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African Literature 9 jY win of an Uncorrected Proof Advance Readers Edition Publication release date is currently targeted for late April 2021I did not care too much for the cover art Itust put me in the incorrect starting frame of mindIn general I have a favorable bias for ournalists #I tend to like their succinct writing style Informative and educational with a dash of humor and tales #tend to like their succinct writing style Informative and educational with a dash of humor and tales her personal experience The science of motherhood has advanced over the years and I have not been keeping up to date Admittedly my kids are ready to have kids of their own so it has been a few Years For Me But From A Father S Perspective Okay for me But from a father s perspective Okay was a bit of a hands on Mr Mom to my kids I found it illuminating and helpful for me to better understand parenting from Mom s sideThere was so much new science that I had little knowledge Tucker does not go into depth on these topics but does provide enough information to start you on your own ourney if you need greater insight More science depth would likely not be of interest for her target Biology of motherhoodEveryone knows how babies are made but scientists are only #Just Beginning To Understand #beginning to understand making of a mother Mom Genes reveals the hard science behind our tenderest maternal impulses tackling uestions such as whether a new mom’s brain ever really bounces back why mothers are destined to mimic their own moms or not and how mate. ,

Mom GenesUdience And there is much truth from her personal experiencesThis is a GoodReads and any prospective or current parent would enjoy reading Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this free ebook in exchange #For An Honest ReviewAs A Mom Of #an honest reviewAs a mom of with a healthy love for all things related to genetics I was very excited to read this book Although the title is misleading this book focuses less on the genetics of motherhood and on current research trends regarding the anthropological side of maternal instinct along with a healthy dose of personal anecdotesI found the information included to be current relevant and refreshing It is a great read for your everyday mother without getting too clinical or scientific although I personally wouldn t have minded a in depth look at some if the studies mentioned I recommend this book for any new or older mom who wants to understand why we pa Mom Genes is an interesting mixture of partial autobiography astonishing percentages and a big force in life called motherhoo. Rnal aggression makes females the world’s most formidable creatures Part scientific odyssey part memoir Mom Genes weaves the latest research with Abigail Tucker’s personal experiences to create a delightful surprising and poignant portrait of motherhood It’s vital reading for anyone who has ever wondered what rocks the hand that rocks the cradle.

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I enjoyed this overview #of how a woman scientifically becomes a mother Her Instincts Are Awoken instincts are awoken how she and her #how a scientifically becomes a mother How her instincts are awoken and how she and her interact making both the mother and the baby change and grow Although this bok was written with scientific accuracy it was a smooth easy and fun read The author is herself a mother and uses the insight she has gained from motherhood to highlight and accent areas in this book This is a truly excellent book It is fascinating and written in an accessible easy to read style I haven t finished it yet but I didn t want to let it go unreviewed This book is amazing and interesting for Moms and anyone interested in genetics and motherhood I m not a science person although my husband and child are I could not be delighted with this selection and read This would be a perfect Mother s Day gift in my opinionI won this in a goodreads giveaway am feeling especially lucky and honored to have gotten this book I am recommending it to my book club and my friends family This was a GoodReads giveawa. “For anyone who is a mother or who has a mother Mom Genes is an eye opening tour through the biology and psychology of a role that is at once utterly ordinary and wondrously strange” Annie Murphy Paul author of Origins From the New York Times bestselling author of The Lion in the Living Room comes a fascinating and provocative exploration of the.