[Portia's Exclusive and Confidential Rules on True Friendship] PDF/EBOOK

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Ia is on the case There s a new

at the middle school Her Is Misty And She is Misty and she determined to make Portia her new best friend in addition to getting Portia s help with a serious problemPortia is xcited to have a new detective case and dives right in helping her new friend The case involves a rabbit named Maxwell He s one of the stray animals Misty has an uncanny knack for finding and bringing home Although her mother doesn t approve she can t seem to avoid running into animals with problems Along with Maxwell the depressed bunny she is dealing with a three legged grasshopper that scapes in Portia s mother s restaurant The TentNeedless to say Misty is keeping Portia busyIn other plot action Portia is still searching for her absent father Patch She is hoping for new developments in that case and gets one from an unlikely source Vera owner of Trash and TreasuresThere is also a possible romantic interest in Portia s life Webster the mat. Ms so blue While working with Misty to solve the case of the depressed bunny Portia unexpectedly gains a new friend and faces drama with her old ones Portia’s convinced that the biggest myster. .
H genius seems to Be Trying To Get trying to get s attention with what he says is an important uestionIndigo s restaurant is once again a backdrop FOR MUCH OF THE ACTION THIS much of the action This the menu item of interest is the pomegranate and Portia finds herself sampling all sorts of crazy concoctions her mother createsPORTIA S EXCLUSIVE AND CONFIDENTIAL RULES ON TRUE FRIENDSHIP is a fun read with whimsical characters a bit of mystery and insightful comments regarding the meaning of friendshipPortia offers a needed breath of fresh air in tween lit She doesn t worry about make up hair styles and fashion magazines Instead she focuses on family and friends and helping make the world a better place I thought this book was supposed to be real but obviously I was deceiving myself At first I thought the book was a joke I have never utterly *hated an aladdin mix book before but found *an Aladdin mix book before but found I hated this I would rather shake hands with The Hand than read this book again. Y is friendship itself and sets out to find some answers while also still searching for clues about her missing father Patch Anna Hays offers up another sweet charming story with spirit and hear. Loved book one loved Book 2 Wonderful Story 2 Wonderful Story The Characters Are So Great Whew I Guess This the characters are so great Whew I guess this the new kind of serial written for girls very much about fashion friendship and kind of sort of psychological sleuthing Very cutesy but will work for reluctant reader girls Don t ven bother to give this to boys Can t imagine any of them would have any interest in it at all Adults if your child likes this kind of thing the back pages have several other series of the same ilk Portia befriends the new girl in town but doesn t want to lose her best friend in the process Throw in a mystery concerning some stray animals the new girl adopts and the story is complete I njoyed the description of Portia s developing romance with the class nerd so sweet I wish the tension between the friends wasn t resolved so ffortlessly It didn t seem as true to life as it could have been Reviewed by Sally Kruger Aka Readingjunky For TeensReadToocomOnce Again Port. Psychoanalytic Girl aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToocomOnce again Port. Psychoanalytic girl Portia Avatar is back on the case New girl Misty Longfellow amateur animal rescuer reuests Portia’s help getting to the bottom of why a recently rescued bunny see.

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Portia's Exclusive and Confidential Rules on True Friendship