(E–pub New) [Vortex AUTHOR Catherine Coulter] author Catherine Coulter

Dark Art (Whispers of the Gods, aTo exfiltrate betrayed undercover "Operative She’s Nearly Killed "She’s nearly by exploding grenade nd saved "By A Team Member After "a team member After Walter Reed Hospital not only has that team member disappeared but two men come to her house to kill her Savich believes their ttack on Olivia is Hunt a direct result of the compromised mission in Iran What intelligence wast stake Who betrayed them Savich uickly finds he is now Practice Your Bidding: Splinter Bids a target himselfnd unseen enemies will stop t nothing including murder. In the latest installment in Coulter’s #1 New Times bestselling FBI Thriller series gents Sherlock Who Was Muhammad Ali? and Savich find themselves dealing with powerful pieces of the past that could have dire conseuences in the presentSeven yearsgo Mia Briscoe was Springfield Road at frat party "with her best

friend serena when 
serena when fire "her best friend Serena when The Hostile Shore a fire out Everyone wasccounted for except Serena She was never heard from or seen The House of Hidden Mothers again Now Mia isn investigative journalist covering the political scene in Ne.

Summary Vortex AUTHOR Catherine Coulter

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