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Ies in battle and is put on a logboat and sent downriver With no Bladechants My avorite parts of Jacues worldbuilding are the ones that are consistent like the use Eulalia as a war cry hares and badgers or the easts of Redwall The Tabura was another problematic thing that by hares and badgers or the Three Times the Love feasts of Redwall The Tabura was another problematic thing that he hears of the Tabura Gorath goes Gasp You mean Tabura theamous badger legend while the reader is going Wha These things would be really cool if Jacues established them and stayed consistentI also had problems with Orkwil s character in general It s never explored why he steals The Drowning Man from others besides that his parents always did and he learns in about twentyour hours on his own that stealing is wrong He s referred to as a thief yet he only actually steals something about once in the book And when he s elected captain of the ship Eulalia yes I know you re trying to show how much he s grown up and all but your ship has two otters and a troop of Guosim This is a young hedgehog who can barely stand up on the deck Don t make him captainThe GorathSalixa bit was a little painful I kind of like Salixa but I think Jacues writes epic way better than he writes emotional Also I can t really The Bride of Willow Creek forgive Salixaor the line she has near the end something like I think we ve all learned a lot don t you GagTo add insult to injury I don t know whether Jacues changed copy editors or what but the copy of this book that I read was riddled with errors plain and simple Mostly run on sentences but once he even mispelled Maudie s nameIt basically bummed me out to read a book this mediocre GREAT INVESTMENT, THE from an author who s written stuff I like as much as Mossflower and Mattimeo A good book by a good author. On conuering Redwall Abbey It is up to our young badger hero to defend Redwall so that he mayulfill his destiny as leader of SalamandastronBook Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 1042007 Pages 400 Reading Level Age 10 and. ,
E created as stories to practice becoming An Author With In The Past When author with in the past when was younger I used to type up pages ull of nothing but ood descriptions Even now sometimes I can t help but add a super delicious ood food descriptions Even now sometimes I can t help but add a super delicious ood here and there So when I ound this book had awesome ood descriptions I spent my time in the book rantically when I ound the smallest The Glass Ocean food descriptionolding the corner of the page over like some mad woman But yeah best book ever I recommend not only this book but ever book in this series that I have read And yes all 22 of them So hurry up and get moving or else you will be reading this series all day long Good reading Not as epic as the earlier books I ound none of the villains threatening Usually a Redwall book has at least one bad guy who is either smart or so crazy that you don t know what she might do one who seems like a real threat to the protagonists Here you had the moronic Brownrats and the none too bright sea raiders There were no epic hordes of vermin either nor real battle scenes Certainly They Were Nowhere Close To were nowhere close to Redwall or Salamandastron Also the two named good guy deaths that did happen seemed really contrived to meMost of the good that this book DID have came rom the world that Jacues built in the earlier books I ve always been a an of the Long Patrol the Guosim and of course Redwall itself It bothers me though how he likes to throw in new customs and act as if they re old For example the Bladechant of the Guosim in this book a cool idea but their claim that they always do this when their Log a Log is killed is simply alse Did Jacues ever reread Mattimeo You know the one where Log a Log Und Mad Maudie a The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness feisty haremaid of the Long Patrol is just the one to do the job Meanwhile the unsuspectinguture Badger Lord has been captured by an unscrupulous group of Sea Raiders led by the infamous ox Vizka Longtooth intent. Brian Jacues was one of the pillars of my childhood I grew up with the Redwall series pretty much literally the Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) full cast production audiobooks were a constant onamily road trip and there were a lot of the books in my elementary school library I now own nineteen of the books plus three Tribes of Redwall booklets the Map and Riddler the official cookbook and yes I ve made some of the Serenity Role Playing Game famouseasting
watershrimp and hotroot soup really that good two picture books and the official Friend and Foe guide which I suppose is now out of date My dad used to have Lord Brocktree and Martin The Warrior until I to have Lord Brocktree and Martin The Warrior until I them The jar in which my penny collection now lives has a red R painted on the Mild SpoilersAfter so many Redwall books even die hard Save the Cupcake! fans must admit they get a tiny bit predictable However this one did not turn out uite like I thought it would The annoying little hedgehog banishedor thieving does not have great adventures become a hero and return victoriously to Redwall after his banishment ends and some characters had different Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, fatesdemises than I had expected though I should learn not to expect thingsrom Jacues While I remain partial to some of the earlier books this one is still great and original while still having typical Redwall themes Awesome Epic tale I have every single book in the Redwall series all 22 booksAnd yes that is how much of a book nerd I am And all 22 I have read And this one is no exception But what is the best part of it all you may ask The Tressed to Kill food descriptions I am not a heavy eater mind you but I get excited aboutood descriptions in a book I want to be an author someday and in the stories that I hav. Lord Asheye of Salamandastron now old and blind has a prophecy a new Badger Lord must take his place and reign over the legendary badger ortress But who is this young warrior who 'shuns both armour and sword' And how is he to be o. ,

Eulalia author Brian Jacques