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Capo dei Capi Luca You put added the osity to fabulous fabulosity 99% monster but ohhhh that 1% I m glad you were the sperm that to fabulous fabulosity 99% monster but ohhhh that 1% I m glad you were the sperm that overall 425 starsI love books in the hero s point of view I find it way interesting since I am a girl so I understand the heroine s view It is also pretty uniue since not all authors do have a male point of view in their romance books specially a whole book Fiona Davenport has the Love novella series where all the books are in the hero s point of viewThis was probably my favorite or second favorite hero s point of view after Walking Disaster It was super well written fit into the parameters of the story and seemed pretty realistic I adore the romance between Aria and Luca it is so perfect and well doneI was really annoyed by Grace More in this book than in Bound by Honor All in all a great mafia book in the hero s point of view 5 stars I devour it it was simply amazing and imagine that still I haven t read Bound by Honor so I need to read it immediately I didn t Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life expect to like it so much but I was hooked and I couldn t getnough of Aria and Luca I wanted than that With Aria I simply wanted I wanted all of her Crazy Love every little thing not just her body also her smiles and her closeness and her astonished gasps and breathless moans I tightened my arm around her I read this one in one sitting it was fast paced sexy intense and hot Luca and Aria didn t start very well but in the time this changed and they have an amazing connection and you could feel their love forach otherNow I m intrigued and Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society excited to read the rest books She knew what I was and for some reason that made me want to be good to her to show her that there was than brutality At least when she was concernedWhen I was reading Bound by Honor long time ago I ve dreamed about learning Luca s thoughts and my prayers have been finally answered Cora Reilly gave the voice to her hottest mobster who makes us fall in love with him again But this book is not just Luca and Aria s love story from his point of view It s also an insight into his past and informations about HOLY FUCKIt s MY MAN S COVERI m soxcited for this book So fucking xcitedLike think of the one time you were the most xcited and times that by a million THATS how xcited I amMy CapoMy love 35 stars Born in Blood Sworn in Blood reading this just cuz i really wanna know why the f Luca cheateddid i understand it yeah did i like it nahhbut did i like this than the original book hell yeah ok so we all know mafia world is weird and unconventional in other words a hypocritical misogynistic patriarchal world where men go on and on about loyalty and honor and how they take it seriously that they ven die from it but also cheat on their wives at the same time anyways so i understand why some people ANYWAYS so i understand why some people think Luca didn t cheat because Black Heart, Red Ruby even though they were married arranged they weren tven in a relationship relationship i get it i totally do and that s why i wasn t ven that mad about the whole thing but it just really bugged me how he was annoyed that he got caught and Aria had to see him having sex with another woman than the actual cheating now THAT got me mad i can t remember if he truly apologized but did he say the words im sorry but for anyone who s curious here s the scene I tried to im. Rsh words I was raised to become Capo to rule without mercy to dish out brutality without a second thought Raised to break others When Aria was given to me in marriage veryone waited with baited breath to see how fast I’d break her like my father. 4 Luca Vitiello is addictive stars I was gladly the monster veryone feared Until her Until Aria And that s the honest truth guys Luca Vitiello is addictive and you re never going to get bored by seeing him Around In The Books Of This SeriesYes in the books of this seriesYes have heard his POV again in Bound by love but that book was afterThis book was before and during the vents of the first book in the series Bound by honorI love this man and i loved that i found out about himNope his dark side didn t bother me at all It just made him human in my Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey eyesThis was Luca s story since he was a child and he had to witness his mother s deathWe found out about him and how he became the most ruthless person in the FamigliaHe was born to be a Capo andven though it was his given right he had to work hard to become the head of the famigliaHis father was a soulless monster and he inflicted to Luca and Matteo that love was a weaknessLuca was dark dangerous and lethal He had no feelings he had no heart Until her It was still strange to think that she was really mine that she would be mine until the very nd This wasn t for one night or a few weeks of mindless pleasure This wasn t no strings attached This was forever for both of us I loved that we saw the ffect that Aria had into Luca I loved the slowly progress between them to become something than two people who were forced into a marriage of convenienceWhat didn t I likeAll these sexual frustration that Luca was having through the book It got me tired a little bitBut ЯED except that i loved that we saw some other aspects of him and his life and i liked being inside his headI m always loving Cora Reilly s stories and her mafia world I just can t getnough of this bunchI m just sorry ven though xtremely grateful that i couldn t meet the deadline of this ARC cause i m having personal issues that were delaying meWell i can t wait for the next story As I met Aria s loving gaze I knew that she was my greatest victory Only she brought happiness into days of blood and violence only she could fill my dark world with light ARC provided for the The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs exchange of an honest review This is a re telling of Bound by Honor but toldntirely from the H s perspective There isn t much new information to add Moreno except for Luca s childhood years and his role in hisvil father s death The rest of the storyline remained the same but it was Monsieur Pain extranlightening to see that the H was a lot sensitive and vulnerable than we d been led to xpect in both Bound by Honor and the seuel Bound by Love Readers of the series already expect in both Bound by Honor and the seuel Bound by Love Readers of the series already about the infamous skanky OW Grace and her part in the novel In light of this it s basically redundant for me to write further details Those who are new to the series will find detailed reviews on both BBH and BBL with the accompanying detailsspoilers Hands up who loves a bad boyLuca the pitome of Anti Heroand like most of the reader population I can t resist a bad boy and Capo Luca IS a bad boySo the uestion is did we need this book as well as Bound by Honor book 1 for me the answer is YESWe saw Aria through Luca s What If eyes and what he truly feels for herbut shouldn t In the Cosa Nostra love is a weakness and hisnemies would love to The Exhaustion Breakthrough exploit it 4 for the storyline 5 for that book cover dam Cora Reilly you did well on that choice5 for my. I was born a monster Cruelty ran in my veins like poison It ran in the veins ofvery Vitiello man passed on from father to son an The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good endless spiral of monstrosity A born monster shaped into anven worse monster by my father’s blade and fists and ha. Agine it was Aria tried to imagine her flowery scent but Grace s sweet perfume clogged up my nose and her moans kept distracting meMy grip on her hips tightened further and I thrust harder into her but I could actually feel myself soften at her fucking view That had never happened not with anyoneI closed my yes so I wouldn t have to see the woman before me and instead an image of the woman I really wanted formed before my inner ye Yes Harder Grace screamed and I almost snarled at her to shut the fuck up Instead I tightened my hold on her hips and slammed into her anger consuming my veins What the fuck was I doing reason why he cheated because Aria would always flinch and act scared when it comes to sex and romantic affection in general and it reminded him of his father whenever Aria shows fear because his mother used to look at his father like that he grew up hearing his mother getting tw raped and abused by his dad so i guess he didn t want to show his dark side to Aria since she s so pure and innocent and again another reason is because of his needs meaning he s horny af and his own wife won t do anything about it listen listen i understand his pov but yeahh i didn t like it i mean come on this is mafia so whatever moral standards that i normally look for in other H s i know it wouldn t be the same when it comes to mafia H s but honestly i ve read worse and they re not ven in the mafia genre so imo this was pretty tame but this was way better than the original mainly because there S An Actual Plot And an actual plot and way Luca was thinking about Aria in his inner monologue was actually pretty swoony he was definitely way WAY likeable here than in the original because whenever he would say something bossy or annoying he would contradict his statements with his thoughts that are again swoony af Aria was a ueen and nobody would treat her as anything less than that and he really did treat her like a ueen i LOVE when H s call the h s ueens and proceeds to treat them like one like yesanyways i don t know if i should continue reading this series or just skip to the camorra chronicles because mafia isn t really a favorite genre of mine but the hype and praise and my type Avirgo personality just makes me wanna read EVERYTHING do y all see my struggle This is the book I have liked the least but I knew what I was getting into and this story did remind me why some people tend to stay away from dark romancesMafia isn t a fair business and it s most definitely not a female friendly one and there s no use in denying the horrible fate women face when ntering or born in that worldIt was all very tolerable nonetheless and I liked some aspects about book but mostly the promise of certain characters A glimpse into Luca s childhood teenage years as well as the vents from Bound By Honor in his POV Does this mean that this is a full the vents from Bound By Honor in his POV Does this mean that this is a full Which will include Luca s life before Aria and then it will retell the Events Of Bound By Honor of Bound By Honor Luca s POVIn all honesty I don t really think that we need it I would much rather see new characters And I cannot imagine myself suffering through another book full of Aria If it were just a short novella about Luca s childhood and teenage years I would find that intriguing However the different POV on Bound By Honor is a no for me. Broke his women How I’d crush her innocence and kindness with the force of my cruelty Breaking her would have taken little ffort It came naturally to me I was gladly the monster veryone feared Until herAuthor's note Bound By Honor in Luca's POV. ,

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Luca Vitiello Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles #0

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