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Dear Girls Intimate Tales Untold Secrets and Advice for Living Your Best LifeLet me tell you it Is Such A Relief To such a relief to a funny well written book from a comedian that I admire Man I ve been burned so many times before with mediocre books from comedians I barely dared to hope with this one But Ali Wong really delivered If you are a fan of Ali Wong you will like this book I The Battle of Borodino: Napoleon Against Kutuzov pinky swearromise The beginning of the book is Religion in the Ancient Greek City pure Ali Wong humor and if you think think that means vagina andubic hair jokes you would be 100% CORRECT Ali Wong is The Polemical Works of Al Al- Abar purely who she is and I love that about her I thinkeople underestimate her though not so much any thank you Always Be My Maybe but she is one of the most honest crassly amazing comedians out there I love that she is a A Companion to Vittoria Colonna parent now and I related to her stories a ton even though our upbringing was completely different I ate up the stories about how she met her husband and how he compared to the multitude of men she had dated in theast She gave me the intimate content I was craving and no I don t mean of her sex life get your mind out of the gutterThe second half of the book was a bit less funny and of an exploration of her ethnic background which I also enjoyed Ali Wong showed me a lot about who she is and where she is going both in her own journey to learn about herself and with her comedy Sometimes I think it s too early for a comedian to write a book but with Ali Wong it was just right Both funny and oignant Ali Wong really nailed it with Dear Girls Intimate Tales

Untold Secrets And Advice 
Secrets and Advice Living Your Best LifeCopy rovided in exchange for an honest reviewgoodreads instagram twitter blog This is just not my kind of funny 45 StarsDear Girls is a book made up of Ali Wong writing letters chapters to her young daughters The letters are hilarious cautionary candid tales telling of Ali s life experiences from childhood through adulthood and cumulating into her becoming a mother She is frank candid vulgar and hilariously real about all aspects of her life She is not afraid to take risks and encourages her daughters to do so but to also learn from the mistakes their mother has made Her book reads like her stand up comedy specials heck she mentions them enough in the book She is fearless and really La Partera: Story of a Midwife puts herself out there andokes fun at her body dating her husband having immigrants as arents sex food regnancy and how taking risks aid off and made her a better erson and stand up comic You do not need to be a fan of Ali Wong to read this book I really didn t know much about her Reduced Laughter: Seriocomic Features and Their Functions in the Book of Kings prior to reading this one I saw a couple of clips on YouTube of hererforming while regnant If you were not a fan before this book you will be after reading it Unless you are turned off by talk of gapping buttholes and her multiple descriptions of her big bush Seriously someone needs to introduce this woman to laser hair removal or as least take her to get waxed Just thinking out loud thereThis book is fabulous although it seemed to stop on a dime It just ended and then there was the afterword written by her husband to their two daughters Overall a hilariously funny frank raunchy heartfelt and entertaining read Thank you to Random House and NetGalley for roviding me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Honestly it cracked me up and made me smile All the thoughts and opinions are my own I often think about what it would be like for my grandfather to see me now What would he think about me saying all of the disgusting things I say onstage How he would feel about his granddaughter talki. Ali Wong's heartfelt and hilarious letters to her daughters the two she Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 27 put to work while they were still in utero covering everything they need to know in life like the unpleasant details of dating how to be a working mom in a male dominatedrofession and how she trapped their dadIn her hit Netflix comedy special Baby Cobra an eight month regnant Ali Wong resonated so heavily that she. Ng about what she lusts after How I obsess over the most trivial roblems How I make a living by talking about what I want How eople Zheng Guogu pay to see his granddaughter just talk He drobably think I was some sort of magician with ancient owers derived from behaving very well in a ast life Or a witch I guess At the very least he d definitely have the opposite opinion of all those jealous ass white male comedians who say things like People only like your comedy because you re female and a minority My grandpa would be like I can t believe Frںuhzeit Des Ostslaventums people like your comedy You re a female and a minority I have heard of Ali Wong and have seen her referenced a few times but have never seen any of her standup So needless to say I was leary about reading a memoir about her This book was recommended to me by someone I trust or I would have nevericked it up on my own I usually like memoirs or biographies by Forbidden Knowledge people in the twilight years of their lives or better yet dead I think that comes from being a completist I want the whole story not just the first third of someone s life So here I am writing a review of a memoir by a woman in her 30s How extraordinary What is amazing is that I gave the book five stars How is thisossibleIt is simply impossible not to Anyone who knows me well has heard my diatribe about movies billed as comedies It s not that I don t like to laugh I find life a series of comedic events but I like comedy that occurs naturally and comedic movies always come across as forced comedy which ultimately starts to feel flat and fake I m soon wishing I d Whose Life Is It Anyway?: Living through your 20s on your own terms put in something like In Bruges where a seriouslot is freuently enlivened by comedic elements So what I m saying is that I m a terrible risk for a book like this Ali Wong chooses to write her book a book like this Ali Wong chooses to write her book a series of letters to her children The title reflects that but my first reaction isI m a guy so she isn t really interested in men reading this book Won t I feel like I m The Rumsfeld Way: The Leadership Wisdom of a Battle-Hardened Maverick peeping in on revealing secrets not intended for me Of course the whole idea of Ali Wong having a secret she hasn t revealed to the world is rather hilarious Though I do wonder what secret couldossibly be so horrendously embarrassing that Wong would not use it for her stand up comedy routine So the title does throw me but I uickly shake it off as I become caught up in her narrative It isn t long before I am thinkingdon t tell your daughters that My lifetime of brainwashed conditioning showing itself sporting a wagging finger and disapproving look By the end of the book I feel like Wong has taken a scrub brush of whitewash to those elements of my mind Full disclosure I did watch her ass wiggle as she scrubbed I would apologize but then she d have to bring her scrub brush back to have another go Reading this book is going to make you uncomfortable It may even offend you but keep reading because not only is it good to occasionally be uncomfortable sometimes you also learn to reserve being offended for those things that most deserve itI was about half way through the book when I decided to watch her Netflix special Baby Cobra I wanted to ut together the Ali Wong the book when I decided to watch her Netflix special Baby Cobra I wanted to ut together the Ali Wong revealed to me in the book with the stand up comedian and found that the honest evaluation of her lusts wants and defects were syncopatico If there is Option Writing Strategies for Extraordinary Returns pretense it is well hiddenThis woman is refreshingly uninhibited To some that might be code for rude but it is hard to consider this level of truth to be rude While watching the special I loved it when the camera wouldan to. Became a 29 and Counting: A Chick's Guide to Turning 30 a Chick's Guide to Turning 30 popular Halloween costume Wong told the world her remarkably unfiltered thoughts on marriage sex Asian culture working women and why you never see new mom comics on stage but you sure seelenty of new dadsThe sharp insights and humor are even ersonal in this completely original collection She shares the wisdom she's learned from a life in comedy and reveals stories from her lif. The audience Those sideways looks that couples were giving each other the hand to the face as someone laughed at something they found to be embarrassingly true and as her the hand to the face as someone laughed at something they found to be embarrassingly true and as her describes it laugh so hard you Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide: Design, Develop, and Share Your Games Online pee reactions As compelling as it is to watch Ali shysical reactions it was eually fascinating to watch the crowd If I ever attend one of her events I d be tempted to spend the entire skit turned around observing the crowd I sort of sprung Baby Cobra on my wife no warning no gentle explanations to sprung Baby Cobra on my wife no warning no gentle explanations to her for what she was about to see She is freuently a test subject to gauge normal reactions to abnormal conditions If I was laughing I looked over at her so that I would laugh even harder She was one of those audience members with her hand over her face as she chuckled She laughed so hard at one time she had trouble breathing I didn t ask her if she had a Star Wars - Jabba the Hutt - The Art of the Deal pee reaction My wife never sweats but insists she only glistens so her admitting to any vulgar body reactions would be most unusual The book is hilarious but it is than that She talks a lot about the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to make it as a comedian She oftenerformed several sets at comedy clubs after working all day She discusses the added hazard of being a female having to The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage perform indives Can you imagine that walk from the club to her car in the early hours of the morning She believes that safety is one of the contributing factors as to why there are not female comedians She talks about her heritage and her relationship with her extended family Every immigrant family has an interesting story and herarents are no exception She is half Vietnamese and half Chinese and those two cultures may seem similar in the eyes of many but they actually have vast differences in hilosophical approaches to life Her husband is also half and half and she describes their relationship as having the exact same amount of Asian They were both raised as Americans but their Asian roots heavily influence who they are Her husband writes an afterward also addressed to their children and he is retty honest about his own New Cutting Edge Elementary Students' Book personal journey dealing with being freuently the subject of his wife s comedy If she were making it all up or exaggerating the circumstances that would certainly be less of aroblem but the issue of course is that she is sending arrows right into the bullseye I love what he says about her Asian cultures often teach us to be silent about our sexuality and filled with shame Your mother breaks that up and transmutes Meditation Express: Stress Relief in 60 Seconds Flat pain and shame intoower like a mystical riestess So as unlikely as I am to be an Ali Wong fan I have to say it has happened Yes this book is hilarious but it also touches on serious issues and for this reader even roves to be an inspiration Keep chasing your dreams work harder and don t give up Few of us want to be as famous as Ali Wong but most of us wish we could be successful at something we love to do Patience grasshopper Wax on Wax off I want to thank Mimi Chan of Goodreads and Random House for supplying me with an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set page at 35 stars I enjoyed listening to Ali Wong narrate her audiobook it made me want to rewatch her standup again She s a raderson and I m glad there s visibility for raunchy Asian women with a Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals potty sense of humor I appreciated heroints about motherhood culture and going outside of your E off stage including the brutal singles life in New York ie the inevitable confrontation with erectile dysfunction reconnecting with her roots and drinking snake blood in Vietnam tales of being a wild child growing up in San Francisco and Robot Programming parenting war stories Though addressed to her daughters Ali Wong's letters are absurdly funny surprisingly moving and enlightening and disgusting for