Rain Will Come [E–book/E–pub]

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A Little Bit Of Violence 
little bit of violence All about Us finds *deeplylawed protagonists to be interesting Because despite his aults I did like Detective Czarcik Thanks to NetGalley *flawed protagonists to be interesting Because despite his aults I did like Detective Czarcik Thanks to NetGalley and ThomasMercer Noni Speaks Up for this ARC in exchangeor an honest review 35 stars rounded up to 4Paul Czarcik is the Detective trying to Handbags and Gladrags find a vicious serial killer They ve already killed two people The serial killer is a vigilante out to get justiceor people who can t get it An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) for themselves Paul isn t your average Detective He drinks takes drugs and hires escorts just to talk to them He s also near the end of his career The vigilante killer is dying and wants to revenge on some people before he diesThis story is toldrom the serial killer and Paul Czarcik point of view Paul works or the Bureau of Judicial Enforcement The book is uite graphic so this might not be suitable or some readers The pace is Wish Upon a Wedding fast ut I did not like any of the characters There was something addictive about the story though A good cat and mouse chase thriller thats well written Really good debut novel I will look outor this author in We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk futureI would like to thank NetGalley Random House UK Cornerstone and the author Thomas Holgateor my ARC in exchange Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other for an honest review RivetingSomeday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streetsI m that rainWith nothing to lose a self made vigilante sets out to exact revenge on the perpetrators that hobbled maimed and abused their innocent victims and got away with their crimes It s up to Detective Czarcik to apprehend this vigilante but does Czarcik really want that After all those monsters deserved what they gotA tour deorce of a novel Five stars Thanks to First Reads Richard Nixon: The Life for an early copy of the book. Ing Czarcik to play catch me if you can on a cross country murder spreeGoing rogue Czarcik accepts the challenge But as the bodies pile up he must come to grips with theact that nothing not the killer the victims or the rules is what it seems in this bloody game of cat and mou. ,
R in the hope of preventing uture murders and trying to *detect how he selects his victims *This Murder Mystery Is Fast *how he selects his victims *This Murder Mystery Is Fast mystery is ast the characters are well developed and the storyline is original Suspense increases with every page Highly recommended Thank you to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley or the e ARC in exchange or an honest review 4 starsThis was a pretty good twist on the whole catch the serial killer crime thriller as you know Puppet Master from the beginning who the killer is and it s about the motivations of not only the killer but the detective who has decided to pursue him The detective himself is deeplylawed and works outside of the lines but he still has a strong conviction of what true evil is As the story develops you ind out some things about his own past as a rookie cop that helps you understand some of the conflicts that he s working through as he races to stop the killer The Victims Of The Serial Killer Add Another Dimension To victims of the serial killer add another dimension to cat and mouse game as you have to decide whether they deserve what is happening to them I ound this book to be very interesting and well written and was surprised to Janae (Blacktop, find out that this was a debut novel Some of the violence in this book was a bit hard to read as it wasairly graphic but I think it it with the story There was also an element of romance in this story that I m still deciding if it was necessarybelievable but it did help wrap up the story at the end In many ways this book reminded me of ilm noir and I think it could make a very good movie depending on how they handle the graphic scenes Overall I very much enjoyed this book and couldn t wait to ind out how it would end I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good thrillercrime novel doesn An And ast Until nowA double slaying isn’t the open and shut case of urban crime he’s used to Connecting it to a high profile Texas judge Czarcik realizes something bigger is going on It’s the work of a serial killer or whom Chicago is just the beginning Now he’s invit. .
Just like The Mikado Daniel has got a little LIST OF FOLKS THE WORLD COULD DO WITHOUT SO of olks the world could do without So the beginning of the book we know the identity of the serial killer and can get a certain perverse satisfaction as he doles out his peculiar orm of justice Meanwhile Czarcik is the longest tenured Detective or the Illinois Bureau of Criminal Justice and is given lots of leeway to do things *his way Holgate does a great job of creating both of these characters They are each very uniue individuals and *way Holgate does a great job *Of Creating Both Of These Characters They *creating both of these characters They each very uniue individuals and s great Why Diets Make Us Fat fun to watch them play this game of cat and mouse Czarcik uses coke prostitutesor company not sex and smokes wherever he wants rules be damned He reminds me of the old detectives Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., from the 1950s and 60s Daniel helps out those down on their luck It s not all black and white here Inact Czarcik actually envies Daniel his ability to mete out justice Be prepared parts of this book are downright gruesome If you can handle that it s a Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, fast paced book that keeps you engrossed The big reveal at the end was obviousrom early early on Holgate has written Everyday life in medieval times featureilms and TV movies The novel reads like it s been written with a North film in mind My thanks to netgalley and Thomas Merceror an advance copy of this book Rain Will Come by Thomas Holgate is a irst novel but the author s writing experience of ilms and television movies and series shines through in this mystery Paul Czarcik a senior detective with the Illinois Bureau of Judicial Enforcement is investigating a double murder when he realizes that this crime shares similarities with the murder of a judge in Texas This leads him to believe he is on the trail of a serial killer His investigation will take him to other states in pursuit of the kille. A thrilling page turning debut about a twisted killer and a broken cop both with nothing to lose Paul Czarcik the longest tenured detective in the Illinois Bureau of Judicial Enforcement puts the rest of the team to shame Ruthless and riddled with vices Czarcik always gets his Rain Will Come