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Player One

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Ugh she feels like she s the most humanLuke and Rick are very similar because as they themselves observe their jobs both involve listening to people s confessions Luke was a pastor until he stole the church s enovation fund and skipped town the same afternoon that he lost his faith Rick is a ecovering alcoholic tending bar Priests and bartenders alike listen to things people don t feel comfortable confiding in ordinary conversations bars bar Priests and bartenders alike listen to things people don t feel comfortable confiding in ordinary conversations bars a home to a tension between anonymity and intimacy that must be very welcoming at timesKaren empathizes with everyone her fifteen year old she s going through a goth phase daughter Casey the kid with the iPhone who takes a photo of her on the airplane Warren the Man She Flew Out To Meet In she flew out to meet in bar after meeting him online and then when the price of oil skyrockets and the world ends for a day or so she empathizes with everyone in the bar She even empathizes with the sniper who kills Warren and whom they eventually tie up inside the bar I eally like Rachel but if I had to pick a favourite character I might choose Karen Coupland gives her two excellent linesI think if people had eal courage they d wear their Halloween costume every day of the year At the very least you d make a lot friends uickly Like Hey I like togas too Or Star Trek I m in Your costume would be a means of filtering down to There is something disturbing about writers as intelligent as Douglas Coupland Underneath the brilliant psychological dialogue the haunting charismatic cast of underachievers and the creative plot that is impossible to predict lies writing that is so fresh and honest that it is scary truthful Player One is that book depicting the tale of five characters trapped in a cocktail lounge during a world changing event The discussion topics humanity vs everything else and whether we are worth it Douglas speaks in prophetic voices that are so dark and logical that it is hard not to lose hope in what we are and what we are to become But there is also a sweetness to his apocalypse like the tsunami that is coming is made out of milk chocolate or the bombs that spill out of the sky are confected gum drops It Loosens The Blow And loosens the blow and the end somehow gives us hopeWith that being said the ending felt tacked on an after thought almost like Coupland got tired of predicting his own dreary futures and just stopped It makes this eader wonder if he did it on purpose forcing us to endure one final apocalyptic meteor crashing into the Earth or a giant hand eaching up and turning off the sun If this book had decided to just go ahead and be a novel it would ve been great If it had decided to just go ahead and be a series of essays on existentialism and the transformations and implications of humanity and society it probably would ve been great too Instead it tries to be both and only gets halfway with eitherThe book is at first about five people who meet in a hotel bar during a major global crisis They each get a chance to tell their tales including a mysterious narrator named Player One At this stage the book is very engaging The characters are all at thresholds of differing. Ballard Coupland explores the modern crises of time human identity society eligion and the afterlife The book asks as many uestions as it answers and eaders will leave the story with no doubt that we are in a new phase of existence as a species and that there is no turning back. Th Douglas Coupland is like a junkie attempting to From Muslim to Christian Granada replicate the first perfect hit I need something as good as JPodPlayer One comes close As a story it doesn t endear itself like JPod Yet its short length conceals a profound message Coupland s attempt to answer the novel s subtitle What is to become of us Coupland delivers the novel ineal time over the course of five hour long lectures that collectively form the 2010 Massey Lectures You can t listen to them for free unfortunately but long lectures that collectively form the 2010 Massey Lectures You can t listen to them for free unfortunately but can purchase the series on iTunes or CD if you care to listen to Coupland ead the story aloud I stuck with the printed version Coupland ead the story aloud I stuck with the printed version I kept in mind the novel s intended purpose As I Resonance of Suffering: Countertransference in Non-Neurotic Structures read I imagined it would be like to hear those words projected in a dark theatre as a shared experience with hundreds of other people or to hear them over theadio There is something profoundly connective about The Afterlife of Little Women radio that even the Internet doesn t match This added an atmosphere to the entire experience ofeading this bookThe OED s first Domesticating Drink: Women, Men, and Alcohol in America, 1870-1940 recorded use of zeitgeist is from 1848 but this must be a mistake because I feel like that word must have been invented to describe what Coupland is doing He is chronicling the zeitgeist of our generations this strange transition between the industrialized twentieth century to the post industrial information society of the twenty first century And Ieally can t do his books justice in trying to go into detail here because I feel like deconstructing his work would just destroy the magicAs anyone who has Lord Byron at Harrow School: Speaking Out, Talking Back, Acting Up, Bowing Out read than one Coupland novel can attest comparing Coupland Book X with Coupland Book Y is difficult because of how much Couplandeuses his motifs and themes Still I have to say it Player One has a lot in common with his previous novel Generation A I liked Generation A but didn t love it and now I want to go back and ead it again to see if I missed anything Both novels have several protagonists with the narrator alternating among their limited perspectives Both novels put the protagonists together in an isolated place and have them share stories and form bonds Both are set in a somewhat apocalyptic world Generation A post apocalyptic than Player One s decidedly apocalyptic setting Finally both involve a study empathy as part of a larger exploration of what it means to be human This is the uestion that ecurs throughout Player One what separates humans from animals from everything else in the cosmos What makes us uniue as a species are we uniue Or are we merely just another expression of life is the universe programmed to generate life over and over in a near infinite variety of combinationsIf we want to analyze the characters in this book we can do so in terms of how they empathize Rachel is easy she doesn t Her various medical classifications mean she lacks the ability to express or interpret emotions irony humour etc She can t appreciate art Her eason for going to the airport hotel lounge where our five characters end up is typical Coupland absurdism Rachel is probably the character we would identify as the most different of the four because of her medical condition Sometimes tho. Ender; Luke a pastor on the un; Rachel a cool Hitchcock blonde incapable of true human contact; and finally a mysterious voice known as Player One Slowly each eveals the truth about themselves while the world as they know it comes to an endIn the tradition of Kurt Vonnegut and J ,

It s kind of strange that I Read Player One In Two Days Before Player One in two days before ten year anniversary of 911 Player One has many parts that I found great and two days before the ten year anniversary of 911 Player One has many parts that I found great and parts similar to other books by Coupland I have ead This time around it all clicked with me and I was taken back and moved I seem to feel a little less alone when I The Art of Slow Writing: Reflections on Time, Craft, and Creativity read a Douglas Coupland novel and have a better grasp on our complex mordern and digitally connected world Read it if youe feelig a little alone and blue and in A Mood To Think Deeply mood to think deeply yourself and our mordern world I The Life of Samuel Johnson read this book in French which is dumb because it was written in English originally but I found it in a bookstore and couldn tesist so here we are A lot of terms had me shaking my head in confusion before Statistical Inference realizing that the terms had no translation New words don t spread virally in French culture like they do in English language cultures around the globe For instance there s no French translation for MILF the translator used maman sexy which is poor and guts the expression of its acronym funniness New words aside the translation has a goodhythm to it and doesn t bog down the dialogues like many English French translations doThe setting is an airport bar where as fate would have it a mixed bag of people find themselves for various A Wizard in Love reasons an autistic young woman an ex preacher an alcoholic barman As fate would further have it some catastrophe hits it s not properly explained and doesn t need to be suffice to notice that oil prices have skyrocketed media broadcasts have stopped there are toxic chemicals blowing outside and the people inside the bar can t leave Eventually they are joined by aeligious nut and a scared teenOh and one of the characters is Player One who is inside the bar s video game He s a pompous ass but he s coolConversations flow between the motley group touching on the state of the world obviously since it s ending or seems to be and eventually sink down into their personal histories as the setting favors the end of world cathartic confessions There is such a variation in the characters outlook and constitution that it becomes apparent that only a catastrophe forcing people into this space and threatening their very being will overcome cultural and ideological barricades creating odd yet touching bonds like a contained nuclear explosion evealing other states of the matter at its coreI eally enjoyed the paradoxical converging of the different mindsets and found the characters believable and engaging Recently I stole the soapbox in another person s Tigers in Normandy review of Shampoo Planet to pontificate about my personaleader s theory of Douglas Coupland JPod was the first Coupland novel I Presidential Secrecy and the Law read and it is also my favourite We alleact to Coupland differently ie JPod is my favourite but some of my friends hate JPod with a passion and love Girlfriend in a Coma or Eleanor Rigby Despite the fact that Coupland always deals with the same themes his variations are subtle and diverse enough to create those kinds of eactions And so for me JPod created in my mind the Platonic form of the perfect Coupland novel and every other experience I have wi. International bestselling author Douglas Coupland delivers a eal time five hour story set in an airport cocktail lounge during a global disaster Five disparate people are trapped inside Karen a single mother waiting for her online date; Rick the down on his luck airport lounge bart. .