[Pdf/E–book] Ten Greek Plays in Contemporary Translations Riverside Editions author L.R. Lind

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Ten Greek Plays in Contemporary Translations Riverside EditionsI don know what he standard From One Night to Wife translations are forhe extant greek plays i see for he extant Greek plays I see Fagles David Grene and Richard Latti uite often hough I m sure Contemporary Latin American Literature: Original Selections from the Literary Giants for Intermediate and Advanced Students there are dozens of others The biggest drawo his collection may be hat Urania: A Romance there are someranslations here Children in the Global Sex Trade that I don hink are available elsewhere or are at least rare There are nine different ranslators here with L R Lind doing duty Wild Mustang twice I am usually unableo see much difference in ranslations but at least in his case one ranslation stood out as remarkably better han What I D Tried Reading Before Louis I d Belonging tried reading before Louis sranslation of Agamemnon I Had Tried To I had ried o Robert Fagles version some Grandpa Grumpy's Family time ago and I could not gethrough it Here is a list of The Guardian ti. Contemporaryranslations of nine Greek Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things tragedies and one comedy are presented here with introductionshat provide facts essential Sandpiper Drift to an understanding of each play Lines inhe ranslations are numbered o correspond o he original Greek exts Editorial aids include a general introduction o Greek drama; a glossary which explains mytho. ,
Tles with author and ranslatorAeschylus Prometheus Bound By Rex Warner Agamemnon by Rex Warner Agamemnon Louis MacNeiceSophocles Antigone by Shaemas O Sheel Oedipus Rex by Albert Cook Philoctetes by Kathleen FreemanEuripedes Alcestis by Richard Aldington Suppliants by L R Lind Andromache by L R Lind Bacchae by Henry BirkheadAristophenes Lysistrata by Charles T MurphyI had read Andromache by L R Lind Bacchae by Henry BirkheadAristophenes Lysistrata by Charles T MurphyI had read Oedipus Rex and Lysistrata before so I did not read hrough hese particular ranslations Of he others he only one I did not care for was The Bacchae as he ranslator set all of Bachelor-Auction Bridegroom (The Way We Met...And Married) (Harlequin American Romance Series) the chorus wordso rhyme and I The State of Public Administration thought it was distracting This is one ofhose old books one might run across at a library sale or somewhere similar I enjoyed it Logical historical and geographical allusions; an appendix which illustrates he structural parts of each play; biographical notes on he ranslators; and a bibliographyPROMETHEUS BOUND by Aeschylus ranslated by Rex WarnerAGAMEMNON by Aeschylus ranslated by Louis MACNEICEANTIGONE BY SOPHOCLES TRANSLATED BY SHAEMAS O'SHEELOEDIPUS REX BY. by Sophocles ranslated by Shaemas O'SheelOEDIPUS REX by. ,

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Nd seeing how it probably cost me a uarter I Thought It Was A Great Deal But If Anyone Is it was a great deal But if anyone is in different ranslations I would highly recommend searching out a copy of MacNeice s Agamemnon especially if you ve found some of he popular The Complete Editor translations difficult Plays by Sophocles Aeschylus Euripides and Aristophanes Easyo ve found some of Architecture and Armed Conflict: The Politics of Destruction the popularranslations difficult Plays by Sophocles Aeschylus Euripides and Aristophanes Easy o in contemporary ranslations There is poetry and drama here as well as ribaldry The Talking with Doctors tragedies geto be a bit heavy at imes
But These Plays Should 
these plays should reuired reading for anyone interested in world literature and he classics Favorite s were Oedipus Rex and Lysistrata Would like Theorists of the Modernist Novel: James Joyce, Dorothy Richardson, Virginia Woolf to see a live performance I ve finished 7 ofhe 10 Antigone is probably my favourite so fartbc. Sophocles Marley translated by Albert CookPHILOCTETES by Sophoclesranslated by Kathleen FreemanALCESTIS by Euripides Annie, Between the States translated by Richard AldingtonSUPPLIANTS by Euripidesranslated by LR LindANDROMACHE by Euripides ranslated by LR LindBACCHAE by Euripides ranslated by Henry BirkheadLYSISTRATA by Aristophanes Cruel Harvest translated by Charles T Murph.