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N awe of Franci and I feel super grateful that I had the Opportunity To Read Her to read her This review is a little biased since I m her son Did not read this until 30 years after her death Most of the accounts were told to me at least once during my childhood by her there were some accounts that were new to me Was not aware that she wrote so well in English as Czech was her native tongue As people have already commented these first hand accounts offer a young woman s xperience during WWII whereas most holocaust accounts have been from a male point of view It can also bring perspective to the current health problems we are xperiencingPS thank you Penguin Random House books for taking a chance now where other publishers in the past did not I won this book through Goodreads giveawaysA very interesting memoir from a group that does not have a lot of personal stories from Czech Jews who were not practicing The one thing about this book that bugged me was there was no xplanation of why the author switched from using I statements to using her number given to her in Auschwitz Was that her decision or her daughter who dited the manuscript That would have been nice to have an xplanation for that There are many memoirs surrounding the vents of WWII but I m not Sure There Are Many there are many tackle it the way Franci s War does It remains to be a memoir but the approach is uite different with a sudden change in narrative style around 30% of the way through I haven t really considered before how the undeniably out of body xperience a concentration camp vokes could be represented in literature other than a standard approach Franci s War perfectly captures that xperience demonstrating the slip in persona remarkably wellAs with many stories of this nature the novel experience demonstrating the slip in persona remarkably wellAs with many stories of this nature the novel us through the life of a prisoner Franci Rabinek is a non practising Czechoslovakian Jew who finds herself throughout the arly part of her life travelling between concentration camps tenuously maintaining any friendship she can to keep grounded This is also a complete journey including pictures of Franci and some closure about her life after her time in the concentration camps I struggled with the narrative voice sometimes as Franci s story unravels Rather than feeling an motional connection to Franci I felt as though I was presented with a series of facts or fleeting vents leaving me uite detached from Franci herself unfortunately it also makes the novel feel like a descriptive list in parts which doesn t at all do Franci justice Naturally the gravity and magnitude of the nvironment remains to be hard hittin. Beginning of her three year journey from Terezin to the Czech family camp in Auschwitz Birkenau to the slave labor camps in Hamburg and Bergen Belsen After liberation by the British in April 1945 she finally returned to PragueFranci was known in her group as the Prague dress designer who lied to Dr Mengele at an Auschwitz selection saying she was. An incredible read about an A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, extraordinary woman who survivedndless nightmares Epstein s mother wrote her memoir in the 1970s and passed away in 1989 It documents her time in several concentration camps ama The Shadow Reader eventualmigration To The US It S Straight Forward the US It s straight forward poignant Thanks to Edelweiss and Penguin Publishing for the advance copy I Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies enjoyed this book The beginning was slow but she was soo determined and its motivationalverything she went through and she still had the perseverance to survive This is a very powerful story A must read for understanding the terrors of the Holocaust from a woman read for understanding the terrors of the Holocaust from a woman perspective Franci s War is a story of a Holocaust survivor and the struggles one woman and her family suffered through during WWII This is a story of a woman with immense strength poise and determination This book follows Franci on her journey from her home in the Czechoslovakian home to the Auschwitz concentration camps through to her liberation and back to Prague where she started the journey The book is heart wrenching and powerful as it takes you along such an motional journey A must read for those interested in stories of WWII the Holocaust and the liberation of the Jews that did manage to survive such a horrific time Five stars is the highest rating allowed or I would give I could manage to survive such a horrific time Five stars is the highest rating allowed or I would give I could put this book down Franci s War is the memoir of Franci Rabinek a non practicing Czech Jew who grew up in a family uite well off with her family owning a fashion house in PragueFranci s journey tells of how her and her family were caught in the middle of World war ll and ultimately as Jews were separated and incarcerated in several Concentration camps including Terezin and Auschwitz Some of the most reknown concentration camps for their cruelty and abuse To ultimately the British releasing her for her to return to Prague and realise nothing will ver be the sameI feel like I learnt a lot reading this memoir I found the fact that Franci classed herself as agnostic and not a practicing Jew but yet was still classed and treated as such by the nazis astonishingThis book really is fascinating the level of detail and the intricacies in not just Franci s journey but those of the other prisoners is mind blowingTheres no denying Franci s strength and resilience is remarkable The only thing I found with this book is that for me the personalization wasn t really there I wanted to know about how Franci felt but this was a factual account and I felt like in places it came across as cold hard facts rather than how this affected herI definitely would recommend this book though I m completely The ngrossing memoir of a spirited and glamorous young fashion designer who survived World War ll with an afterword by her daughter Helen EpsteinIn the summer of 1942 twenty two year old Franci Rabinek designated a Jew by the Nazi racial laws arrived at Terezin a concentration camp and ghetto forty miles north of her home in Prague It would be the. .
G but I feel memoir should feel personal in terms of understanding the personality of those affected and I can t say that I finished this book feeling like I really knew Franci Nevertheless if I could very personal account of this tragic time I would God knows it s the least we can do ARC provided from Netgalley in xchange for an honest review Franci s War is the memoir of Franci Rabinek a non practising Czech Jew and the horrors that she xperiences in WW2 Franci came from a uite well off family that owned their own Fashion houseThis story shows the story shows Franci s journey from Prague to the horrors of the concentration camps to the Liberation and to her then making a life for herself in America after the war The sheer determination of her survival This is a straightforward tale of an account of what happened Thank you NetGalley and Penguin Micheal Joseph for a copy of this book I have read several books of this nature but never a memoir To be honest I found this book uite hard to get into There was no personalization It was just hard cold facts The copy had so many typos in it but l learned later that this was deliberate as it was written this way originally I understood that but for me I could not ngage in this book properly because of this 3 stars from me Franci s War is a story about a young woman caught up in the horror of WW II her family was once wealthy owned their own fashion house and they lived and worked in Prague After the Nazi s arrive things slowly started to change the family had to give away or sell what they could and made to moveIn 1942 Franci arrived alone at Terezin concentration camp nothing could have PREPARED HER FOR THE HORROR TERROR AND THE AWFUL her for the horror terror and the awful conditions she ndured at the camp She carried the mark of being Jewish for the rest of her life she had her identification number tattooed on her arm and it was roughly The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right engraved into her skinShe survived three years of terrible living conditions starvation and suffering The first camp she stays at was Terezin then she s was sent to Auschwitz then Hamburg and the last camp is Bergen Belsen In 1945 the British finally liberated the camp Franciventually returned to Prague and nothing was the same The family business is gone their lavish apartment her parents and her husband have all diedFranci s War is a powerful story about how one brave young woman Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling endured three years living in four concentration camps she never gave up and somehow she manged to surviveInjoyed Franci s War and I gave it three stars I shared my review on Goodreads Edelweiss Australian Kobo Twitter and my blog. An Monsieur Pain electrician an occupation that bothndangered and saved her life In this memoir she offers her intense candid and sometimes funny account of those dark years with the women prisoners in her tight knit circle of friends Franci's War is the powerful testimony of one incredibly strong young woman who ndured the horrors of the Holocaust and surviv. .

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