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I was never promised a flying carWhat I mean to say is that my generation was never the generation of flying cars We grew up knowing better It s been seventy ears since we started breaking open atomic nuclei to harness their incredible capacity for destruction and creation and we are still sucking fossilized plants from the bowels of the Earth and lighting it on fire as fuel My parents grew up watching men go to the moon I grew up watching NASA s budget bleeding out on the table their shuttle fleet slowly becoming obsolete and decrepit until it was only a matter of time that Challenger repeated itself The euphoric spirit of technological progress that had so long balanced its darker fear of nuclear apocalypse waned its promises seemingly hollowOf course that s not to say that my generation hasn t been promised things or that we haven t been promised good things Global warming and economic recession aside we re being told that computers are going to continue to shrink and become mobile Wearable computing is just around the corner hello Google Glass My car might not fly but it will probably drive itself And if Kurzweill and his buddies are right they probably aren t we will either be immortal or computer uploads by the middle of the century so hey how bad can it getI say this all just to underscore the constant tension between what we have now and what we might have what we envision as our future for science and technology This is an entire academic field one that is as important as it is dangerous in the sense that nothing it says can really be trusted but we ignore what it says at our own peril Futurists are increasingly valuable because it seems like Gibson is right about the future already being here just not evenly distributed but they are human like the rest of us and fallible prone to overexcitement and unable sometimes to step back from something in which they ve invested so much time and energyI wouldn t necessarily call Michio Kaku a futurist but sometimes he plays one in books Physics of the Impossible is his stab at categorizing certain things that are impossible now but might not remain that way forever For example the type of teleportation Les Hirondelles de Kaboul you see on Star Trek won t be putting airlines out of business any time soon but does teleportation really go against the laws of physics or is our technology and understanding of physics just not thereet In this Great introduction to current issues in Physics without the pain of complex euations Also fun as the author esplores the plausibility of the physics in the Star Trek Star Wars and Time travel movies and books Description A fascinating exploration of the science of the impossible from death rays and force fields to invisibility cloaks revealing to what extent such technologies might be achievable decades or millennia into the futureOne hundred ears ago scientists would have said that lasers televisions and the atomic bomb were beyond the realm of physical possibility In Physics of the Impossible the renowned physicist Michio Kaku explores to what extent the technologies and devices of science fiction that are deemed eually impo Dr Michio Kaku is perhaps the or one of the most brilliant minds in theoretical physics living today I ve seen him present several concepts and theories on the Discovery Channel I am a man who truly appreciates the marvel of theoretical physics The stuff of Albert Einstein Although I have some education along these lines and have watched and read uite a lot I still find it very difficult to followIn this bookaudio book Dr Kaku t There is no denying that this is an interesting book and one that presented Many Of The Problems of the problems physics in a way that is comprehensive comprehensible and engaging I think other people people with a greater interest in science fiction particularly will find this book even interesting than I did and accessible than our standard pop science book on physics I hadn t realised I knew uite so little about science fiction I hadn t ever really thought about the fact that I hadn t seen any of the Superman films or any of the Star Trek films or any of the Star Wars films after the first couple If Tout le monde n'a pas eu la chance de rater ses tudes: Comment devenir libre, vivre fond et russir en dehors du systme you d asked me I would have said that my disillusionment with film had only really started a couple ofears ago but clearly it goes back much further than I realisedI think it would have helped to have known about popular culture and thereby to have gotten some of the references here but really I could make do without this knowledge So if ou don t know some of the references here but really I could make do without this knowledge So if ou don t know end it is best to hold Amrita Sher Gil your light sabre or and even though he doesn t actually uote Dr Who how to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow sorry that one always amuses meou will still be able to follow what is going onThis book looks at what it says it will look at impossible stuff It then tries to work out just how impossible this impossible stuff is The answer generally being not terribly Basically he identifies three levels of impossibility Stuff that is impossible now but might not be for all that long Stuff that is impossible now and might remain so for the next couple of thousand Une putain d'histoire years And finally stuff that is pretty damn well close to being totally impossible and is likely to stay that way unless there is a fairly impressive overturning of some of the fundamental laws of physics And doou know what if I was killed by a bullet aimed under Newtons Laws and these ended up being proven to be wrong well I d be asking for my money back What he doesn t like to do is say stuff is completely impossible and will always remain impossible even when discussing faster than light travel for example or perpetual motion machines although he does point out that there are one or two fairly serious problems that need to be addressed if these are ever likely to workI really do understand that people don t like it when other people 3000 faons de dire je t'aime you know like me start talking about things being impossible I know that they point back to past predictions of the impossible and smirk and tut or whatever they think is the best way to express their disgust And look all that is fine but just becauseou ve seen something rather cool happen on Esperanto per rekta metodo your favourite science TV show doesn t mean that the world has to be made to conform toour desires For example it is pointed out in this book that ¿Hasta ué punto los ingenios de la ciencia fcción ue hoy consideramos imposibles pueden ser habituales en el futuroDesde el tele transporte hasta la teleuinesia Michio Kaku acude al mundo de la ciencia fcción para explorar las premisas Le champ de bataille y los límites de las leyes de la física ue aceptamos hoy día En una obra atractiva provocadora Kaku explica por ejemplo cómo. Physics of the ImpossibleO open a wormhole that might allow us to travel backwards in time might reuire all of the energy contained in a body the size of Jupiter The wormhole still might not work of course it still might collapse as soon as we enter it or it might not even open at all in the first place Is there really ever going to be a time when we are likely to convert all of the matter in Jupiter into energy just so as to try out a wormhole that may or may not work Look I could be completely wrong I have been known to be in the past but I d have thought we might have other uses for that amount of energy even in some strange undefined future Margaret Wertheim s criticism in Pythagoras Trousers God Physics and the Gender Wars of the high priests of physics ever noticed how often these boys talk about the mind of God and their preference for BIG science in a world were the majority of our species are barely scratching out an existence is apt and worth keeping in mind while reading this book I thinkI know I know where s Universals: An Opinionated Introduction (Focus Series) your sense of adventure andour desire to dream the dream McCandless But I want than there might not be anything in the laws of physics as we know them to stop us from as a reason to believe my grandkids will be living on Mars And he does a very good job in presenting the problems here even if he ends up being a bit optimistic than I would be Given I ve rather strong doubts we will see out another century without destroying ourselves with nuclear weapons a threat we seem to have ignored rather bizarrely as the threat increased following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the relative safety of the Cold War many of these uestions are likely to remain academicThere is talk of interstellar flights and this from a creature whose furthest adventures to date have been to the moon and who nearly kills astronauts cosmonauts whenever we leave them on space stations for any length of time Still we are talking millions of Turtle Talk: A Beginner's Book of Logo years into the future so why not Well economics is probably one reason If travelling away from Earth at near light speeds is necessary for those traveling to the stars it is hard to see why any future society would bother The stars are an awfully long way away and by the time the people on the rocket would reach these far away places billions ofears will have elapsed here on Earth Why would the people on the Earth the people paying the bills after all bother sending other people so far away only for us to never hear from them again Well unless they are telephone hygienists of course I just can t see how we would ever think that this would be the way to go I m not saying we never will go off to the stars but if we do it will not be with the same sense of exploration that Columbus was sent off with We will be sending off these ships with the certain knowledge that we will never hear from them againDespite Kaku being very interested in string theory he does present it here as having many failings and also presents some interesting uestions about the possibility of us ever developing a theory of everything either made of strings or not He discusses this concern on the basis of G del s incompleteness theorem in mathematics and given physics is the most mathematical of the sciences this ought to provide some pause for thought G del s theorem says that there will always be things in mathematics that we know must be true but can things in mathematics that we know must be true but can prove to be true within mathematics itself The goal of mathematics throughout the ages since the Greeks in fact has been to create a system of proven axioms that build upon each other to create the whole structure of mathematics as a logically complete whole G del proved this dream could never be realised The fear now is that this may also be true in PhysicsKaku does not think that very much is impossible given enough time enough knowledge enough energy He also handles some of the philosophical issues in some of the impossibilities mentioned teleportation is an interesting case are Kiu you the same person on the other side of the teleportation device asou were on the side You deserve this: Simple Natural Recipes For A Healthy Lifestyle: Bowl Cookbook you entered or should Scotty be charged withour murder The stuff on lasers and why light sabres might not be the weapon of choice for uite some time a bit of a problem with the necessary power source was very interestingThere is a uestion I ve always wondered about which is mentioned here but not explained We now have images of single atoms In I ve seen pictures of atoms spelling IBM All well and good although I rather surprised it didn t spell Coke But I ve always wondered how this is possible given the uncertainty principle The uncertainty principle says that we can t know both the position and velocity of a particle with absolute certainty I d have thought a photo of an atom would violate thatAll the same this book presents lots of material on many fascinating topics in a way that is very accessible no maths reuired My favourite was a discussion on how to point a star that is collapsing to form a black hole so that it becomes a kind of huge gamma ray weapon I mean Politieke geschiedenis van België sinds 1830 you d really have to hate the peopleou were aiming it at I would say that to go to all that trouble ou would really have to hate them rather a lot Presumably they would need to be responsible for Vogon poetry or something eually atrocious When I was a schoolkid I studied physics in part because like many physics students I wanted to know how to build the cool stuff in science fiction The death star Lightsabers Warp drive This is the stuff of Kaku s riotous introduction to modern physics and if I d read it when I was in school it would have blown my goddamn mindI went into this book anticipating that I wouldn t learn all of that much after all I have a masters degree in physics and read widely before studying at university and that all the stories Kaku covered would be all too familiar to me already For the first half of the book this was true and his explanations of the science part of science fiction was either familiar to me or stuff I had worked out for myself The science part of science fiction was either familiar to me or stuff I had worked out for myself The half of the book where he took trips into the real bleeding edge of modern physics and invoked predictions of string theory cosmology and the standard model included fascinating nuggets of information that were totally novel to meSo if ou are a sci fi nerd and are interested. La ciencia óptica el electromagnetismo permitirán algún día ue la luz rodee un objeto haciéndolo invisible; cómo nuevos cohetes velas de láser motores de antimateria nanocohetes pueden acercarnos a las estrellas más cercanas; cómo la telepatía Bac courrier des concours des institutions europennes : Une mthodologie et un exercice avec corrig y la teleuinesia antes despreciadas como pseudociencia pueden lograrse gracias a resonancias magnéticas ordenado. In physics that Venn diagram being all but a circle then regardless of whetherou are a high school student or a university student I highly recommend this book It certainly left me wanting to learn and further my reading which after being jaded by four ears of hardcore physics is saying something Looking for something substantive Look for this author his books are so interesting and engrossing Here he dissects all the Sci Fi tropes and explains how eac This book is standard Michio Kaku He starts off discussing the three classes of impossibilities Understand that much of what ou would think of as impossible is not really impossible In order to be proven impossible it must break a law of physics there is not much that does Class 1 Impossibilities These are technologies that are impossible today but that do not violate the known laws of physics So they might be possible in this century or perhaps the next in modified form They include teleportation anti matter engines certain forms of telepathy psycho kinesis and invisibility Class 2 Impossibilities These are technologies that sit at the very edge of our understanding of the physical world If they are possible at all they might be realized on a scale of millennia to millions of ears They include time machines the possibility of hyperspace travel and travel through wormholes Class 3 impossibilities These are technologies that violate the known laws of physics Surprisingly there are vary few such technologies If they do turn out to be possible they would represent a fundamental shift in our understanding of physics He also goes into detailing the classes of civilizations which is important because there are just something ou can t do until ou have the power to do them We are a class 0 civilizationType 1 civilization Those that harvest planetary power utilizing all the sunlight that strikes their planet They can perhaps harness the power of volcanoes manipulate the weather control earthuakes and build cities on the oceans All planetary power is with in their controlType 2 civilization Those that can utilize the total power of their sun making them 10 billion times powerful then a type 1 civilization The Federation in Star Trek is a type 2 civilization A type 2 civilization in a sense is immortal nothing known to science such as ice ages meteor impacts or even supernovae can destroy it In the event their mother star is about to explode they can just move to another system perhaps even move their planetType 3 civilization Those that can utilize the power of an entire galaxy They are 10 billion times powerful then a type 2 civilization The Borg in Star Trek the Empire in Star Wars and the galactic civilization in Asimov s Foundation series correspond to a type 3 civilization They have colonized entire star systems and can exploit the black hole at the center of their galaxy They freely roam the galaxyOver all I was fascinated by this book Michio has a way of explaining heavy physics without losing a reader without a doctorate There are some things I wish he would have went into in greater detail but I guess there are always books I am growing tiered of this universe I think I will go check out the one next door While reading this book I was thinking to myself this book can easily be converted into a script for a television show It s written in a form as if it was prepared in advance a script for a television show It s written in a form as if it was prepared in advance a narrator to recite it on a stage set Sure enough a TV advance for a narrator to recite it on a stage set Sure enough a TV was produced based on the Physics of the Impossible a ear after the book s releaseMichio Kaku who governs so well with all the complexities of modern physics very briefly but effectively introduces the development of several branches of physics staring from Newtonian mechanics of the 17th century up to relativity and uantum mechanics of the 20th century However if NJM Forms Government 1979: The Grenada Chronicles you re looking for a elaborate exposition of the theories and laws of physics I would suggest Brian Greene s The Fabric of the CosmosYou should definitely consider reading this book ifou re a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek and curious no know how probable and feasible is it to achieve in the future the hypothetical technologies illustrated in these blockbustersKaku a well known science popularizer does a superb job explaining how Sci Fi technologies and ideas depicted in these movies could function and what is restricting us from achieving them today How realistic is it to expect for humans to overcome these engineering challenges In order to do so do we need a new branch of physics or mathematics Will a robot ever achieve or surpass the capabilities of the human brain Kaku maintains an optimistic tone throughout the book while his overall assessment is cautiously optimistic concerning accomplishing these technologiesThe book even suggests different methods and ways to make flights into orbit cost effective but does not propose reusable rockets that have substantially decreased the cost of launching payloads into orbit since SpaceX s successful launch in 2015 The book was written in 2008The authors writing style is clear smooth and easy to understand I read most of the book while watering my garden a grove of fruit trees and getting a couple of scratches from the tree branches which made all this talk about the possibility of achieving human teleportation and interstellar travel seem light ears away But I have to remind myself of the main lesson of the book to stay open to far fetched ideas and not reject them before considering every aspect even though they sound impossible ENGLISHUnderstandable and neutral #the bow spans from possible to fantastic To gild the skills of a highly regarded #bow spans from possible to fantastic To gild the skills of a highly regarded successful scientist by cultivating such an accessible and entertaining writing culture that is second to none in the current non fiction field is at least as much a part of Kaku as the co founding of string theory If not a bit because the awakening of enthusiasm of others for the miracles around us is considered to be almost even higher than the important but for most inaccessible basic research Three categories make up the well conceived basic structure of the work starting with the impossibilities of the first degree which includes expected inventions in the foreseeable future such as invisibility force fields artificial intelligence robots teleportation psycho. Res superconductores nanotecnología El resultado es una extraordinaria aventura científca ue lleva a los lectores a un viaje inolvidable por los confnes de la ciencia Un viaje fascinante a las fronteras de la ciencia ue desvela la realidad científca ue ocultan muchos artilugios de la ciencia fcción Se trata de un libro divulgativo accesible a todo tipo de lectore.

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