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Sure that the whole lousy tale of the artifact the stripper who in her sleep and the rest of it was a tissue lies a half wit paralytic could have seen through He knows he should of lies a half wit paralytic could have seen through he knows he should told the bunch He knows he should told the bunch o jump in lake and that doing so would save him a lot of Sister of My Heart grief butreed King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies gets the better of him and then he sees Veda Rux and as soon as he sees her he knows there isoing to be trouble He should have known that the way this frail made him feel he was only Rescuing Gus going to have half his mind on the job and when auy Class of 92: Out of Our League gets that way he s leaving himself wide open for a sucker punch But there was nothing he could do because it was likeetting hold of a live wire and not being able to let Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story goThere are somereat one liners in this book such as the idea that women are funny animals You never know where you are with them they don t often know where they are with themselves How about Even a punk with a paralyzed brain hates to be forgotten This is a terrific thriller filled with twists and turns at every step and well worth your time So I can t help feeling that I m really lucky to not have lived in the 60s That world all the women that lived then must have had incredible otherworldly patience to deal with all this How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead gross bullshit Ffffff. Of Veda and money than he had ever seen he agreed to the propositionFrom the moment he fell in love with Veda his doom was sealed he was caught up in a relentless intrigue that made him a cat's paw for murder. Ems to be bit dragging Last few chapterset back the #speed and the ending was well doneOverall book feel like # and the ending was well doneOverall the book feel like sine wave with a high initially and intermediate low and back to form in the end You Never Know With Women is a pulpy 1949 thriller In it Chase presents the reader with a number of themes popular in pulp literature including the sucker who can t say no to a beautiful woman the endless reed propelling the sucker deeper into the uagmire a valuable mysterious artifact no to a beautiful woman the endless reed propelling the sucker deeper into the uagmire a valuable mysterious artifact a number of persons are fighting over an innocent man on the run with the entire world on look out for him being blamed for murders he didn t commit and the romantic couple brought together by desperate circumstances but turned against each other with distrust and suspicionThe story begins with a detective down on his luck his license suspended the police out to et him for whatever will stick Offered a chance to make some money as a professional thief by the most unusual rouping of individuals imaginable he ets involved in a caper that barely makes any sense and results in him being on the run with bodies strewn just about everywhereThe narrator talks about an alarm bell ringing in his mind telling him that he is being played for a sucker He is. Investigator and first rate blackmailer and asks him to return the dagger before the theft is discoveredJackson should have known there was something wrong with the whole situation but blinded by the beauty. You Never Know with Women

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This review is coming a little late and it ll be short and with almost nothing that might persuade someone to pick this upIt s my fourth book by James someone to pick this upIt S My Fourth Book By James Chase my fourth book by James Chase keep coming back after long periodsIt s nowhere near my first book of his No Orchids For Miss Blandish but after that book it s the second one that s left me sad and utterly disappointedI m sad because it s obvious to beI m disappointed because I m a fool and can never uess anything else for a changeI read it while I was on my vacation apart from the Supernatural Gore And Horror Of gore and horror of Ghoul this was the closest to something humane and poetryThe author writes just as remarkably with his usual words like swell dough and statements from our hardboiled character about reality and womenIt was worth the time I m Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi gonna keep it after No Orchids For Miss Blandish if I were to put up a rankingWill come back to you James again till then have a swell time I wish we all do Initial chapters of this book are real page turners and very much interesting I felt the storyoing to have an end in the 9th10th chapter itself out of seventeen chapters with the flow of initial chapters Yes we could After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 get most details of the crime scene in initial chapters and few intermediate chapters se. Veda Rux a beautiful blonde known professionally as a stripper steals a priceless Cellini dagger from the safe in millionaire Lindsay Brett's home Her agent Cornelius Gorman approaches Floyd Jackson a private.

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