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Nds who were fun characters to get to know too especially how they got their names Most of these friends played the side role though and I felt a bit sad that they didn t feature in the story especially in the second half although it made sense in the end that they didn tThe book is seperated into two parts with the first being the larger section and set all in London I loved the descriptions in a lot of this book especially the description of the building and the sounds it was making where Fly and the tiger first stayed overnight Soon after that the story takes a dark turn and although there s some shocking things that Fly encounters it never felt too dark or scary for children to read The second part of the book continues the adventure and I like the introduction to some new characters and on all the animals The way the animals form part of the story is lovely and really made me enjoy this all the The whole time I was reading this book I felt compelled to continue the story and I loved the magical feel and adventure that the entire book has The ending is a satisfying one with a lovely last line in the epilogue although I have to admit I did feel that the last chapter did end a bit abruptly and if I m honest I wished the epilogue with the two characters at the end was a bit longer I just didn t want this story to endThere is nothing too scary in this story for children to read and although there are some sad moments and the death of some characters or animals these are written in a good way that wouldn t be too difficult for children to read I ve heard there is glossary at the back of the book not the proof version I was reading which explains gutterling speech This will help with the reading of their speech a lot there might also be some other things added in the back of the book but I m not sure as my arc copy doesn t have anything extra There will also be some lovely artwork in the book I ve since learned from an interview I read from the author that some of the events like the tiger in London are based on real life mysterious happenings at the time There really was a tiger loose in London in the pastOverall this is a really lovely story which I d recommend to anyone who loves magical adventures and those who love animals I can t wait to read from this author and from these lovely characters I hear a rumour of a second book in the series Thanks to Orion Children s Books for a free copy for review She knew she had to let them all go Because that s what it meant to be free This story is about a girl a chimney sweep who is too familiar with beatings and poverty One day she meets a caged tiger and promises to set him free Fly and her Tiger go on an adventure they encounter problems face darkness and despair but Fly keeps on fighting to keep her promise It s also a story about man and what greed can do This book wasn t short on hateful characters and that s for sure It had a bittersweet ending and overall I did enjoy this story I understand why it was written the way it was written because Fly wasn t educated so she didn t have a steady

understanding of the 
of the language and her lingo was extremely heavy Cullies and dib dabs and flummery I didn t flick back and forth to the descriptions at the back that genuinely puts me off books written like this even so I had to try and grasp what was being said based on what Was Happening It Was An happening It was an story but definitely a lot to try and get my head around This was a fun read I didn t expect that I m going to enjoy it I was moved after a few chapters and can t put it down Fly is a brave girl and she reminds me of Lara Belacua This story is full or adventures and uite an emotional one Fly is a loveable child who wants to escape from the Black Bill who runs a group of street urchins When she sees the chance to escape she took it and ended up landing in the tiger s cage I was distracted when I started reading the book First of because I don t read much middle grade books But I started to like this book when the adventure beginsIt isn t just any tiger This tiger knows something that Fly doesn t and from here I was moved by this story and the tiger becomes such a good friend to Fly since then Their bond is wonderful as well as with other animals She made plans to free the creatures who were locked in the cages She promised the animals that she is going to free them Can she fulfill her promise and get them homeThis story really wasn t something that I thought I m going to enjoy reading because I usually read other genres But this is something else and I m glad I took my time to finish this book Though I feel maybe there should be on the world building and characters development but this is middle gradechildren s book so I thought it s already good enough for the oung readersIt s indeed a magical friendship and a roaring adventure Highly recommendThank ou Pansing for sending me a magical friendship and a roaring adventure Highly recommendThank ou Pansing for sending me copy of Tiger Heart in return for an honest review This book is available at all good bookstores On the surface this is a story about a girl finding her true home But beneath that is an entire plot of almost indecipherable slang terrifying scenes of glossed over violence and death and a tiger who may or may not talk That s still up for debate for me Overall I enjoyed the book but there was too much that did not fit for me to rate it higher. Tiger's homeland are an ocean away And not everyone wants the tiger to returnWith dark and dangerous forces working against them will Fly be able to fulfil her promises keep them both alive and just maybe become the ueen her tiger knows her to.

Ling friends as she finds out about her shrouded past and is forced to uncover it in order to outrun the new dangers that has entered into her life This is very much a story about a girl s independence bravery compassion and strength but also about family ties no matter if they are by blood or not or even human If anything I only wish that the story hadn t come to a somewhat uick ending It felt slightly rushed and might ve benefited from a bit content in my opinion I would however still recommend it for the beautiful experience it offersBecause of the extensive use of Fly s many made up words accompanied by a dictionary at the end of the book and some of the hardships Fly encounters I believe that this book would be most suitable to be read on its own by tweens and upwards or accompanied by an adult with regards to Hester Roon younger children But it is also the intriguingly imaginative language next to the story and characters that would be the aspect I d highlight when promoting it to my KS3 students view spoiler Tags adventure animals fantasy orphans captivity deaths London middle grade hide spoiler Fly had a simple plan to sweep through the chimney and ran away from the Black Bill but what she didn t expect was come face to face with a tiger And when Fly was trying to stall him and convince him not to eat her he bowed to her and call her princess Fly knows she is no princess but for the reason even unknown to her she promises Tiger to return him to his homeland And thus begin a journey of adventure action and to a land with cloud topped mountains And maybe maybe Fly is actually a princess of a kingdomReview The first thing I would like to say about the book is it is not for children I know it suggests as a middle grade fantasy book but that is definitely not the case Language is so hard and difficult that was for most part of the book I have to imagine and decipher words on my own I know there is a glossary at the end of the book butou can t skim to the end for every second word Also the meaning should be at the start of the book as there is no indication of it being at the end I love the character of Fly She is fearless kind loyal and even mature for her age Even though she didn t knew that she is a princess she still vows to free all animals from their cage And she does everything in her power to be just when she reaches the kingdomI love the element of talking animals and considering them as a citizen of the kingdom I think this is the most exciting part about the book being it a children s fantasy It totally give ou Narnia vibesThe one thing I was expecting a lot was friendship between Fly and Tiger as it suggests form the blurb But I was confused throughout the book about the intentions of Tiger Though he saves her and protects her throughout the journey i and protects her throughout the journey I felt that he didn t consider her as A FriendIn Some Places friendIn some places felt it was too dark for a middle grade book The pace of the story is uick and it makes ou to finish it one go But as ou were expecting in the second half the book ends Ending is uite rushed and left too many ambiguous loopholesI feel overall the story has potential with the plot characters and pace but for the major part language ruins the book and second reason is it didn t pay attention to the target audience ie middle grade children Oh wow This is such a lovely story and one I ve loved as much as the beautiful cover Tiger Heart begins when chimney sweep Fly falls down into a cage which holds a tiger But Fly doesn t rush back up the chimney she came down from because what s lurking at the top scares her than the man eating tiger in front of her She thinks the tiger is going to eat her but when he licks her skin and tastes some blood from a cut he starts speaking and declares that she s royalty Fly doesn t know whether to believe that she s a princess but she does vow to help the tiger escape and help him get back to his own homeland a world that might just belong to Fly tooThis is such a wonderfully magical story right from the beginning Having agreed to help the tiger escape Fly soon learns that escaping the cage and hiding it in the London streets isn t that easy but Fly has some tricks up her sleeve and soon calls on the help of her gutterling friends The book is set in the past with a victorian sort of feel but with references to a King Billy the ear is never really clear There s a lovely element of magical fantasy though with the talking tiger and the land the tiger wants to get back to being one I ve never heard ofHaving that past setting made the book a little tricky to get into at first not because of the descriptions and action which felt very good and uite fast paced but because of the gutterling speech that Fly uses which sounds like a really old version of cockney It took me a few pages to get used to the way Fly and her friends speak although I did try reading this without any references to any glossary However it isn t really difficult to get into and Twig the Fairy and the Goblin Masquerade (Twig the Fairy you do recognise what Fly and the others are saying mostly but to giveou an idea of the language they use there are words like Croopus and a window is called a windy Despite the old fashioned speech the story is so easy to get into right away and there s so much adventure right from the start I really liked Fly s character and the support she had from all her different frie. Stars and PaxFly never meant to end up in a cage with a man eating tiger And though she's no princess when the tiger bows to her she can't help vowing to free him and return him homeBut the bird filled jungles and cloud topped mountains of the. .
I thoroughly enjoyed this book Full of adventure heartache and love all blended into one It s a book I struggled to put down And the beautiful artwork was a nice feature to keep Sanity is the Future of Wealth you further enticed to continue the adventureWhat does it teachouThat family doesn t always mean they have to be flesh and blood That Jelena '93 you should always fight for justiceTrue friends will always be there forou and they come in all shapes sizes and even animals SynopsisOne magical friendship One roaring adventureThe magical tale of a bold oung chimney sweep and a remarkable tiger a dangerously hypnotic ruby and a mystical land found across an ocean and through a storm Perfect for fans of The Girl of Ink and Stars and PaxFly never meant to end up in a cage with a man eating tiger And though she s no princess when the tiger bows to her she can t help vowing to free him and return him homeBut the bird filled jungles and cloud topped mountains of the tiger s homeland are an ocean away And not everyone wants the tiger to returnWith dark and dangerous forces working against them will Fly be able to fulfil her promises keep them both alive and just maybe become the ueen her tiger knows her to beThoughts before readingFirstly I love stories where animals are willingly loyal to a certain person The synopsis has given me pretty big hints that the Tiger would be loyal to Fly And since it mentioned friendship as well I feel this book would be about a relationship between Fly and the Tiger and how they re relationship grow to something of trust loyalty and love I ve been wanting to buy this book ever since The sale at a nearby bookstore has given me the opportunity and I wasted no time getting it for myselfThoughts after readingThe plot is fast moving and very thrilling The first chapter and Fly already meets the Tiger It is a satisfying start and as I read I looked forward to the next parts I loved how they interacted and also how Fly s lack of fear of the Tiger has gotten him to respect her I m kinda bumped Tiger didn t have a name so I m going to use the word Tiger as his name anyway haha XD Now Fly has been living on the streets but under the control of Black Bill ever since she was a baby But this has helped her learn many survival skills and street smarts She s uick and agile and very good at escaping the clutches of stronger and bigger men Fly also has the skills to put a glamour over anything she wants So when she escaped with Tiger people only see a huge dog following her around The whole story is about Fly going back to her kingdom and then overthrowing her uncle who has been terrorizing the kingdom ever since he and the previous king Fly s father started to fight against each other and won The storyline is very nice and I love the idea of a kingdom where even the animals are our citizens This book is really a lot like Narnia What I don t like however is the Tiger s approach with Fly s unrefined actions Tiger seems to forget Fly grew up having to fight to survive and even though Tiger should understand he was in captive for a while he only admonishes Fly whenever she doesn t act like the princess she should be He could be grateful too After all his princess sacrificed everything to get him back to his homeland but she was living in all purposes hers She s going to leave everything she was familiar with and will be starting a new life somewhere totally different Yet during the journey Tiger has been giving her mixed signals about his continued presence when they reach the place Fly has to keep guessing if he would stay with her once they ve reached the island I didn t like that she cold still feel lonely when she s supposedly surrounded by friends or subjectsThe language was a little jarring at first It took me a while but I got the hang of it pretty uickly It wasn t to hard to decipher what Fly was saying even though I ve never seen some of the words before I have to askare those words made up by the author or are they real wordsRating3It didn t really meet my expectations of a friendship growing A brave and inspirational heroine Fly is accustomed to fighting to stay ahead of her owner s bad temper and mean ways She is uick on her feet and uick at lifting food to supplement the meagre allowance fed to her in return for climbing chimneys One day in desperation she goes down a chimney instead of back up to return to her master What she hadn t banked on was landing up in a cage with a fierce tiger Neither had she expected that tiger to talk to her But the magnificent animal told her a tale even Fly with her vivid imagination could never have conjured up She finds herself the leader of an escape party consisting of many exotic animals servants rendered dumb plus an assortment of sailors switching alliances depending on the value of rewards promised to them This is an adventure story with a strong female lead determined to do the right thing Yes many events defy belief but what does that matter to a great story do the right thing Yes many events defy belief but what does that
matter to a 
to a story received an e ARC of this book thanks to the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed this vivid adventure following the orphan Fly as she encounters an imprisoned tiger that talks to only her With her own special dialect and feisty personality a girl that ain t afeard of nothing the story brings How to Restore Your Bmw Motorcycle Twins 1950-1969 you in and hasou rooting for Fly and her gutter. One magical friendship One roaring adventureThe magical tale of a bold oung chimney sweep and a remarkable tiger a dangerously hypnotic ruby and a mystical land found across an ocean and through a storm Perfect for fans of The Girl of Ink and.

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