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The Last Green ValleyThis review may contain spoilers Read at your own risk I would also "Like To Say That "to say that won this at your own risk I would also like to say that I won this via a giveaway on Goodreads my first and only winner so far lol I m not sure if they are different but this book is the advanced reader s copyThe first thing I want to say about this book is that the cover is gorgeous and I m not sure what they used to make it but it doesn t feel like a normal book cover It feels Really Cool And I Like cool and I like touch it which sounds weird but that s how it is lolThe first scene I want to talk about is the scene with them running away from the tanks It was so damn intense I swore for a moment I was watching an action scene playing out in a movie I almost started crying when the horses got hurt but I can t be mad at Emil He was scared and trying to save his family He ven felt guilty about it and did his best to help mend their wounds bless himOne of the first things I thought about when I was a few chapters in was about how people always write about these supernatural creatures as these Buried evil hellbent beings but the real monsters the real demons are human beings That s not to say this book talks about supernatural beings it doesn t but that s just what I thought about when they were describing the cruelty that was happening around them This book just reinforces the fact that I would take a demon or a supernatural creature any day over a human beingI think the scene that left me the most speechless was when Haussman shot at Emil The way it was written I was sure he had shot him dead and my mouth hung open in shock I stopped and stared at that paragraph for a solid minute or so before I moved on I was ready to cry too because I really love Emil Such a good man and father We come in with nothing and we go out with nothing Emil MartelNow let me say this I am an atheist I don t believe in god or religion at all Not to say that s bad If someone wants to believe or needs to believe in order to get through the hell that is life then that s on them I won t tell them otherwise unless they try to force it on me Honestly I just try to avoid it and I felt uncomfortablevery time it was mentioned but I understand With verything the Martel clan went through all the horrors they faced and saw they needed something to believe in I did find myself getting a bit annoyed at Adeline when she would get upset at Emil when he stopped believing But as the book went on she got better about it which I m thankful for because I really like Adeline She s a damn good mother and a strong woman I don t think I could have survived what she went through she s a good role modelAnother part that was unbelievable was what happened to Rese I was in shock at what had happened to her No one deserves that mess but Rese of all people She was such a free spirit so much fun and full of life To go through something so traumatic and life changing I felt so sorry for her Karoline on the other hand is a character I m perfectly satisfied with hating She s such a bitch Manipulative and self centered She doesn t care about anyone but herself and her own beliefs What she said about Rese I get being in shock but goddamn That was too far I really fucking hate her ven thinking about her pisses me off How someone like her can raise such an amazing son such as Emil I will never understandAnd Marie Poor Marie losing both of her babies in such a short time I m still shocked that she jumped into that truck and I hope whatever life that led her to she was able to find some peace within herselfI feel like the Martel clan splitting up was a bad idea It s the first rule of any horror movie you know Never split up because you re much stronger together It broke my heart when they separated I really liked Adeline s side of the family Though I felt betrayed on Adeline s part when her mother said those things about EmilI never went to school so the things most human beings learned about history I never did so the things I read about in this book were appalling To think that the women had to hide out in a fucking church with the doors barred just to avoid being raped as a fucking reward of war I mean I know women weren t ual back then but that s just ridiculous I would have flipped my shit if Adeline didn t talk her way out of being raped by that douchebag When you suffer and curse your life the Almighty listens closely When. “Mark Sullivan has done it again The Last Green Valley is a compelling and inspiring story of heroism and courage in the dark days at the nd of World War II” Kristin Hannah #1 New York Times bestselling authorFrom the author of the #1 bestseller Beneath a Scarlet Sky comes a new historical novel inspired by one family’s incredible story of daring survival and triumphIn late March 1944 as Stalin’s forces push into Ukraine young.

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I will never be the same
after reading this 
reading this based on the real Martel family I m thankful that Mark Sullivan wrote this story for the world it is a gift indeed This book gets very star and I will be recommending it to veryone I received this ARC in xchange for my honest opinion Although this book is based during WWII most of the vents take place at the nd of the war and the immediate years following This definitely sets this book apart from the many WWII historical fictions that are out there and there are a lot Adeline and Emil s families are fleeing the the oppressive hand of Stalin s families are fleeing the the oppressive hand of Stalin to be hit with hardship after hardship Even at the war s nd their lives continue to be controlled by others Through all of their heartbreak Adeline and Emil continue to rely on their faith and love for ach other to continue their search for freedom Sullivan s characters are well developed and I found myself feeling the heartbreaks hope and joy right along with ach of them I appreciated the author s note that gave additional information about this amazing family author s note that gave additional information about this amazing family would definitely recommend this book The Last Green Valley lived up to my hopes which were built from Beneath A Scarlett Sky a book I read several years ago and still heartily recommend Focusing on the life arc of Adeline and Emil along with their sons Walt and I have heard great things about Mark Sullivan s previous novel Beneath a scarlet sky so I couldn t wait to delve into his latest offering The Last Green ValleyThe last green Valley is based on the actual story of the Martel family Emil and Adeline and their two sons Will and Walter Who are Ukrainian but have some German heritage They are stuck the regimes of the Soviets and Stalin So they will not be put into camps like others where they live they do not want to be deported to Siberia to cut timber so the family decide to leave what they know and A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, escape to the west But the journeys not anasy one and they The Shadow Reader experience several hardships on their journey and make several sacrifices along the way Even separated for years not knowing ofither of them is alive or dead But Emil and Adeline seem to gather strength from Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies each other s hopes and dreams and prayers that somehow they get through them andventually meet up againI thank Lake union for a copy of The last green Valley I have read several books in this genre but I thought this was a uniue and spiritual account of a family scaping the Soviet and Stalin regime It was also very motional I did feel that though sometimes the author was repeating areas of the story But saying that I really The Power Of A Choice enjoyed this and now can t wait to read his previous novel Beneath the scarlet sky 4 stars from me There is currently a goodreads giveaway for this book right nowThis is a WWII historical fiction that is very hard hitting This WWII historical fiction follows a family of German heritage whose ancestors have farmed in Ukraine for a long time before the war started I think all the other WWII historical fiction books I have read in the past follows a Jewish family so I feel this book is like no other WWII historical fiction book I have read in the past I have to say this book is incredibly hard to read at times because the author goes into details about the very bad things that is happening to this family we are following There is way to many trigger warnings to go though all of them in this review but if you are a person that gets upset by what you read please look into the trigger warnings before reading this book While reading this book I felt I was right there with these characters This book was well written The author notes at thend when into how the author came to write this book and you find out that this book is written basic on a true story someone told the author This was a very moving story and it is sad that people were treated the way these characters were This is just one of those moving heart touching book you read and it stays with you for a long time I was kindly provided an copy of this book by the publisher Lake Union Publishing or author Mark T Sullivan via NetGalley so I can give honest review about how I feel about this book I want to send a big Thank you to them for that This book is schedule to be release on May 4 2021 Note I am incredibly lucky to win an ARC Cover Copy of this book from a goodreads giveaway to. Decide they must run in retreat from their land with the wolves they despise to scape the Soviets and go in search of freedomCaught between two warring forces and overcoming horrific trials to pursue their hope of immigrating to the West the Martels’ story is a brutal complex and ultimately triumphant tale that illuminates the xtraordinary power of love faith and one family’s incredible will to survive and see their dreams realiz. ,

You have no goodness in your heart or your prayers No love No calm No desire to help others No thankfulness for the miracle of your life When you hold things like hatred or anger in your heart or nvy or comparison when life is all about how The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right everything is unfair to me me me the Divine understands those ancient languages of self destruction too The thing is the Universal Intelligence will help youven if your dreams come from a dark place but the dreams will Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling end up destroying you in the process If you don t believe me think of Hitler or any other tyrant So live here Martel Love life like it is a miraclevery day Monsieur Pain every moment and dream in a way that helps others Colonel GheorgheColonel Gheorghe was a weird one when he first appeared but my god is he one of the very best characters in this book A wonderful and wise man and I m so fucking happy he reached his dreamsFinally I was surprised when I heard that Emil was only getting50 an hour I guess things really were different back then I mean I knew that already but hearing how little he got paid when he put in so much work Though I imagine things weren t nearly asxpensive back then as they are todayI feel like Adeline and Emil are the true couple goals They love ach other so damn much that they risked life and limb to be together again To be a family again Their story is inspiring and unbelievable The things they witnessed the things they went through the hardships they suffered they are so damn strong and brave and in my opinion they are heroes I m so fucking thankful they made it to their beautiful valley where they were able to raise their children and see their grandchildrenDon t chew on the bad things that happen to you dear Try to see the beauty in very cruelty It sets you free Forgive hurt if you want to heal a broken heart Try to be grateful for very setback or tragedy because by living through them you become strong Adeline MartelRest in peace guys You were all so strong and beautiful and thank you for sharing your story and for sharing you life lessons Many people can learn for their story if given the chance Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read and offer my review of TheLastGreenValley Nearly four years ago Beneath a Scarlet Sky came out Up until that time I had never read anything by Mark Sullivan and in fact had never heard of him I can t remember what made me pick it up but I imagine because he co writes The Private Series with James Patterson I ve been a big fan of Patterson s although that has waxed and waned a bit over time It s likely though that I found Sullivan because of Patterson To say I like some of Patterson s work is true but to say the same of Mark Sullivan doesn t begin to accurately describe my steem for him as an author I was so impressed with Beneath a Scarlet Sky I RAVED about it to very reader I knew and some I didn t I spoke of it relentlessly until my brother pick it up read and njoyed it too Mind you that is a compliment of the highest order since historical fiction is usua Maybe my Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. expectations were too high Or maybe I m tired of reading the overabundance of World War II novels But THE LAST GREEN VALLEY bored me for the most partThis is historical fiction about thexperiences of an thnic German family in 1944 as German soldiers led them along with many other thnic Germans westward from their homes in Ukraine What a predicament they faced were they running from Stalin just to be protected by Nazi wolvesI ll say this for the book it is interesting And that s a good reason to read it But I want historical fiction to be than that A history book is interestingI won THE LAST GREEN VALLEY through goodreadscom Mark Sullivan does It Again I Couldn T again I couldn t reading this incredible story about the Martel family and their long trek fleeing the Soviet regime during the aftermath of WWII There were moments I found myself on the dge of my seat gripping my Kindle to see what the next pages would bring The Last Green Valley is full of action well developed characters and history As always Sullivan does immaculate research when compiling an unforgettable story I felt so connected to ach member of this family he introduced us to I stayed up very late many nights simply because I couldn t go to sleep not knowing what would happen next I highlighted paragraphs that were full of wisdom and insight. Emil and Adeline Martel must make a terrible decision Do they wait for the Soviet bear’s intrusion and risk being sent to Siberia Or do they reluctantly follow the wolves murderous Nazi officers who have pledged to protect “pure blood” GermansThe Martels are one of many families of German heritage whose ancestors have farmed in Ukraine for than a century But after already living under Stalin’s horrifying regime Emil and Adeline. ,

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