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The Young PatriotsBut six daring children out loyalty to the young rince and their own sense Of Honor Have Concocted A To Rescue The Doomed honor have concocted a lan to rescue the doomed It is a lan so dangerous that it will reuire all the courage skill and knowledge they osess and then they will only succeed if luck is on their side Can Louis Charles be rescued in time or will he succomb to the ravages of his harsh and cruel confinement and join his arents as another victim of the Terror Tom Eiseman dishes out the adventure and excitement in his new tension filled thriller The Young Patrio.

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First Year Trilogie der Verlorenen. Stücke.
The boy chewed on a shriveled iece of
*half boiled black *
boiled black of which the taste could only be described as loathsome He could look forward to four burned chestnuts for dessert The aleness of the boy's cheeks indicated it had been a long time since they had felt the warmth of the sun A look of sadness overlaid his face Most believed this child to be guilty of a terrible unspeakable crime In his small veins flowed the blood of Hugh Capet the founder of the Capetian dynasty of French kings This child was Louis founder of the Capetian dynasty of French kings This child was Louis son of Louis XVI and Marie An. .
Toinette Paris 1793 The city is ravaged by the REIGN OF TERROR DEEP WITHIN THE TEMPLE PRISON THE of Terror Deep within the Temple Prison the heavily guarded building in Paris eight year old Louis Charles is held captive by soldiers of the Revolutionary Government Without hope of escape the chances for survival for this unfortunate child are diminishing rapidly Isolated from all contact with the outside world ill fed hysically and verbally abused deprived of fresh air and sunshine "HIS FRAIL BODY IS SLOWLY BEING WORN DOWN AND "frail body is slowly being worn down and valiant spirit is gradually but inevitably being broken.

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