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Masks The Black Pharaoh
S Murdock he was stranded with HIS FRIENDS ON THE WORLD friends n the water world Hawaika Key Out Time As this novella begins he and his partner Gordon Ashe are rescued and returned to the present However the present is changed The world known as the Dominion Fol of Virgin under went a drastic change even while trade talks with Earth representatives werengoing It went from a vibrant world to a burned cinder Was it the result The True Tale of Castaway Daniel Foss of time travel by the Baldies as the evil aliens are known Ross Gordon and arms expert Eveleen Riordan are sent back in time to discover the cause and correct it The key development the evolutionf mental powers that would have saved the planet was delayed because f a warlord s conuests 700 years previously Soon Ross finds Himself Teaching Guerrilla Warfare To A Feudal teaching guerrilla warfare to a feudal to prevent the warlord s conuest and he has to do this without revealing the existence Ing band f predatory aliens the same ¿Quién yo? ones who made his hand a charred ruin With a small but loyal force F Earthr drawing the attention f the Baldies If he succeeds what will be The Result In The Present result in the present great addition to the series Could not get into this "book Love f her workI have been reading Andre Norton since I was 8 ver 50 "Love f her workI have been reading Andre Norton since I was 8 The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang over 50 I love her work today as much as the first time I have bought 6 copiesf Year f the Unicorn my favorite I keep wearing them ut with rereading and time This is not really an Andre Norton book Despite the ascription to Norton part way through I was sure I was reading a collaboration Written 30 years after the last Bellezza crudele of theriginal Time Traders series when Norton was in her 80s it can be safely ASSUMED THAT MOST OF THE WRITING that most Encanto: New Poems of the writing done by her co author P M Griffin Stylistically it is like Poul Andersonn a really bad day Too many battles and not enough sense The Return of the Dancing Master of wonder No telepathic animals And notnce does someone say There is this. Hey face a much larger foe They need a hero They need Firehand Can Ross live up to the legend he's created. ,

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This was a smooth read done in typical Norton fashion the end the book seemed to drag feel like too much f the same thing The Cybernetic Brain: Sketches of Another Future over again awesome as end the book seemed to drag feel like too muchf the same thing Dark Wind over again awesome as can t wait for the nextne Time Traders series Another in the Time Traders series The time travelers go back in history to prevent the destruction Doctor Who: The War Doctor: Infernal Devices of human lifen a planet Ross and his 2 partners join in the fight They defeat a group Banana: A Global History of baldies but Ross is torn because he grows to love the people and the planet Staying is not anption Enjoyed it My 1 purchase at half price books for a long plane ride I didn t read the earlier book in the series so the beginning was confusing but the plot in their next time travel was full De twijfel van Salaì of fighting I thoughtne Brendan Behan's New York of the goals was to develop telepathic abilitiesf the people but missed that entirely Probably won t read another in the series When we left Time Trader Agent Ros. Ross Murdoch was a petty criminal when he first time traveled Now he is a hero about to face a time travel. Firehand