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On the Bus

Selena Kitt ¾ 7 review

Gs Having read that review read this short story with the knowledge that the author had most likely originally Emily and Danny that the author had most likely originally written Emily and Danny blood siblings She had also most likely deliberately not changed any references to sister or brother to step sister or step brother which further enhanced the image I had had in my mind of Emily and Danny being blood siblings With this image in mind I was once again reminded that sibling incest between brother and sister does suick me out a bit I was also a bit scandalized by the fact that they were having sex on a "bus of all places I could not believe that all the other passengers "of all places I could not believe that all the other passengers sleeping and did not hear their damning words or their activity Hello There was still a bus driver wasn t there Unless they were seated alllll the way in the back right next to the bathroom The sex scene was in turn both erotic and nsexy I didn t really care for the dirty words Them are anxious about meeting Danny’s dad again after years of separation but neither sibling could have predicted that a journey of forbidden sexual exploration would begin for them togeth. .
This book was a bit "Better Than The Last One "than the last one still not all that They travel on a bus and there is some chemistry between the so it made it bearable to read I ve never read intentional incest before but honestly it s all fiction so i m okay with it Very STEAMY Selena Kitt can do no wrong in my eyes I love reading her stories 15 starsThis is a short pseudo incest story between step siblings I had read a review of Sibling Lust In the Barn I believe it was which mentioned that the author had had read a review of Sibling Lust In the Barn I believe it was which mentioned that the author had To Tame The Taboo Subjects Into Pseudo Incest Rather to tame the taboo subjects into pseudo incest rather straight incest ie sex between siblings due to s policies and looking at the three Sibling Lust short stories that I have read so far I think that that reviewer had a point as the short story seemed to suggest exactly that A reviewer for this story mentioned having two copies one of which had the main characters as twins and the other as step siblin. Two step siblings on a cross country trek to California find stimulation than just the scenery Emily is getting tired of listening to Danny practice trivia for his Jeopardy try outs and both of.
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Specially as they kept emphasizing a closer blood relationship between the two My favorite part of this short story was probably the trivia It was interesting Short storyFelt very naughty reading this but boy was it hot Some hanky panky on the bus with two people who shouldn t THIS REVIEW IS OF THE ORIGINAL ON THE BUS The revised version depicts a relationship between step siblingsTwincestthat is what it s about If you have an aversion to that then do not pass go do not collect 200 What is wrong with me I seriously am a normal personwhy did I enjoy this book "Why was I rooting for the twins to have sex Why "was I rooting for the twins to have sex Why earth did that turn me on I am just going to go with It s Selena Kittshe has a gift for making naughty stuff hot That s my story and I m sticking to itIf you like this type of book you might enjoy one of these groups Check Her Masters Corruption (Her Master, us outMenage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic eBook Exchange. Er on the busSelena Kitt SingleShort Story Big BangWarning This title contains shameless displays of the taboo so scandalously hot it could get them arrested for starting a fire on a crowded bu.