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Corydon By André GideThe issue regarding my reviewing this book is that some sections as usual with my reading a french text slip by me I am glad that I read this I am glad also that I read it in French Although I have an interest in reading gay literature I would likely not have sought out this book as I had never heard of it I was given a free copy at a local book repository This book although he considered it his most important according to what I does not have the fame of the counterfeiters I did like the counterfeiters a lot Some of the dialogues are interesting and effective than others the first is the best and I can see why his friends encouraged him to stop while he was ahead and the overall iece is certainly outdated still and unfortunately much of the argument made here remains relevant This is also an excellent example of the The Battle of Borodino: Napoleon Against Kutuzov political social legal andhilosophical arguments surrounding homosexuality in the early 1900s Gide makes a truly troubling slip at the very end of the final dialogue but erhaps that was unavoidable given the time The Socratic dialogues aren t necessarily very sophisticated but they re not without value 35 starsI was completely interested in reading the historical dialogues debates and arguments about homosexuality ut for in this book by Andre Gide dialogues debates and arguments about homosexuality ut

in this book by Andre he had with Corydon nearly a 100 years ago The first dialogue enjoyedThe second dialogue mehThe third and fourth enjoyedI love coming away learning and enhancing my erspective on being homosexual To be honest the specific references to writers and scientists made some A Companion to Vittoria Colonna portions of this read uite dry having neither the time nor wish to fully research exactly what was being talked about But generally this is filled with wise and oftenoignant moments in defense of homosexuality as it was considered in the early 20th century Perhaps my first exposure to Gide ought not to have been in Socratic dialogue though which I regularly find to be unnecessary This is a 1905 set of conversations and maybe a novel fiction with a hilosopher who goes by the name of Corydon The narrator and Corydon have a series of Considered by Gide to be the most important of his books this slim exuisitely crafted volume consists of four dialogues on the subject of homosexuality and its lace in society Published anonymously in bits and La Partera: Story of a Midwife pieces between 1911 and 1920 Corydon first appeared in a signed commercial edition in France in 1924 and in the United States in 1950 the year before Gide's death Theresent edition features the impeccable translation of the Pulitzer Prize winning ,

Ialogues about homosexuality In each while trying to explore the topic thoroughly Corydon takes on a different academic lens They begin by discussing the topic WITHIN A MORAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL FRAMEWORK a moral and hilosophical framework begin off by using Walt Whitman s Reduced Laughter: Seriocomic Features and Their Functions in the Book of Kings poetry as a start They offer the generally held belief that homosexuality is aerversion So they try to consider Walt Whitman in terms of a syllogism to the degree of if Homosexuality is a erversion then Walt Whitman is sick so what if Walt Whitman is not sick soWhat they find is that while they might reach various conclusions about the topic they don t actually reach any satisfying understanding of a human roblemSo the next dialog they use biology to discuss the topic and realize that what we would call homosexuality occurs in species around the lanet and thereforeAnd soThis is a very early book discussing the topic in these 20th century terms and in using Ancient Greek tools and methods they don t reach anything satisfying than Greek likely did I am not sure they really truly work through any of these issues without any real satisfying conclusion but it s an early example of trying to understand the humanity of the situation in human terms and not working solely on the remise that homosexuality is unnatural and we all agree A eriod iece from a and not working solely on the Networking for Career Success: 24 Lessons for Getting to Know the Right People premise that homosexuality is unnatural and we all agree Aeriod iece from a that s way back when in modernism The Socratic argument is weak and I think unnecessary Gide takes the wrong approach here but he was a writer of his timeOf interest are his comments on Proust his explanation of why Charlus is such a superior creation than AlbertineAnd amusing that Gide feels offended when accused of not making his homosexuality explicit soon enough His great works The Immoralist and The Counterfeiters uts that accusation immediately to restRead The Immoralist The book that shaped my life to the very inch When I was reading this marvellous dialogue and thesis in defence of homosexuality I was completely mesmerised by the clarity of the arguments the variation of Zheng Guogu philosophical and scientific opinions the unprecedented compassion and acknowledgement of the Human Nature This. Oet Richard Howard In spirited dialogue with his bigoted boorish interviewer Corydon marshals evidence from naturalists historiansoets and hilosophers to support his contention that homosexuality ervaded the most culturally and artistically advanced civilizations from Greece in the age of Pericles to Renaissance Italy and England in the age of Shakespeare Although obscured by later critics literature and art from Homer to Titian Frںuhzeit Des Ostslaventums proclaim the true nature.