(EBOOK / PDF) The Redneck Manifesto How Hillbillies Hicks and White Trash Became America's Scapegoats

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Helps Goad traverses a lot of territory rom history through to leisure politics and race relations taking up the literary cudgel in defense of that most maligned of groups the American redneck The Redneck manifesto is vicious kick in the Alice Oliver face to assumptions people make about poor whiteolks who are seen to be outside the acceptable white middle class mainstream I ve never read anything like this book This is unfiltered rage put onto page with an intellect and wit the eual of its passion I don t know how Goad was "able to see his keyboard past his personal cloud of anger spittle "to see his keyboard past his personal cloud of anger spittle I m glad he did His writing is near musical in its torrent of insults and expletives and it s a joy to read providing you have the stomach or his deliberate provocations The insights he provides into the real everyday lives of poor Americans are often shocking GIVING READERS A GLIMPSE INTO A NEAR HOPELESS WORLD readers a glimpse into a near hopeless world life is getting worse not better and everybody involved knows itI don t agree with some of Goad s assertions and his tone is often needlessly if entertainingly antagonistic but his point of view is not often heard in our cultural discourse When the results came in on the 8th of November 2016 I thought of this book In the era of Trump the Trumpassic The Trumpermian The Bullshitocene Goad points a lashlight at a largely ignored section of American society and helps us understand why so many people are so angry and why they eel their nation has let them down Basically looks at how poor and working class whites are the last acceptable target or hatred in the current pc mind control time we live in now and are the most exploited class in our current society Goad is a very entertaining writer so despite the subject matter don t think this book is going to be some stiff uptight right wing conservative crap More of a personalreal world look at anti white racism and propaganda Rednecks of the world unite You have nothing to lose but your bills Jim Goad s The Redneck Manifesto is a raucous mixture of southern pride and Marx esue social criticism which examines the plight of working whites Although ew would take seriously the concept of white plight in Goad s eyes privileged whites a minority of American whites most are working class slobs like himself have been treated as miserably throughout American history as any minority even slaves His aim is to expose anti prole bigotry by shock therapy if need be and demonstrate that America s big problems are rooted in class not ethnic tensionHis history might echo A People s Hi As someone who isn t too ar removed rom his Cracker roots I was hoping that this book would be a Fanfare or the Redneck Man of sortsGod was I disappointed Instead it s pretty clear that Goad is a self loathing Redneck and desperately wishes that he could be part of the bourgeois class he claims to despise If you think I m lying check out his obsessive comparecontrast essay on the beautiful lawns of the nicer neighborhoods where he grew up compared with the sualor of his own homeAlso he borrows an argument rom Engels that the lower classes enjoy monster truck rallies and professional wrestling because it is an extreme diversion something jolting to get them out of their dead end lives Personally I thought it was because both of these things are AWESOME I m a big believer that anyone will try something new given the right encouragement and the resources to do so Nevertheless as a whole these people aren t very wealthy and well traveled so rallies and matches are what they know and what they can participate inAfter about two or three chapters you ll get tired of Goad s bile In act the only part worth reading is the section about the early days of the North American colonies Goad argues that white indentured servants were basically slaves and the truth is that they probably were His portrayal of the Irish in America is also spot on and heartbreaking This however can be read in the bookstore don t bother taking the rest home with you. N does racism With an unmatched ability or rubbing salt in cultural wounds Jim Goad deftly dismantles most popular American notions about race and culture and takes a sledgehammer to our delicate glass blown popular conceptions of government religion media and history. E took religion REAL serious and hellfire and brimstone lew every Sunday Mr Goad Portland white trash that he is only has a passing Tempting Eden familiarity with my people now doesn t he He commits that old sin of lumping us highland southerners with the lowland southerners and letting a bunch of peoplerom Lord knows wherever take up cause with us while he s at it As anyone who has lived in both the highland and lowland South could tell you David Hackett Fischer was right They remain two very different places populated by two very different culturesAnd so Mr Goad s rant goes down the path of so many other lonely Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, fools on barroom stools He can turn a phrase or two and hit a button yes but that son of a gun doesn t know his rear endrom a hole in the ground This is one of my avorite and most lent out books It s A VERY BRASH NO PUNCHES PULLED LOOK AT RACE very brash no punches pulled look at race class issues in Amer Greatly enjoyed this book informative and provocative throughout Was utterly unaware of much of the history of indentured servitude or many of the white europeans brought to the states Goad points out how poor whites historically have always been likely to live in ethnically diverse areas than the wealthy white liberals yet are always as hatefilled racists how they have very little actual power yet are
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as of the rot in US society and the disturbing world of Bigfoot erotica Not one Three Times the Love for the easily offended but the well researched anecdotes laugh out loud humour andierce intelligence make it impossible to put down On school you are taught rom many different perspectives But there is a certain perspective of a certain people they won t touch with a ten yard stick That s the perspective of the white working class Esspecially the American white working class First they were ucked when they arrived as serfs on American soil Then after they were The Bride of Willow Creek freed their jobs were stolen by people that don t even wanted them And after that and after the civil war they were supposed to like theree black people while the GREAT INVESTMENT, THE former slave holders moved to areas without anyreed slaves The Redneck Manifesto by Jim Goad was published in 1997 and is still as Raw as ever This book is extremely unny insightful and as stated above Raw A breath of resh air is to be The Lively Art of Writing felt while reading thru the pages I can see why Gavin holds this book in such high esteem Definitely worth the read and I will also add that the amount to which it opens your eyes is incredible all of a sudden that which Goad speaks of you see and hear all around I can t give any examples read it and seeor yourself Silent Whitey Scared and uiet Smile and act nervous Shit eating albino chimpanzee Take the blame Swallow the pill Apologize or the past Sweat through the present Surrender the uture Sack cloth and ashes or as long as you live White people don t make a peep They just peck their birdseed and huddle within their cages I can t see how a mental diet of guilt and self lagellation would be healthy or any ethnic g Redneck Hillbilly Yokel Have you ever used any of these terms to describe other people in your society I have sorry ueenslanders and after reading The Redneck Manifesto I can see the classist snobby error of my waysIf you re easily offended I recommend reading something else Goad is vulgar occasionally extreme and prone to long enraged rants He s also damned entertaining and has produced a ascinating book that looks the lives hopes and stereotypes of poor white AmericansAs much as our neo liberal masters would like to pretend otherwise class both exists and matters Trump and Brexit give us a glimpse of the shocking things that can happen when you ignore the reality of what life is like or large sections of our societies Class is very much alive in the US and Goad shoves that reality in your ace while verbally slapping you and yelling at you to not look awayHe paints an ugly picture its lines and colors dictated by poverty the disdain of the mainstream substance abuse and a government that hurts than it. Oldly points out and brilliantly demonstrates America's dirty little secret isn't racism but classism While pouncing incessantly on racial themes most major media are silent about America's widening class rifts a problem that negatively affects people of all colors tha. Parts of the book were really good Goad is convincing on the class contempt the richer save or the poorer and on how the white working class is the only group in US society one can publicly look down upon in The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness fine company Theirst part about white slavery perhaps under another word but slavery nonetheless is sad and every bit as infuriating as other tales on slavery And it might be a story which could be told often I The Leadership Gap for one had heard about it but never much and never so systematic But it gets tedious after a while I get the point I got the point I GET IT but Goad rambles on It might still be points worth making but and the bookeels like listening to a speech which will never stop a preacher who goes on and on like Fidel Castro in his prime eight hours without a script wasn t unheard of I GET IT Also the book is written Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) for an American audience to an extremeilled with cultural references you or less have to grow up in the US to understand with the language becoming very convoluted inside these references after a while and it s almost impossible Serenity Role Playing Game for an outsider to get Actually it s like a stylerom Norse poetry a ship wasn t just a ship but a wave horse War wasn t War but steel discussion And one could build images within images within images like this after a while making it uite a Save the Cupcake! feat to understand Cockney English might work the same way thinking about it It s alright the book ISor an American audience most of which would understand the parts I don t but in my opinion it s too much of it Definitely worth reading Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, for theirst 3 4 chapters though The Redneck Manifesto is a rant The sort of rant you might hear at any number of grimy dive bars across the country on any given night A rant that is unuestionably entirely entertaining and slick that you would hear at those dive bars It s even a rant with endnotes But if it s an intelligent rant it s not an accurate one endnotes notwithstandingJim Goad is angry and if you re a hillbilly hick redneck or white trash of any variety a bit broad there but we ll return to that he s angry on your behalf And he s got a point in there somewhere White and black men are much likely to mingle in a Tressed to Kill factory than a white shoe lawirm in a dive bar than a martini bar and in a trailer park than a gated community Life as an indentured servant was than a little hard the early historical portions of the book are easily its best We really should have been a bit worried in the 90s about oreign Arabic terroristsWell yes But American white terrorists aren t any less nasty We would kindly ask people to not knock over our buildings and ailing that not ask and not do it kindly The over our buildings and ailing that not ask and not do it kindly
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of his on tidewater cavaliers would have been considered roughly accurate had he written it a ew decades ago but historiography marched on without Mr Goad and he would have benefited rom picking up a newer bookTherein lies one of Mr Goad s primary problems He s always got a source ready at hand but by his standards it need merely be in support of his position Accuracy and intellectual honesty are optional at best Hence the bad history above And a ready willingness to uote Alexander Hamilton on guns that is strangely absent when it comes time to talk about banks Would I betray my hillbilly roots as high aluting to demand that if you use endnotes you not be completely ull of BS And it s not a bad bibliography One can overlook a little A People s History of United States or some Mind of the South and Night Comes to the CumberlandsYou can t hardly rant without throwing your own biases in but I guess this is a rant too so I won t shed too many tears over pointing Mr Goad s biases out Mr Goad has a very specific view of what the very broad people he is talking about are and he ll it them into that suare hole come heck or high water He thinks religion is silly so he just talks about Bigfoot and Elvis instead he s channeling his inner Marx here which is a bit bourgeois to tell the truth Well growing up in backwoods southern Appalachia Culture maverick Jim Goad presents a thoroughly reasoned darkly unny and rampagingly angry defense of America's most maligned social group the cultural clan variously referred to as rednecks hillbillies white trash crackers and trailer trash As The Redneck Manifesto

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The Redneck Manifesto How Hillbillies Hicks and White Trash Became America's Scapegoats

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