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This book has it all If you re interested in kabbalistic pathworking and ritual magick that is But it covers a lot with parts on dreams the tarot meditation symbolism the astral plane and talismans The interesting thing about this book is the way it s built up It s divided into 12 lessons with exercises and after each lesson it ives you a test and a list of books on the subjects you ve just read about It let s you start at the very beginning and it triggers you to read than just this book by iving you the necessary information and encouraging you to dig deeper into a subject The book has made me you to dig deeper into a subject The book has made me my true path and the way my magick evolved with this book is "amazing It made me so hungry for information and it even made "It made me so hungry for information and it even made start lessons in Hebrew I really recommend it to everyone whether you re just starti. Modern Magick is the most popular most complete step by step instruction manual on how to do real magick that has ever been published Already over 100000 people are using itAuthor Donald Michael Kraig this after teaching the information in classes for ten years It is refined tested easy to understand It is filled with exercises techniues and rituals to help you It is presented in a series of eleven lessons Follow the lessons practice the rituals and techniues and by the end of your work you will be a magician What does it cover Rituals healing initiation talisman. ,

Modern Magick Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal ArtsNg out or are already an "EXPERT ON RITUAL MAGICK A SOLID " on ritual magick A solid for ceremonial magick with an extensive annotated bibliography for further study Donald Michael Craig ives not just the words of the rituals but how to perform them what to visualize Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts gestures tools a daily practice I ll be rereading and continuing with further studies but I am very happy with where the book has allowed me to accomplish thus far This is theo to book for anyone with a enuine interest in the real occult Kraig is very down to earth dispels a lot of myths and superstitions surrounding the occult and is very factualgiven the subject The book is split up into lessons but it has a wealth of information and experience if you re simply curious DMK does a decent job of laying out a survey of the basic theory of the High Magickal Arts. S astral travel creative visualization psychic self defense evocation of spirits the Kabalah physical exercise and magical tools such as wandsWant You'll also learn the secrets of true meditation how to use the Tarot how to remember your dreams how to do the rituals of Western Magick including rituals of the Pentagram Hexagram Middle Pillar Rose Cross and Watchtower You'll learn how to manipulate magical energy secrets of relaxation Wicca pathworking Tantra sex "magickOnce you have finished working your way through this book you will be an accomplished "you have finished working your way through this book you will be an accomplished magician will. Be careful though much of his information is incorrect and his pronunciations for the Hebrew is abysmalHowever this is an excellent starter and resource book It lays out several important rituals in a relatively straightforward and easy to understand mannerDMK tends to ive you the theory most of it borrowed and badly for each chapter then tags a useful ritual at the endThis book rides somewhere in between the neo pagan fluff that is flooding the market and the masturbatory Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus gibberish of CrowleyIf you prefer primary psycho philosophical sourceso to Wilhelm Reich C G Jung Freud Plotinus Heraclitusif you prefer esoterica o to Regardie Dion Fortune Crowley Westcott Mathers Phil Hine and Peter CarrollThat being said this book is excellent to learn several of the said this book is excellent to learn several of the rituals passed from the Golden Dawn and OTO. Be able to perform real magick Then this book will become the most valuable reference tool in your collection of booksWhat if you want to know even about a subject No problem Each chapter has a bibliography so you can o even deeper into any topic There is an annotated bibliography at the end with even resourcesIn the new second edition the contents pages contain information so it "Is Even Easier To Find "even easier to find you need but there is also an entirely new appendix with answers to many of the most freuently asked uestions that Kraig has received over the
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