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Er feel and tells the H she can t see him any The h very wisely concludes that she falling in love and the H isn t going to stick with a girl like her so she dumps him The H isn t ready to be dumped tho so he shows up some weeks later and proposes She agrees and wants to do it right away Her father is out of the country for several months and she wants to just be a normal couple with a little house and things instead of a big society bridal pair and all the attendant social parties etc The H agrees and they get married The roommate is unsure about it but relents and wishes them happy when her cat jumps into the H s arms and apparently approves of him We all know that everything is really going to be okay in the end when the imperial cat approvesThen the father returns and tells the h that the H married her for revenge The h s father and the H s mum were engaged ears before The H s mum eloped with another man two weeks before the wedding and so the father married the h s mum But he was a real jerk and named the h after his eloped love and then the h s mum found out what he did and realized that the father was using her Since she was really in love with the man this tore her apart and she grew to hate him but she also had a child with him and did not want to raise her in a broken home The h s mum insisted that the h be called by another name and that was the reason why the h sensed that her parents did not really like each other and why they were so removed from the h herself Her father says he tried but he just couldn t get over the H s mumThe H puts a bit perspective on the story It turns out that the h s dad ruined the H s dad career and so his dad couldn t work in his chosen field of chemical research This put a lot of pressure on the marriage and his mum died in part because the stress wore her out The h s dad wasn t really mourning his lost love he was just nursing the wound to his ego and he pretty much destroyed everyone else s life because of itThe h is in utter shock she really believed the H loved her and she just can t handle a marriage under such deceitful circumstances She isn t comfortable with the H any and her father s behavior absolutely appalls her She also relates to how her mum must have felt and she doesn t want any of that torment so after she see s the H kissing another woman and realizes their physical relationship down the tubes she refuses any H explanations and takes off The story resumes in the present when the H tells the h that her father is very ill and needs a major surgery but may not survive Both the H and the father have been searching for her and worry over her disappearance has made the father s condition worse The h doesn t want to go anywhere with the H but she has a long talk with the OW the OW always calls her lovers Mike she is remarkably impersonal in her affairs and the H is no exception and the OW explains about the relationship she has with the H The OW and the H knew each other for Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day: My Autobiography years in school etc She had a very bad relationship break up and fell to pieces The H helped her recover and got her painting again and they lived together for a little while well before the H was really rich and met the h but they weren t really meant to be a couple so they parted ways and only kept in distant contact When she met the H again for the first time in over threeears he was pretty messed up so she offered her companionship as way to pay him back for his prior kindnesses She hadn t known anything about his marriage until she saw him again the day beforeThis brings us to HPLandia rule 7 the H is ALWAYS allowed OW even if he is technically married as long as he is not cohabiting with the h In HPlandia non cohabitation means no commitment and this book is far from the first to use that handy little get out clause often with worse offenders than the one verifiable time this H has as we all know from Anne Mather A lot of reviews on this book mention multiple one night stands for the H secondary characters in the book mention that as well for reasons I will describe later on I totally believe the OW was the ONLY OW and only because she was a very sincere old friend and he was pretty much at the end of his ropeThe h confides to the OW that she is still devastated over losing her baby as she was unknowingly preggers when she left and she miscarried when she tripped and fell from what she thought were the H s detectives following her She explains that she has been pretty fine by herself and really has no desire to get involved with the H again The OW suggests returning with the H to her father s sickbed to prove that she really is indifferent and maybe he will let her goThe h finally agrees but upon returning to her father s side is shocked by how ill and feeble he is and is unable to say anything when the assumes the H and ill and feeble he is and is unable to say anything when the father assumes the H and are back together The h tells the H what happened and he decides to insist upon a real consummated marriage when she just wants a name only partnership She tells him off and the father is set up to have his surgeryWhat follows is the h having a very intense examination of her feelings and the nature of forgiveness and love LA gets rather philosophical here and there is some comparison to Christian charity but it really works for the story She is still horrified by her father s actions but she loves him too and he is very close to death and that shakes her up She realizes that she forgives him and her conscience really starts in on her when she applies that same theory of forgiveness to the H Plus to be fair her father acted much worse than the H did The H really did nothing to the h that hurt her or that she did not want The only thing that happened was he married her for revenge but he did not ACT mean or horrible or hurtful to her He appeared to be just as enthralled with her as she was with him and if she is the forthright person she wants to be and if she wants to keep her self respect she knows she needs to forgive the H as well The h also runs into her old roommate who further enforces that the H MAY have had a one night stand or two but has essentially done nothing but look for the h and work for the last three Representation Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices Culture Media and Identities Series years No affairs and he is looking worse all the time The H then interjects his own pathos into the situation while waiting for the father to be surgery ready he pretty much leaves the h physically alone He does want her and there are a few punishing kisses but he doesn t pursue her Then he sees her in the nursery area at the hospital looking sad and brow beats the OW into telling him about the miscarriage He does a full on seduction of the h and then leaves her the next morning thinking that she must hate him for her loss and he isn t planning on returning Her dad will make a full recovery so she can tell him whatever she wants The h realizes that she is still wildly in love with the H and that they can move on and so she has to track him down The h finally finds the H in their old house he bought her when they married and that she decorated all herself He has kept all her things there and everything is exactly how she left it It is his shrine to her He explains that he really did initially marry her for revenge Then he got to know her and lived with her and then he fell totally in love with her When she left him she completely broke his heart She was the best person he ever met and when he found her again he was going to be sneaky and seduce her and get her preggers so she wouldn t leave him Then he saw her sadness and realized he was still being evil cause he thought she hated him and so he took his one night to last forever and then was leaving the country However all the flights were grounded in a Divine Act of fate so he went to their home to brood The h tries to apologize for running off and losing the baby but he takes all of the blame and they both avow true love forever There is some magic reunion lurve time and then the epilogue where the h has just had twins and everybody is happy Overall the followup story makes the opening of the book work The important thing becomes the dissection of the h s feeling and motives and LA does this extremely well The h isn t issuing a blanket act of blind forgiveness for either her father or the H She is realistically examining what happened and how it REALLY affected her as opposed to just nursing some wounded feelings The h examines her own moral values and how she wants to live with HERSELF and her own sense of being a decent person She is a fairly good example of how a person gets to unconditional love and she doesn t tolerate people treating her badly while she does it I had a very clear sense of why she took the H back and why she acts as she does and I believed the HEAThe H is also believable in this one his actions make it very clear that he sincerely regrets his part in the whole thing I liked how devastated and broken he was shown to be and I have to say it was one of the best stories of how an arrogant H gets knocked off his high horse by the skillet smack of real love in all HPlandia and that aspect is all the better because it is all demonstrated via his actions and not through his POVThis story with it s notorious opening is one the gems of HPlandia Ifou can get over the beginning Five fags a day you will be in for a very engrossing few hours and a happy glow from the inner joy of experiencing a very believable HEA that is made even better because of the angst trainride it took to arrive at it. Ay loves me He does Andet she ran awayFor three long ears Melly had managed to evade the past until the day she ran right into her husband and a situation she

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H the too white teeth perfect hair dashing smile and the heart of a fucking snake This guy was a nasty promiscuous bastard I usually tend to have a lil old soft spot for the old school alpha assholes because I love a masterful man But Clay was just EVIL The one thing I hate in a romance novel is when an author takes the sweetest most sheltered and selfless little Mary Sue heroine who wouldn t harm a soul and makes her the victim of a vile nasty H whose dick should have been bobbitted I remembered the scene where the heroine meets the asshole for the first time after so many ears and the dirty mother fucker has just finished screwing his bimbo with benefits friend That s just fucking nasty man Seriously A second chance romance is not romantic when the rat bastard H re enters the heroine s life by discreetly tucking his wet floppy dick back into his trousers after screwing some OW This heroine was also stupid and annoying Sometimes it is cute and sweet to meet a gal who lives in the land of the Mary Sues This heroine was an insult to Mary Sues everywhere The stupid spineless girl just let the asshole re enter her life again after she had tried too hard to become independent All her hard won independence is just blown to dust in a second And that s not even the worse She even becomes friends with his bimbo with benefits Lindsay Armstrong has got to be fucking kidding me An OW becoming pals with the heroine and even being all sweet and helpful to the heroine What s WORSE is this pathetic heroine NEVER even came close to even dating another guy while Clay is burning out his dick screwing every bimbo he can Fuck this shit Nah This crapfestival of rotten eggs does not deserve a special place on my elite read again list And Clay That mother fucker will never be on my sexy hero book shelf Good looks alone are not the sole reuirement for my sexy hero shelf I might be extremely superficial but a guy has got to have looks class and moral standards Oh Jane of Gowlands yeah and MUCH intelligence and a comfortable amount of money and be over 6 feet tall and have straight hair and not be fat and and have good breath and have symmetrical facial features and did I mention be over 6 feet tall Re Saved from Sin the title in this one comes from an old fashioned saying that Scottish Calvinists used to warn of the temptations of the flesh without benefit of marriage In fact the original MB title is Save My Soul From Sin which is a paraphrasing of lines from either Dr Faustus Psalm 2220 or St Augustine s comments on St Paul s statement that it is better to marry than to burn What is even extraordinary about this book besides the very different title with it s very Christian implications is what other reviewers mention the h does indeed meet the H again after a threeear separation while he is with another woman Any writing class will tell ou that one of the most important things in any story is what they call the hook an opening that draws the reader in and keeps them turning the pages this is true for both non fiction news stories etc and fiction stories The H with the OW hook is a very bold but dangerous one to use cause it has a very great chance of backfiring and alienating the reader so much that they won t finish the book This is especially true in HPlandia cause while there may be the implicationperception of the H being unfaithful it is pretty much understood that once an H falls in love he really doesn t sleep with anyone else Well at least we like to believe soIn fact that opening is so dangerous to the relative peace and familiar harmonic undercurrents of HPlandia that it has only been used three times and judging by the wildly varying reviews and ratings both on Ammy and Goodreads there is a very good cause for author s hesitating to use it Both Sharon Kendrick s Bought By Her Husband and Sarah Morgan s Powerful Greek Unworldly Wife use this device and SK s book is one of the most reviled in HPlandia anywhere she is also the only one to take it to the extreme of the H actually using the OW while he is talking to the h SM s book sets up the H with the OW but the h makes an appearance before anything truly occurs It is a risky opening and how well it works is entirely dependent upon the skill with which the author relates the backstory of the couple and how convincing they are in the follow up romance LA did a fairly good job on this one mostly I think because her books are always very h centric and focus on how the h comes to the conclusions she does and how she acts on her convictions after she arrives at them She takes the betrayal for revenge and reconciliation tropes to some interesting conclusions with her internal musings of the h and the h s actions and for once provides a very believable reason of WHY an h would continue a life with a man who horribly betrayed her She also provides a certain amount of H redemption although it is all h pov the reader does get a sense that this all h pov the reader does get a sense that this has suffered greatly for his arrogance So circumstances being what they were and how the h manages to resolve her turmoil to what I believe was a genuine HEA with a believable outcome make this one a keeper for me although mileage does vary and other people may not feel the same The story starts with our 22 ear old h She is on her own having left her marriage and her father behind three ears earlier when she found out her beloved H had only married her for revenge She runs into him while conducting consumer *Surveys And She Happens To Knock On *and she happens to knock on door of the OW s apartment The OW answers the door buttoning up a man s shirt and the h introduces herself she starts to explain she is out taking surveys when the OW apologizes very embarrassedly and calls the man in the room over who is buttoning up his shirt and when the h looks at him it is her estranged husband The h then does what all good HPlandia h s do when confronted with emotional trauma they can t run away from she faintsLater she wakes up and finds herself in the OW s bed and then the backstory portion begins The h remembers how she got to where she is now and the lead up to the present is very detailed it takes over half the bookThe h has two rather distant but fabulously wealthy parents who appear very cold to each other and when her beloved mum dies her father sent her away to a Swiss finishing school rather than grieve with her This had caused a fair amount of resentment in the h so when she returns home after having to threaten her father to make him let her she further asserts herself by moving in with a dear friend getting a job and basically having a typical life for a oung lady making her stab at independence For some reason everybody around her thinks she needs to be sheltered Part of this is that no one knew her parents even had a child until her mum s funeral and the other part is the h is painfully direct and honest about her feelings about pretty much EVERYTHING She is just one of those people that wears her heart on her sleeve and what she likes she is wildly enthusiastic about She doesn t hold back on her joy or her appreciation of life and because of it people tend to treat her like a naive childHer father worries that she is going to be swept up by some fortune hunter and her best friend is worried that some guy is going to take advantage of her The h IS childlike in her enthusiasm but she is also pretty sensible for a 19 Prey year old She knows that she isn t up to a big affair with a really sophisticated man She has lots of dates with guys in her social circle and she describes them very well asoung men with interest in the Rugby Union or fast cars than having a serious affair She is aware that they might want to get physical than she is but she also makes herself pretty safe by paddling in the shallows of the dating pool with guys who wouldn t really try to take advantage of her and she has a few strategies for discouraging them when they get too amorous Then she meets the H at a big society party her roommate s parents house She is rather daringly dressed in a slinky gown style she hasn t worn before and the H is very nice to her when he finds her alone after her date for the evening leaves to get her a drink She chats with him for a bit and is very attracted but he is 32 wildly wealthy and obviously used to a much sophisticated woman than she knows herself to be She is a bit disappointed when her date comes back but figures she is better way below the H s league and her roomie agrees when she lists the H s known companions The list includes several high powered glamorous career women the OW from the story beginning is listed she is apparently a very famous artist All of the ladies are very experienced in all meanings of the word and the h knows she is just too country bumpkin to even get a look in Until the H looks her up and asks her out She eventually agrees to go out for dinner after a really honest conversation about what his expectations in his dates are and how she is no where near his level in dating experiences The H bemusedly agrees to keep his hands to himself and so they start have excursions together over the next several months The excursions come to an end when one of the h s other dates gets a bit rough and tries to kiss her he leaves bruises which the H discovers and he volunteers to kiss her so she can test the differences He gives her one of the best kisses in HPlandia and possible in all the universes at least from her pov and she doesn t like how it makes Isted only for him when all along she'd existed only as his instrument of revengeMelly's last words the night she'd confronted her father had been It's not true Cl. ,
For some reason I knew this book had cheating but still decided to give it a goSaved from Sin is the story of Melissa and Clayton a separated couple and the story actually begins with the h walking in on H with OW post coitus The story then proceeds into a typical HN plot where the H tries to convince h to get back together for sake of her dying father and later the h is consoled by H s mistressThen the story goes into flashback when a naive h is seduced by the cunning H for some vicious revenge and her innocence is ripped from her when he cruelly reveals the truth after which the h runs awayFlash forward to the present there s a t te t te between h and his mistress where they have a heart to heart view spoiler including talks of her past miscarriage hide spoiler Ok this is NOT my type of book If Addicted to Womanhood Book One you abhor cheating H then I warnou stay away Anyhow I really actually super skimmed read this I was conflicted by the varying reviews of high stars and low stars and that the H was a freaking cheater and that totally holy crap meeting again between the hHOW So my curiosity got the best of me and now I m traumatized I m sorry but that whole mess is just plain weird insulting and I wanted to punch someone actually I want to punch the H and the OW Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth yeaheah the OW was all kind and helpful blah blah blah but holy freaking mother of what the blazes this was just a few hours after that evil H and OW doing it and the poor h had to witness this I m REALLY mad And I m sorry that OW explanation that H was pretending it was the h while they were doing it and that means trueeeeee loovee DISGUSTING what kind of heroe does that to a woman even though the OW was OK with being a substitute and the OW helped with their reconciliation so they re one big happy family NO JUST NO and the groveling was NOT ENOUGH I thought that other book I read about an affair cheating heroe the perfect marriage by laurey bright angered me but then I forgave the story because book was under the Harleuin American Romance i e More realistic stories but this is harleuin presents The heroes shouldn t be cheaters anyway this is a really weird bookstory for me But if the h is happy with her choice then that s all that matter right And that s why I gave it 2 stars coz at least the poor h is happy And she got what she thought she never get But I still HATE THE H I really like this author and this story does not disappoint I won t go into the plot because other reviewers have already covered it but I will say that the misdeeds and suffering are nicely calibrated in this hero revenge story And speaking of the hero for someone who wants revenge he s incredibly sweet to the heroine while he is courting her and when they are married I loved the flashback scenes from their marriage putting their house together The heroine is a pure soul and of course the hero fell for her That s why it seemed important to this reader for the heroine to find peace and her enthusiasm for life again We re with her as she goes on her journey from darkness and bitterness to light and love It s not forced and it s not insta love sex it s the hard work of digging deep into her values and what kind of person she wants to be The hero has done some of that work during their separation making peace with his father in law but he too has to face the full extent of what s he s done to the heroine and it almost breaks him In the end it s the heroine who has the power to heal and she uses her powers for good The opening is shocking but we see it through the lens of a very numb heroine The OW is apologetic and understanding not taunting and horrible The h gets lots of apologies throughout the book that s why her forgiveness didn t feel instant or forced at the end It s been coming all along Gah what the m% fck crap is this Married hero was dipping his wick in other women during his separation but it s okay because he loves his wife and they were only substitutes Worse still heroine catches him in the act in one instance Yeah and I m the Virgin MaryCalms down and gets in line to punch the hero Disclaimer Cheating doesn t bother me as much if Hh haven t consummated their relationship Once is Never Enough yet Clearly they did in this bookSee Tatiana s review I didn t realise this was a Christian HP That means the heroine is advised to do what the bible says and turn the other cheek This poor heroine is even subjected to a how to keepour man chat from the OWa few hours after the OW has just had comfort sex with the heroines husbandI felt that every other character was emotionally abusive to Melissa not to mention manipulated the life out of herArmstrong tried to pull everything together at the end but ou just don t start a HP book like that the damage was done An emotionally gripping story about love revenge
#and betrayal a #
betrayal A heiress protected by her family finally decides to stretch her wings and become independent She meets older devastatingly handsome man and is instantly attracted She can t figure out why he is interested in her country bumpkin ways but he pursues her and eventually proposes She accepts they secretly marry and live a happy existence until her Father reveals that she is just a pawn of revenge between the two of them Hero does not deny the charges and she leaves him vanishing off the face of the earth Now I really haven t told ou than what is on the back cover But I will leave ou with thisThe book opens when she is canvassing a wealthy neighborhood to conduct a survey She rings a bell of apt 59 and gets the surprise of her life when a giggling woman dressed only in a man s shirt opens the door The man s shirt happens to belong to hubby dearestFrom there I was hooked couldn t put it down I highly recommend 35 starsok 4Spoilers spoiler spoilers Reading this review will take away all the surprise Just letting ou know Some of this story I still haven t wrapped my head around It s strange I don t know how I feel about it If My Life with Princess Margaret you read the first couple of pagesou ll come up on how the heroine knocks on a random door as part of her job and is greeted by a sexy woman in a man s shirtthe heroine s husband s shirt to be exact Sooo she hasn t seen him in three Un amor fora ciutat years It s still his shirt Andes they did it But Blue Murder you know this right out from the gate soou know if Pilgrimage in Medieval Scotland: (Historic Scotland Series) you want to flounce or not Gotta give kudos on that right Of course I continued to readThe majority of the first half of the story is told as a flashback Apparently our little miss married the H under false pretenses when she was a innocent 19 to his worldly 32 as part of a revenge plot the H enacted on her father When she finds out she splits soon after after adding insult to injury and stays gone for threeears until that opening scene The rest is the fallout of them finding an excuse for getting back together and the trials and tribulations involved with that Something really weird about this story The OW She plays matchmaker which is kinda creepy You can be too close ou know Yeah she screwed him but it was just a comforting fk among friends Hmm Makes ou wonder what they ll be up to next time they do lunch right To add to the fun he s also had sex another time or two the last couple of The earth; an introduction to physical geology years Not with the friendly OW other onesbut it didn t mean anything Hmm I do recognize that she left him but hey he was using her to get even with her dad and then on top of that she caught him sucking face with some chick on the porch after finding this out Of course she s gonna leave I don t know if I m perversely thrilled or disgusted that he couldn t keep it in his pants because he was actually a nice guy A very much in love forgivable whoredog of a hero So this was a fabulous angsty sneaky bastard cheaterbut it didn t mean anything payback is a biach satisfying grovel kind of story Ifou like those kind of stories ou ll love this one I just didn t get this one although I can see elements of it that could be appealing so it might just be a case of it s not ou it s meThe plot is based on revenge with the older worldlier hero setting out to seduce the naive country What a stupid fucked up piece of shit H this guy was Clay was such an asshole He wasn t even a sexy asshole in my opinion I read this ears ago and was just surfing through goodreads trying to see which nice sweet oldies I should put on my re read list when I came across THIS PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A ROMANCE NOVEL Sometimes I remember romance novels because of the sheer beauty and passion of the story and the fascinating MC s Then there are times I remember romance novels for the utter F up bullshit that was a complete waste of my eyesight Seriously Never mind Even if I was blind and this was on audiobook I would rather pour bleach in my ears than listen to this story I ve read romance novels with a hero who has cheated and I ve even believed that those guys had redeemed themselves by the end but something about Clay just rubbed me the wrong way I disliked him from the beginning and not a thing that he did in his attempt to redeem him could have earned any support from me He explained it all away by saying how long and hard he had searched for the heroine He might have searched for her but it didn t stop his traitorous dick from screwing his OW every once in a while did it That is what I found unforgivable I didn t care that the author tried to make him appear sweet and reformed I didn t buy it I remembered Clay as a sleazy H He was one of those snake oil salesmen type of a guy wit. She'd rushed into marriageClay Forrester had swept his starry eyed Australian bride off her feet He'd made her feel special witty and rather daring a person who ex. Save My Soul from Sin