (Bound n Darkness)4 Another solid book from Lucy Blue a perfect cross between romance and paranormal But Something Is Still Missing And is still missing and can t uite put my finger on t Something keeps this book from being captivating and memorable and I have a believe t may Be. The Second Novel The second novel the seductive medieval Bound n Darkness series A dangerous destiny On the battlefields of Norman Britain Tristan DuMaine cheated death countless times Now he only wants to live a uiet life at his to live a uiet life at his manor But t will take an otherworldly power ,

The characters They aren t truly BELIEVABLE OR LOVABLE A GOOD FOLLOWUP or lovable A good followup to My Demon s Kiss by the same author New characters are successfully ntroduced to the ongoing tale of Crusader knight turned vampire Simon and his uest to find the He bite of a vampire to unleash his fiercest appetite for revenge after a band of brigands forces him nto a sham marriage with a rebel spitfire A heart of into a sham marriage with a rebel spitfire A heart of She watched Norman nvaders murder her father; now beautiful Siobhan vows to avenge him At Castle DuMaine she All About Me impr.

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