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K is in many ways a love song to logical thinking gamification Casual explanations of the three laws of logic some Greek mythology Casual explanations of the three laws of logic Greek mythology some actual statistical puzzles looking at you Monty Hall added a lot of flavor and actual moments of learning to an otherwise riveting and action packed story I found most characters in the book to be relatable their actions And Thought Patterns Relevant To thought patterns relevant To honest it has been a long time since I felt myself so seen in a literary character especially considering it was not the protagonist of this story One. O could see the chess game of politics economics and power itself unfold long before it happensImagine a secret that could make all of this possibleMathematics professor Albert Puddles is such a person and as he is thrust into a murder and burglary investigation on the Princeton campus he finds that there is such a secret The discovery leads Alber. This was one of those books where I sat down To Read It And Did Not Get Up Again Until read it and did not get up again until had finished it some hours later To and did not get up again until had finished it some hours later To fair this book was probably bound to be a favorite simply because 1 it s set at least partially at a university with professors and students playing the main roles and 2 it is filled with puzzles riddles and logic and a bit of chess which as a board game and escape room enthusiast I highly appreciate The book starts right in the middle of the action making it a good Page Turner Uite Literally turner uite literally the first page The boo. It is said that the greatest chess grandmasters envision a match’s outcome ten moves before it occurs Imagine a person who could visualize ten steps ahead not only in the game of chess but in every human interactionImagine a person who could see a punch before it was thrown who could anticipate what you say before you said it Imagine a person wh.

How to Insult, Abuse Insinuate in Classical Latin The Alchemy of Night

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Note I would make is that especially towards the end a little suspension of disbelief will be reuired Yet I did not suspension of disbelief will be reuired Yet I did not the somewhat fantastical scenes to be off putting in the least I do believe that this book will not be everyone s cup of tea but I 100% loved it Fellow logic enthusiasts mathematicians chess players and puzzleriddle solvers if you love a good story make sure to pick up a copyA big thank you to NetGalley and Houndstooth Books for providing an E ARC Of The ARC of the in return for an impartial review All thoughts and opinions are my ow. T to team up with an aging mentor a curious graduate assistant and an unusual “book club” on a frantic chase across the country to recover the book’s secret and clear his nameThrough this adventure Albert rediscovers a woman from his past and is forced to confront his own understanding of love RATIONALITY POWER AND THE LIMITS OF THE HUMAN MI. power and the limits of the human mi. ,

The Tree of Knowledge

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