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MartyredI loved this book Alisha s writing is so deliciously descriptive that you really get lost in the lot and the characters lives I absolutely adored the 3 main characters I related to each of them in different ways and felt like I ersonally knew them after the first few chapters Their friendship is heartwarming and the loyalty amongst them is fierce This book is both empowering and endearing and I highly recommend to any reader There were many laces #in this book where you could feel the author trying to #this book where you could feel the author trying to her own opinions and commentary into the story rather than letting the characters drive the message for her Delivering opinions often seemed higher The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry priority than crafting a good story The characters were OK It was easy to see them as realeople but they also were not very original Were the characters well written or have we just seen these eople so many times in other books and movies that we already feel like we know them I will say the gay character was actually awful Prepare to endure incidences of even though she was gay she could tell he was hot or H I have several books I started reading recently but haven t Taken The Time To the time to them Not only did I start Martyred I finished it within days of first icking it up Martyred was so captivating there were a few time I kept reading just one chapter because I had know where the story was going to I kept reading just one chapter because I had know where the story was going to major reason I couldn t It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life put the book down was because of how developed the three main characters were They were so well devolved it Every woman sacrifices Career for kids Her own well being for her husband Her ideals and goals for theatriarchal world at large Sacrifice is in their nature but is it in their blood Eliza Too close to 40 too far from young Suburban mother Trophy wife uprising Her children need her less her husband gone ; she can't help but wonder if this is what her life had come to drinking tasteless coffee and leaving no mark on the world she lives in Camille A face for radio she was told but yet was front and center at one of the largest TV stations in the country A mother of thre. Elt like Eliza Millie and Vera were close ersonal friends by the time I finish reading the book Martyred has a very nice mix of drama suspense and comedic timing The book held my interest from start to finish The author Alisha Perkins does an amazing job drawing you in This book comes along at a time when we re really rooting for female empowerment which The Characters Deliver I Felt Like I Was There For characters deliver I felt like I was there for moment of their journey This was truly a great read can t wait to read from this author I definitely could relate to this book having 3 best friends from college Martyred captured this bondthat female relationships are capable of The characters were so well developed I felt like I knew them and will miss them now that I have finished the book Three very strong women friends since college These are real women with real struggles Their lives work kids spouses homes are not erfect They make sacrifices to keep it all together And occasionally it all falls apart A metoo moment happens to one of them and their lives And occasionally it all falls apart A metoo moment happens to one of them and their lives foreverWhat a great story I felt like I was in the story with them Having survived my own moment in college but without the support of my friends I was so glad to see these women circle the wagons to help each other out of the messI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review The devil doesn t always come in horns and a red cape he comes as everything you ever wished for but nothing being as it would seem Alisha Perkins Martyred. E and wife to a man who could no longer get it up Marriage was tough Thankfully friendship was tougher Vera She didn't just break glass ceilings she obliterated them leaving tiny ieces scattered on the floor at her feet much like her love life If only that ower could help fight her relationship insecuritiesOn an impromptu girls' weekend it didn't take long for things to fall into lace icking up right where they left off as if nothing had changed Until everything changedThe slit in her dress was not an invitation but merely a rejection of the idea that she was no lo. .

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Martyred is the book I ve needed for so long an incredible #read This story has absolutely everything relatable characters humor charm suspense love #This story has absolutely everything relatable characters humor charm suspense love and lies I couldn t get enough and now I want Alisha Wrote Strong Female Characters That Are wrote strong female characters that are only relatable but aspirational F Eliza always thought of Camille when she saw blood Back then the sight of it made her nauseous and terrified Now years later watching blood drip down her right A (kinda) Country Christmas pointer finger she was annoyed and slightly turned o An excellent readMartyred is the story of friends standing up together as women who will no longer be cowed by men The story has characters that are strong likable relatable and stand up for each other The storyline is one that is relevant to today s times and is very well written It has humour strength friendship love and hateI read and reviewed a copy of this book with no obligation In the MeToo era Martyred is just the story we ve been looking for The story that deserves to be told about the women and the uprising What Perkins does best in her writing is to blend the beauty of a sisterhood with humor and the tenacity of the matriarchy with the angryassion of voices that deserve to be heard Without focusing on the male s story haven t we had enough of that she digs deep into the female voice and the female ower and gives us each a hero with whom to identify This one will keep your synapses firing for days after you read the last word Because the last word written is just the beginning of the story. Nger sexy She had dressed up tonight to try to feel good about the woman who under all of it was crumbling And yet he took advantage anywayThree friends who had survived everything life seemed to throw at them rove time and again that while the world might try to break them Their love was one that the storybooks rarely write about The love between women who survived broken foundations to form an indestructible bondBut can it survive the ultimate test An attack on one of their ownThey aren't wounded women They are warriorsNot just management and mothers They are martyr.

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