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Lovecraft Country lEarly release 10 days backOH MY GODDDDDDBRBReading My favourite author is releasing a new bookMy favourite series is BACKAm I dreaming Is this realBrb happy crying and re reading this series for the 100th timeI ve already put in myeave reuest for the 20th of April 2020 so I can sit and read this book in peace and die because my heart is going to explode 45 Stars Genre Romantic SuspenseType Book 9 from The Original Sinners seriesPOV Third PersonRating After years of hiding their relationship Nora and S ren were adapting well towards their newfound freedom But as they established routines a case pulled her into a different direction and if not careful could derail their hard fought relationship I was excited and nervous when I saw my favorite romanceerotica series is continuing with a full Memorii, vol. I-II length book However this book was not at all what I expected Personally I think this book could work better as a spin off than as part of the main series because this book didn t focus on the original characters It was muchighter and borderline vanilla It didn t exactly fit The Original Sinners brand As a Full Steam Ahead, Felix: Adventures of a famous station cat and her kitten apprentice long time fan of the series it was uite perturbing with the direction it s going You know your past I know mine Do we have any right to be as happy as we are Nora will always be one of my favorite heroines She was fun and daring as usual This story introduced a new character Cyrus Tremont which Iiked His encounters with anything kinky was amusing I enjoyed the mystery and investigative elements in the story and the culturelocation added an exotic feel The Priest is a story of uncovering truth and breaking free It would appeal to readers who enjoy romantic suspense Note I ove S ren s special gift to NoraBooks in the series FBR With Twinsie CC For reviewsinterviewspromo visit It s never safe to assume anything when reading a Tiffany Reisz book Don t assume you know where the twisted story will ead Don t assume your favorite characters will survive unscathed Don t assume the story will eave your heart and soul intact it won t What you can assume in fact you can take it to the bank is that once you open the cover and step inside a Reisz book you l ose all sense of time and obligation until you read the final page This author s uncanny ability to take readers and characters on a twisted tortuous emotional journey is truly amazing With the flip of her wrist Reisz casts a magical spell over everyone As The Priest begins an investigation is opening into the death of a priest one who tried to call Mistress Nora minutes before committing the ultimate sin She hasn t a clue who he is so why did he reach out to her before killing himself Intrigued and than a ittle spooked Nora is determined to solve the mystery in spite of the attention and risk it presents to everything and everyone she oves Including Soren To say this book touched and shook me to the core is an understatement There s a ot I d Baghdad: City of Peace, City of Blood like to talk about but I won t reveal spoilers If you re a fan of the Original Sinners youl understand when you read The Priest If you haven t read the series all I can say is begin with book one prepare to have your mind blown Although the does an excellent job of including background info it Imagine That! ll be youross if you skip reading previous books As always Reisz delves deep into the main characters psyche and is comfortable stretching boundaries going places others would never dare Her writing is mesmerizing it Elena's Conquest lures you in holding you in a tranceike state until you Sister of My Heart lose yourself in the story with these characters Keeping a watchful eye out as they attempt to justify and balance their desires and needs against the conseuences I felt Nora s pain as the horrific truth of this case hit aittle too close to home forcing her to take a hard King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies look at herife and think about what and who brought her to this place at this time Did she choose her path or was it chosen for her Was it her destiny or fate Soren isn t the only one with a hard decision to make Nora s decision has the power to unravel and destroy the Rescuing Gus lives of those sheoves most The Priest is another brilliantly rendered saga in the Original Sinners world Reisz has delivered a tale of Class of 92: Out of Our League love passion truth heartache and forgiveness as the day of reckoning is nigh for some of our favorite characters Iove that the characters and story have opened a new chapter by moving to New Orleans The author captures the spooky illusive other worldly atmosphere of the city and author captures the spooky illusive other worldly atmosphere of the city and expertly weaving it into the plot Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story line adding depth to this mysterious suspense story while driving it forward at a fast pace Reisz introduces some new players in The Priest that I wouldove to see of including Cyrus Nora s new friend and fellow sleuth And as always I oved every painful moment with my favorite characters from previous books Some serious revelations unfold in this one especially between Soren and Nora I don t mind admitting I held my breath through the ast third or so of between Soren and Nora I don t mind admitting I held my breath through the ast third or so of book offering up a prayer or two to please make things work out as I wanted I won t reveal if my prayers were answered or not but will just say my heart is still beating a ittle too fast my soul is a bit bruised and I still have chill bumps on my arms even though I finished this. New Orleans four months after the events of THE UEENSøren has been suspended from the Jesuits for a minimum of one year after confessing to fathering a child To say he's struggling with his newfound freedom is an understatementKingsley is about to be a father again and is convin. ,
The PriestIn exchange for an honest review 45 stars I don t really know how to feel about this Almost everything I want to say would be a huge spoilerFor the most part I oved it It was Nora S ren Kingsley and that s always my ideal Nora seems to be happier and settled as much as she ever is LOL into her Moonrise life There doesn t seem to be any turmoil about where and with who she belongs But Nora is still Nora and I m always vastly entertained by that Kingsley seems to be semi retired from the kink scene He still has a club but most of his time on page was with his family waiting for the birth of his Juliette s second child S ren unusually is the one with some difficult decisions to make due to the fallout of informing the Jesuits of the existence of Fionn A priest is dead having committed suicide The police department was warned off investigating further by the Church so a PI was engaged on the side to dig aittle deeper One of his Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi last calls minutes before his death was to Nora a call she never received No one knows why as Nora didn t know him Cyrus Tremont is the PI investigating the death of Father Murran He uestions Nora about the phone call to her and of course Nora has uestions of her own She ends up sort of helping Cyrus in his investigation since she can go places in the kink world he can t and they become friends I reallyiked Cyrus and I After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 liked the friendship they formed I think a real friend outside of her family is something Nora needed and so did Cyrus The terrible result of this investigation causes Nora to uestion some things that are aarge part of the foundation of her Alien Alpha life and it shakes her up badly so badly it really scared me for what the conseuences might be And Nora does make a huge decision one that I m sure will have impact somewhere down theine But thank God she didn t make the change I thought she was going to make because that might have been the end of me though if you d told me that at the beginning of this series I d have told you to uit smokin that crack Because at the end of The Siren I was kinda all WTF OO I had no idea how far this series was going to take me or how much I would come to ove these characters all of them so muchAnd that brings me to the reason I didn t give this 5 stars though I did ove it Spending time with these book people is always pure win the plot was interesting engaging and in the end brutally painful On the bright side getting such an intimate ook at S ren and Nora together was amazing However this ended on of a HFN because S ren still has to make his decisions And I can t stop worrying over what the final one may be Still this world is much oved and time in it is always my favorite Here s hoping there s to come That aside this book was a joy just for the fact that I got of my favorite Sinners when I didn t think there was going to be any 3 35 stars Temptation boredom and my contrary nature pushed me to check out this atest Tiffany Reisz offering in the Original Sinners which I would probably say it s one of the best erotica series except that I haven t read many actually Tiffany Reisz s books are the only ones I still check out because she can write well And what better time to read about a Catholic priest a kinky one but at Easter Sorry not sorry Nora Soren and Kingsley the formidable trio I don t know if I d outgrown them but I didn t uite feel their connection I enjoyed meeting a couple of new characters such as Cyrus Tremont a private investigator who s ooking into a priest s suicide There s also a witch a good one In saying all that I didn t buy the almost instant friendship between Cyrus and Nora I thought it was too cutesy not to mention unlikely And Nora was blabbering way too much about her relationship with Soren the Jesuit priest who was now suspended for a year As far as I m concerned Soren and Kingsley ost whatever allure they might have had in the past It s possible I outgrew them The final chapters resurrected this novel as they delved into the sexual abuse and the coverups of the Catholic Church which also made Nora and Sore uestion their relationship and things that happened in the past I also appreciated the feminist stance better said the power of women sticking together I received this novel via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 45 Continuing in the Sinners timeline Nora Sutherlin Has Relocated To has relocated to Orleans with her chosen family While ren is suspended for one year and Kingsley and Juliette are expecting baby number two a ocal priest is found dead and Nora was his Beautiful Ghosts last phone call Aocal detective Cyrus Tremont is hired to get answers but after meeting Nora he discovers there may be many uestions If the day comes when I can t give you anything at Alexandra, Gone least here now I can give you everything This plot skirts the dividingine between an Original Sinners book and a spinoff While I A Year in 120 Recipes liked aspects of both I was torn at times because I really wanted to delve into certain plot developments between Nora and S ren which kept me captivated However I also enjoyed how Nora and Cyrus cultivated their friendship while investigating the case As usual Nora is in typical form as well as the S ren and Kingsley The depth of these characters is ever apparent showing a range of humor pain and ultimately. Person he tried to call He wouldike to know whyShe doesn't know but Nora and her new detective friend will turn over the city to find out meeting F. Scott Fitzgerald liars vampires and witches along the way When she finds what she'sooking for she may wish she'd never stepped foot in New Orleans. .

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One ast night As always Tiffany Reisz entertained me while torturing and manipulating my heart The Priest is intimate erotic sometimes humorous always emotional with a shot of deceit and honesty all rolled into one fantastic addition to the OS series Remember don t assume anything just hold on to the remote possibility you Boudica: The Life and Legends of Britain's Warrior Queen ll survive this journey heart intact As for my recovery the jury s still out Highly RecommendedA special thank you to 8th Circle Press for an arc of this book via NetgalleyReviewed at Cross My Heart Reviews IT S LIVE EARLYWhere do I start I don t want to say too muchBut what I do have to say firstThis is officially book 9 in this series Tiffany says readers new to the series can read it without knowing anything about the other books And yes that may be true but I wouldn t do that I am way too book OCD ish to start a series with book 9 If you want to read this book please read all the others first they are SO good Believe me you do NOT want to miss any second you can get with our darlingsNow this book The Priest This Priest is not really our Priest S ren it s a Priest who killed himself or was killed in New Orleans The city where our darlings now allive And PI Cyrus is tasked to find out what really happened which brings him right into the the adorable and crazy world of Nora and her boys LOL Poor guy We hear a ot about Nora S ren King Juliette Celeste But we also hear a ot about the PI and his future wife Paulina The Priest is a bit of a sexy mystery suspense novel We get ots of New Orleans ots of interesting and mysterious moments and dangerous moments very erotic moments Funny moments Sad and heartbreaking moments There s not much I want to say If you Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience love the Sinners you willove this book too and if you re new to the series it s a really great story but you might want to start with book 1 it would be way too confusing and sad for me as a new reader to have missed so much I oved reading THE PRIEST Even though I m super anti religion this series and its people are just some of the most beautiful things in the bookworld for me It was another typical Tiffany Reisz masterpieceI can t wait to hear from our darlings The Original Sinners are a group that I adore S ren Nora and Kingsley embedded themselves way back in The SirenBook 1 in the series and I was hooked The writing the storytelling the intriguing characters are such an addicting combination that I couldn t wait till I got my hands on The PriestI will say this story was a ittle different in that it was a ittle suspenseful in a who done it storyline with uestioning the what ifs of the past There is pure passion in the book but it is not heavy in bdsm ike many of the past booksI oved the new characters introduced and the suspenseful nature of the plot but what shinned loved the new characters introduced and the suspenseful nature of the plot but what shinned me was the exposing nature of Nora and S ren s relationship The what if s the whys the what would have been were all uncovered and discussed and eft to simmer until it boiled I had some heart palpitations but in the end there was only one direction their relationship could go and for that I was was immensely happy I do ook forward to from These Original Sinners because S ren s future isn t set in stone yet But I do believe that Mercedes may have given us a hint that s if you believe the cardsadvanced copy provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review You know whatI think this might be the first Reisz book I ve read wherein my face didn t eak Took me 9 books but I finally got theredoes victory Success lapFirst things first The Priest really is of a crime thrillermystery than your traditional OS book I thought I would find that disappointing but instead I found myself not only engrossed but committed to trying to figure out why Father Ike would ve committed suicide I did not foresee the reason and Ioved that while also applauding Ms Reisz for the twist I Vineyard Prey ll say no but I was movedEven though this is a new beginning for the Sinners all the major players are present and accounted for not to mention still kinky as ever Though The Priest is not as erotic as other books in the series it still has it s moments I mooking at you blood play scene But I have to be honest I missed S ren and King being together I feel A Village Affair / A Passionate Man / The Rector's Wife like S ren canet his pain flag fly with King and I felt a Pea's Book of Best Friends little cheated by not getting that scene Then again I am extremely kinda biased in their favorFirmly ensconced in NOLA now which opens the door for new characters and Cyrus Tremont is one such character He and Nora have symmetry that grows as the investigation evolves More characters are introduced but NOLA truly is a main character in this book I feltike I was there on Bourbon Street sunning on Lake Pontchartrain or getting a drink to go while The Nightingale Of Peshawar: Selections From Rahman Baba lazing the day away gettingost in the French uarter It felt ike anything lazing the day away getting ost in the French uarter It felt The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters to Government (mini ebook) like anything possible with all the witchcraftvoodoogeneral weirdness references all of which set a different tone one I don t recall having experienced before in an OS book I have to be honest I mooking forward to experiencing it again in book 10 and finding out what S ren decidesI m going to go with 45 stars and anyone who s interested in a absorbing mystery with a side of kink should take The Priest out for spin An ARC was provided by NetGalley. Ced something very bad is about to happen Nerves Or is he right that the time has come for the Sinners to pay for their sinsAnd if things couldn't get worse a handsome private detective shows up and tells Mistress Nora that a priest has just committed suicide and she was the ast. .

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