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Y became the most swooniest of heroes I ve read in uite some time He new exactly what to do and say to win not only Abby s heart but mine This was a low angst read with little drama and lots of heart The heat level is scorching and written in a way to highlight the evolving relationship between Abby and Aiden With characters from previous books as well as a few new ones this is definitely setting things up for the series and I can as well as a few new ones this is definitely setting things up for the series and I can waitDual POVSafe view spoilerno owom drama h not a virgin H not a manwhore hide spoiler This is a story that will capture you from the start An Instant connection that leads to a love for the ages Aiden and Abby are some of the most genuine and engaging characters I have read in a very long time I love how Aiden is truly a caregiver He loves and cares deeply for those that matter to him His sense of responsibility I think was ingrained in him from early on in his life Even with the loss of his parents and caring for his younger sister is just continued and became who he is Aiden is a wealthy guy who is into finance and investments and a real life workaholicAbby is such a wonderful character who hasn t had an easy time in life Abby is a fighter Her Dreams matter to her She wants to be her own person Because of the hardships in her upbringing it has caused her to rely only on herself While she wears her heart on her sleeve she does not trust easily Abby is someone you get one chance with Abby goes back to Silver Island after her mom has passed away Aiden is in Silver Island on a holiday because his sister insisted he should take some time for himself and stop living for workThey meet as a coincidence outside Abby s father s restaurant and from then on all the missing pieces start making sense as if all this were meant to be from the start This book is the story of two people who likely would never have met if it happened by chance Their journey is so natural and easy Things for them just click It is as if their souls brough them together Maybe We Will is a true love story for the ages If ever there were two souls that were meant to be it is Abby and Aiden This story had my breath catching and my heart just full of love A small town summer romance375 Trigger warning alcoholism death of a parents Abby is a chef in New York but unsatisfied with her life After the death of her mother Abby decides to uit her job and move home to fix up the family bistro Abby and her sister Deirdra discover a half sister hidden by their mother at the reading of *the will As they get to now each other the three work together *will As they get to now each other the three work together fix up the family restaurant On her way to start cleaning up the Bistro Abby crosses paths with Aiden a handsome stranger on the restaurants patio Abby insists on showing Aiden aro 45 stars I love a good contemporary romance story and Maybe we will market all the boxes in my cards From the beautiful setting to the first sparks of falling in love their banter and chemistry were just perfectly balanced with the angsty past of each one of them Trying to protect their hearts each had flaws and falls in being able This book surprised me in how much I enjoyed it I always enjoy reading a Melissa Foster book but I look forward to some booksheroes than others I didn t expect Aiden to hit me so hard with the feels but both he and Abby have lost their parents They have a lot in common except for the fact that money is no object to him whereas it is to Abby and her future dreamsThe descriptions of the Bistro had me wanting to be there sitting on the patio looking out over the sea And the descriptions of the food and pastries had me salivatingI loved how Abby would waffle on when she was nervous or excited and also how independent she was She liked to make her own decisions without interference from others unless she asked for itIt was great to catch up with Jock and Daphne and Remi and Mason but there are lots of new characters that have me intrigued and I can t wait for their books Deirdra Cait Brant WellsThis book is heart warming with lots of sweet romantic scenes but also has some sad melancholic moments From about halfway through I cried on and off a few times so be warned tissues are neededAnother fabulous read and it will leave you wanting to visit Silver Island. Illing out but he’s excellent at striking deals He helps Abby with the restaurant in exchange for her help in tackling the items on his list Sparks fly as Aiden and Abby work and play side by side Intimate conversations lead to steamy War Songs kisses and undeniable passion But there’s to Aiden then Abbynows and when the truth comes out their new romance is put to the test as the two find out if true love really can conuer al.

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Maybe We Will (Silver Harbor, #1)This is book one in a new *series by Melissa and is The Silver Harbor Series and it is Abby and Aiden *by Melissa Foster and it is Silver Harbor Series it is Abby and Aiden story and omg it just blew me away Abby was a chef in a New York restaurant but after her mother s death she uit her job and decided to go back home to the island that she loved so that she can de I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This may well be book 1 of a new series but it is a part of a huge family of wonderfully interconnecting books just last month I read My True Love which is also set on Silver Island and so it was a real treat to catch up with some of that gang of friends again so soon let alone some Dark Knights come to help out too I love all of these books and this is an excellent addition to the collection Abby and her sister Deirdra are back on the island due to their mother s death She had been the source of much pain for the women after their father s death but little did they expect to now find out they had a half sister Cait Now the three of them have to steer through the business of sorting out the failing family bistro and their feelings for each other In this book we get Abby s story but no doubt the other sisters will get their chance and there are hints already as to whoAiden has seen the run down bistro and put in a good offer something he Histologie keeps close to his chest when he meets Abby there one morning The sparks between them are unexpected and even ill timed but strong enough that they choose to pursue them And thus we are drawn into Abby s plans to revive the family business using her cheffing skills and supported by Aiden and Cait I loved all the people who came and helped and how it was clear that their mother has been well supported in their absence It helped build a strong foundation for Abby when everything else seemed to be in flux The descriptions of the newly renovated bistro sounded fabulous and definitely worth a visit Wenew from the beginning just how complicated the relationship between these two was going to be and I did find myself rolling my eyes at their decisions at times Even a move comes from a good place it can still be a mistake but they did learn and take a few minutes to take stock of the situation before going entirely off the deep end If you love this family of books then this will be a good addition to your collection it is not too bad on the needing a tissue front but do expect to stay up late reading as it is difficult to stop the pages turning While this is a solid romance nothing about it really engaged me as a reader I loved the plot and the set up but the characters fell flat They had their moments and I loved learning about the world however the execution and the dialogue between Abby and Aiden was not natural Their conversations felt forced Like the point was to explain things to the readerbut I can t ever imagine people speaking and revealing things to each other they way they did All that said it was a solid romance and I can see how this style would work for certain readers I m just not one of them Thank you to netgalley for the advanced copy I fell in love with you like night takes over day soaking up every little thing you did and said until you were all I saw all I wanted I finished this book yesterday late at night but I couldn t bring myself to write a review about it until now This book just got a hold of my heart from page one Romance at its finest and swooniestI wish Silver Island were real so I could visit and even live there It seems like my L'Attaque des Titans T28 kind of place I wasn t looking to meet anyone here Abs Neither was I Then maybe we re meant to be I absolutely love both main characters Aiden and Abby I love how Aiden is a giver by nature and he would still be one even if he didn t have all the money he does it s just who he is I love how he genuinely likes taking care of people and putting other people first Abby is such a wonderful character who wears her heart on her sleeve and who hasn t had an easy time in life But yes she s still fighting for her dreams and she wants to be her own independent person With you I have discovered so many parts of myself that I nevernew existed and I think they only exist with you Aiden is a wealthy guy who is into finance and investments. From Melissa Foster the New York Times bestselling author of She Loves Me comes a sexy and heart warming novel about finding love and family where you least expect itWhen chef Abby de Messiéres returns to Silver Island with her sister to get their late mother’s affairs in order she expected to inherit her mother’s bistro along with their childhood home not to discover a half sister they never new existed and a hands. ,

And a real life workaholic Abby is of a free thinker a chef who has just uit her job because she realized it didn t make her happyAbby goes back to Silver Island after her mom passed away Aiden is in Silver Island on a holiday because his sister insisted he should take some time for himself and stop living for workIn reality their lives don t overlap and there s no reason why they would have even met But they have a chance meeting one day outside Abby s father s old restaurant From then on everything just makes sense as a chance meeting one day outside Abby s father s old restaurant From then on everything just makes sense as all this was meant to be from the start It s all so easy so simple it all just fitsThe flashbacks to Abby s childhood and her family were endearing Her group of friends is just amazing And the small town vibe just adds to what really is a great romantic story You are everything I never new I needed This book is the story of two people who likely would never have met without the universe nudging them in the right direction They have different expectations and they seem so different except for one thing they both have something missing in their lives something they didn t now they needed until they found each otherThis book will melt your heart and make you believe there really is someone for everyone out thereI received an ARC from NetGalley and I am voluntarily leaving this review So much love laughter and indness on Silver Island This community will have your back through thick and review So much love laughter and indness on Silver Island This community will have your back through thick and deMessieres has broken up with her boyfriend and uit her job as a chef in New York City in order to return to her birthplace of Silver Island to run the family restaurant The Bistro Her mother has recently passed away and now it is time for the deMessierres sisters to decide what to do with with the business Deirdra wants to sell off the restaurant Even after seeing the rundown condition of the beachfront restaurant Abby still wants to reopen it She has so many wonderful memories of the times she spent there with her long deceased father She believes his magic is still alive in the restaurant and Abby wants to rekindle it The morning Abby stops by The Bistro to check it out she finds a man sitting on the patio outside of the restaurant having coffee and pastries What What is this guy doing hereAiden Aldridge has been sent to Silver Island for four weeks to rest and relax by his younger sister Remi No work Only play Remi insisted that he go set it up and even included a to do list for him With picture proof Ride a bicycle rest in a hammock make a friend go skinny dipping Wait What Skinny dipping He loves Remi but she has gone too far with that last item on this list Aiden raised Remi after the death of their parents He acted as her career manager and protector until her marriage Aiden is a bona fide workaholic Four weeks off is too much Until he meets Abby deMessieres His sister wants him to get a life Maybe Abby is the one to make him live life fullyMaybe We Will by Melissa Foster is the first book in her Silver Harbor series The two main characters in this story are both workaholics Finding each other makes them both realize that there is so much to living a good life I really enjoyed reading along and seeing their relationship develop For a workaholic Aiden sure has a romantic streak a mile wide The scene where he sets up a picnic at the local winery made my heart go pitter patter at such a romantic gesture Of course these two have their conflict but I feel the resolution was written perfectly Once again Ms Foster has entertained with lots of romance and loveCan secrets destroy loveI received an ARC in exchange for a honest review Now this is romanceFrom their first meeting this had everything you could possibly imagine to lay out the perfect romance storyline Abby and Aiden were strong incredible characters and watching them romance themselves into a forever relationship was beautiful Although Abby might not appear to be the strongest of the sisters I felt *like she had a firmer hand on what was emotionally best for herself moving forward after *she had a firmer hand on what was emotionally best for herself moving forward after mother s death She had an awesome dream and watching it come to fruition with the help of friends as well as Aiden was actually inspiringAiden was pretty much hooked from the first moment he saw Abby From that point onward he uickl. Ome vacationer camped out on her mother’s patioWorkaholic Aiden Aldridge has been sent to Silver Island on a work free vacation armed with a “Let Loose List” and ordered to get a life by the much younger sister he raised after the death of their parents After years of focusing on his sister’s well being he’s blindsided by his intense attraction to the gorgeous free spirited AbbyAiden might not now much about ch.