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Jane Austen and LeisureJane Austen's novels portray a leisured society of gentlemen and ladies who do not need o work Even he MINORITY OF CLERGYMEN SOLDIERS AND SAILORS MEN WITH PROFESSIONS of clergymen soldiers and sailors men with professions almost never seen Even he minority of clergymen soldiers and sailors men with professions are almost never seen Ja. Ne Austen herself despite responsibility for some domestic asks wrote as a woman of leisure Yet leisure distinguishing mark of gentleman was meant mark of a gentleman was not meant be an excuse for idleness The proper use. Of leisure o fulfil duties "TO READ AND TO THINK AND "read and The Evolution Of Modern Land Warfare tohink and all o pursue Social Relations In A World Where Family relations in a world where family marriage for The Propertied Was Of propertied was of importance was a vital est of characte.

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