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Onnecticut and snatched the title of Best Realtor of the Year without Trina being able to figure out how it happenedAnd after a tough first meeting due to this fact and a SITUATION CAUSED BY THE OWNERS caused by the owners of real estate companies in which work they are forced to compete openly to sell a super luxury development that is under constructionIn addition to this personal struggle at work they also have to face the attraction they feel from the first moment And in this aspect the story has many heated situations during the development of the personal relationship between them Some steamy ones Some really sweet Points in favor for my liking are the lack of malice and resentment of the two women despite having some baggage from their past that could have soured themThe plot had to have its share of tension that undercurrent with Kendall s father was created throughout history something dramatic inevitably had to happen It was fine with me despite my usual reluctance to pointless dramaSo this has been a pretty classic romance with some touches of sexual and racial diversity which I really liked definitely An advanced reading copy has been sent to me by the publisher Bold Strokes Books through Netgalley for my honest review It s happened If anyone s followed my Fiona Riley reviews they d see that for me nothing s been able to top her debut book Miss Match Well with utmost confidence I can say that Bet Against Me now reins as my favoriteWith Riley romances I get some of my favorite things brilliant gayueer women sassy dialogue sexy professional ladies in lovely fashion incredibly sexy scenes and something some lesfics forget FLIRTING This is one of those I hate ou but ou re so hot so there s sexual tension whenever we argue please kiss my face kind of booksLet me get my nitpicks out the way This story starts out a little slow Lots of stuff about real estate which is the name of the game Is anyone familiar with Selling Sunset on Netflix I pictured that vibe early on but the world Riley builds is much interesting The other nitpick is a bit of overwriting Riley is defin This was a very good read I have to be honest that I wasn t crazy about 2 out of the last 3 books Riley has written for me they were good but just For me they were good but just that spark I m happy to say that this book was very enjoyable and like the Riley that wrote the Match series that I became such a fan of This was the steamy romance I was hoping for and I m excited to read in this seriesI m a big steamy romance fan and I also love the enemies to lovers trope And as someone who enjoys watching Million Dollar Listings I was very happy with the high stakes realtor theme too This book was definitely a match for me and I would easily recommend it to other enemies to lovers fans The fighting and banter that oozed into sexual tension was really well done I also thought the two mains stayed enemies for the right amount of time A lot of books have that tension end way too fast but this book had the perfect amoun. ?s reputation When her boss accepts a friendly bet that she can close the holy grail of property deals she’s not about to fold for anyone Especially not to overly cocky and annoyingly beautiful Trina Even if it breaks her heartA High Stakes Romance | Book 1Genres Contemporary Romanc.

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Ain the award is hers because she is the best and has put in all the hard work necessary She didn t factor Kendall another realtor who is new to the area into the euation They meet share a heated exchange and end the night committed To a competition that is At first their contentious behavior toward each other made it hard for me to like either of them very much But as the book moved on my feelings about them changed for the better There really is nothing better than two women that hate each other so much they either need to fight or ou know I have to say that this book felt deeper than previous Fiona Riley books I have read I found myself feeling super invested in these two gals I loved their chemistry and couldn t wait for them to combust together I wanted them to fall for and make each other s lives better This could have been a book where the two of them continued to butt heads but I was happy that the author took them down a adult route where they tried to navigate their circumstances with maturity and respect I really liked this book with exception of what felt like an anti climactic ending The whole book was building up to this foreseeable confrontationclimax And while it did deliver the anticipated scenario it didn t offer the amount of conflict or excitement that I had hoped for It all felt a little bit rushed and resolved easily Overall I m fairly certain that this is one of my favorites from Riley I recommend this book to those who like to read about romance enemies to lovers luxury real estate chemistry trying to keep things casual and flowers I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest review Edit trying to keep things casual and flowers I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest review Edit 19th 2020As I ve said before my friends and I have these book club chats once in a while and this time we had chosen Fiona Riley s latest book Bet Against Me the time before was Finding Jessica Lambert by Clare Ashton Having read the book a few weeks ago and not trusting my memory to do it justice I decided to listen to the audiobook version narrated by Melissa SternenbergFirst of all I was surprised to realise I hadn t forgotten that much about the book And while I had a really hard time warming up to Trina when I first read it the initial nastiness between her and Kendall up to Trina when I first read it the initial nastiness between her and Kendall balanced in audioMelissa Sternenberg s narration my first by her I think is pretty good even if I didn t find her voices distinctive enough It didn t bother me too much howeve Since her debut novel Miss Match was published in 2016 I ve read all of Fiona Riley s books I enjoyed her first series Perfect match and was excited to start with Bet against me book one of her High Stakes series I lov This is a haters to lovers kind of romance it looks like a new series is coming too High Stakes 1 is the under title of this one set in the high realtors world This story has as main protagonists two women lesbians feminine gorgeous the best in their working world as real estate agents of luxury homes But Trina was the best in Boston until Kendall arrived from Val Kendall Yates Trina is left speechless And okay turned onKendall made enemies than friends the night of her big win but she couldn’t care less She’s the best and she has the obnoxious glass paperweight to prove it This is the edge she needs to escape the shadow of her family?. ,
Fiona Riley s name on the cover is always enough for me to just pick the book up nothing further needed Happy to report that this one is a winner too Despite starting off a bit slow this one picked up pace uickly Fans of the enemies to lovers troupe are going to be thrilled with this read There s a lot of high stakes rivalry in this one set in the luxury real estate scene this time I m very thankful that this looks to be a series also can t wait to see what s coming up next Props to Riley for Including A Transgender Character Also 425 StarsMany Thanks To Bold a transgender character also 425 starsMany thanks to Bold for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review I always jump at the chance to read a romance written by Fiona Riley There are several reasons for that Her books are always entertaining with exciting story lines gorgeous main characters and some of the steamiest love scenes around With Bet Against Me Ms Riley has created all of these elements and a whole lot in one amazing taleThis is an enemies to lovers romance with t My first book by this author is an entertaining romance with enemies to lovers troupe in the setting of high luxury real estate A business I know nothing about and in which I would never be successful because for me luxury is other things than lots of money expensive cars designer clothes and luxury apartments But it was entertaining to have a look insideAfter the new kid on the block in high luxury real estate Kendall Yates snatched the title of Realtor of the Year from Trina Lee under her nose it was basically a war between the two extremely competitive women But then the two enemies were driven By Their Bosses Into A their bosses into a that neither of them wanted to enter But also neither of them wanted to look like a coward either so they submitted to the wishes of their bosses And both agreed independently of each oth Another fun read by Ms Riley I can t say I have ever been disappointed by her books She has a way of developing strong sexy assertive MCs that make me drool just a l il bit her story lines vary book to book and dang it all her writing is just simple and strong Nary a typo to be found and normally a pleasing flow Yes they are HEAs and predictable this one being no exception I saw immediately what was going to happen and it did So while this wasn t her strongest work I still enjoyedMy only drop of a star was due to the slow beginning with the dump of real estate speak I found myself skimming a bit as it got a little boring but the MCs still hooked me I really liked the Asian culture mixed into the story and the secondary characters were strong I had wondered if this would be a series like her Miss Match ones and am tickled to see that it is as some of these characters am tickled to see that it is as some of these characters have something to say Also the sex THE SEX RawrHooray Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou yay read this it s fun won t develop world peace or anything but will certainly leaveou short of breath a wee bit sweaty and smiling throughout 45 Trina is up for an award as luxury realtor of the The Summer I Wasn't Me year She is cert. Trina Lee would sell her own mother’s house out from under her if it meant securing a sale no joke Her reputation as a ruthless deal closer and her record salesear in Boston’s luxury property market should’ve landed her Realtor of the Year so when the award goes to new girl ri. .
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