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Eir own data c Overall a very macabre ish story with a very strange ending in a very "Strange Place Was Everyone Supposed "place Was everyone supposed be as disconnected from reality in this one as it read to meOtherI had been obsessed with spies since I was *a very little girl c it was only *very little girl c It was only that I learned that spies were supposed to keep to what was true and were trained to be cautious about what they put on paper two principles I wasn t very good at heeding c So are we getting an unreliable narrator hereIt s all about using this She almost smiled She placed a hand on each side of her head without actually touching it Rather than that she lowered her hands from her breasts to her hips again without touching herself to get what ou need c Are A Grammar of Kham you offering me a proper job with the Security Service You have access to intelligence that we need and we knowou re skilful enough to get it for us No L Amour Fou de Dieu you don t You don t think that about me at all I seem to remember that flattery is part of that script for recruiting informants too It is as a matter of fact But I do thinkou re skilful there was only that one critical flaw that ended the possibility of De brevitate vitae your joining us Flattering and confiding all in one moveou re a master of that recruitment script but it s not working c The answer s no It won t kill Signaler un problème you to think about it and to be gently watchful whileou do Again no c There was room in the world for all kinds of mermaids c Not many people drink their tea with no milk c Oh give me a break Sherlock Plenty do Tea with milk is like piss only grosser His taste in books all hardbacks and dust free was #unsurprising medical ethics law artificial intelligence and the surveillance state He especially # medical ethics law artificial intelligence and the surveillance state He especially it when these subjects intersected c It s not me I hope I don t look lost or missing because I know exactly where I am c Four Un monstre dans les céréales years earlier when I d tried to join MI5 I d created an email account using the name Helen Graham I d also got hold of a photo ID and credit card to match thinking even then that I might need them some day c I will never know Is that why I am the way I am always trying to find things out to compensate for knowledge that is impossibly out of my reach c there s probably some fetish group who are into pregnant women with Zac as their president c Zac was so passionately on the side of those who fought for individual freedoms and stood up to authorityet so against the people closest to him having any freedom themselves It occurred to me that such a paradox wasn t unusual Sometimes when Nam you knew too much about how a thing worked even ifou thought it was wrong in principle or that it should only be used for a larger good Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination you still couldn t help trying itourself And then it became a habit Wasn t I guilty of this too c No better way to get a man to love Lippenbekenntnisse you forever than to run away from him c I Spy with my little eye a good book Claire Kendal cleverly blends a spy thriller with a psychological thriller in this compelling story This was a riveting and refreshing read that kept me guessing Holly always wanted to be a spy and her dream almost came true Unfortunately Holly didn t make the final cut and instead found herself working in a hospital FlashForward a fewears and Holly is approached by MI5 to spy on her partner Zac However Holly is not privy as to why she needs to be spying on her partner and information is given on a need to know basis and apparently Holly doesn t need to know much of anything What transpires is Holly caught up in a web of deceit and lies ultimately leading to loss The story ping pongs back and forth between past and present The alternating chapters were cleverly titled and I found this easy to follow Holly was a well developed and likable protagonist I completely sympathize with her plight and was right there with her searching for the truth There was the perfect amount of tension and anticipation running through the story kept me completely invested Twists and turns and an ending I did not see coming And that final ending all I can say is well played This book in three emoji S tried hard to forget This time someone is spying on her and Holly will need to decide how far she is willing to go to surviveA psychological thriller unlike anything ou’ve read befo. ,
Hanks to Netgalley HarperCollins and Claire Kendal for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Holly Lawrence s ambition is to become a spy But her experience proved to be dangerous than she imagined Now she has to live hiding away under an assumed name She can t trust anyone But now her new live is beginning to unravel This timesomeone is spying on Holly But how far is she willing to go to surviveI liked the authors style in writing this book even though it is a little complex She dealt with abuse coercive relationships and baby loss with sensitivity The characters are well rounded and the story is told from Holly s point of view A well constructed plot that has many twists This is far from a predictable read and it held my interest throughoutI would like to thank NetGalley HarperCollins UK HarperFiction and the author Claire Kendal for my ARC in exchange for an honest review I Spy is a cleverly twisted two pronged tale with an intriguing premise and some engaging charactersHolly is hiding from the world a failed attempt at espionage haunting her Told in past and present we discover what happened to Holly why a chance encounter with a child sets her on a dangerous path and who may be watching her every moveThere are some terrifically unexpected elements to this story keeping ou turning the pages It is a kind of domestic noirspy thriller hybrid written with a very human touch and completely riveting throughoutOverall a really great read with a pitch perfect endingRecommended I really enjoyed Second Sister by Claire Kendal and was delighted to be asked to read her new book I Spy This book started off well for me but because the timeline jumped about I found the story confusing Holly always wanted to be a spy but things became complicated and dangerous when she was asked to spy on her partner She is now in hiding and in fear for her safetyI would like to thank NetGalley and Harper Collins for me e copy in exchange for an honest review We are introduced to Holly who is being interviewed to become a spy all her studies seem to have payed off until the last hurdle Where She FailsHolly Moves On she failsHolly moves on marries Zak She is approached by the woman who interviewed her for the spy job and asks her to spy on someone close to her This drastically changes the course of her life causing Holly to pack up and fleeHolly now called Helen is working at the hospital when she meets Eliza and her daughter Alice Is someone spying on her A riveting book with twists and turns that will keep Impossible Things you guessing The different timelines are easy to follow I thoroughly recommend this bookThankou to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review Some obsessions are not worth bothering with It was humiliating Do Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you ever consider what it means to someone to work so hard to try to joinou to want to devote herself to that to protecting her country and then to discover she s not good enough c At least some modern day Bluebeards are not the best relationship material Who would ve guessed A spy in the making or failing of course You are Pandora Holly It s in Wachten op Apollo your blood that impulse to look whereou shouldn t c How very astute Gawd Holly has the patience of a saint Fine lines in life fine prints at work what else do we regularly miss if we aren t Pandora materialThis girl s parents died in a car crash possibly a fiery one and her grandma goes on to read the girl a story about some Matilda same name as the dead mom s who told lies and was burned to death Now that s creative bringing up BrrrAll in all the effect of my grandmother s cautionary tales was not what she intended They just gave me ideas about the interesting things I could do and alerted me to potential disasters so I could try to "Figure Out How To "out how to them though I didn t always succeed c Who would have guessedZac Hunter very bad news and some freaky hobbies Now that s some peculiar mix if I ve ever read one Two of his great passions all in one compact container Taboo sex and information theft Naked women in impossible poses and the rights of human beings to control th. She avoids relationships and trusts no oneBut Holly’s new life begins to unravel when she encounters a Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Psychological Science and the Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) young mother and her twoear old child a child who reminds her of a past she ha. ,

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35 stars rounded up The description of the book states A psychological thriller unlike anything ou ve read before and that is certainly true I had a hard time getting into this story and had to start over after listening to a few a hard time getting into this story and had to start over after listening to a few That allowed me to get my bearings and follow the story It is told in two timelines a couple of ears apart Holly narrates the story sharing her experiences as a spy for M15 which cost her something very dear She wanted a job with M15 but after her initial interview she is turned down and gets a job as a ward clerk in a local hospital At this time she is approached by M15 to work for them spying on her then boyfriend a doctor at the hospital Holly does not know why but does what she is asked Zach becomes abusive with her and she feels like a prisoner When she becomes pregnant he becomes even controlling and she wants out M15 promises to get her to freedom but needs to take time to do it properly Unfortunately they are too late for her unborn child When she finally gets out she is in hiding from Zach but someone walks into her life that causes her to rethink everything she has been toldThis was a story that could be true which is why it is a bit scary Holly was an unreliable narrator for me I never knew what to believe or what she would do next All her various contacts and friends seemed to have their own agenda Her contacts in M15 were very unlikable and seemed to be using her to reach their goal not really seeming to care what was going to happen to her and others The chapters in the book went from the present to her life before she went into hiding so it is important to pay close attention to the story When it all ended parts were satisfying but there were still some unanswered uestions for me I am not sure what I thought about this book I am waffling between 3 or 4 stars I listened to the audiobook of this story narrated by Imogen Church I have listened to other books she has narrated and always enjoy her performance She gives each character their own voice as well as adding expression to the story to make it come alive Her narration made I Spy a very entertaining and enjoyable story The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon my reuest The rating ideas and opinions shared are my "Own This Is Really Enjoyable Read And "This is really enjoyable read and mystery with a difference the spying aspect of the story was very different and I loved the character of Holly Told from alternating timelines it makes a compulsive read that I found entertaining well written and something different from the norm I have been on a run of excellent books recently so I am always apprehensive when starting a new one but this really did hit the mark and I look forward to reading from Claire Kendal in the future So if And the Ass Saw the Angel you want a mystery with a difference thenou a good one here and I really recommend itMy thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins Uk for giving me the chance to read the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion Overall I liked this thriller It is uite complex and has a great number of twists where Why We Want You to Be Rich you just aren t sure who is good and who is not It could have been a 4 star for me but I really didn t like the ending and there was a lot about Zac that I didn t care forview spoilerIt was absolutely implausible that in the small amount of time that the two had been apart that Zac could amazingly become a good guy and get rid of his possessiveness Even when he continued to show signs of it toward Holly throwing the rock he was still able to carry on an affair with Jane and was never possessive with Eliza at all Not buying it hide spoiler This one wasnt for me unfortunately Confusing time frames unlikeable waifer thin characters totally unbelievable story line I could go onWhen I finally did get towards the end I was thankful and thought the book couldnt annoy me any but it did A ridiculous ending that was I guess in keeping with the book but as a surprise ending it was laughable reallySorry but I have little good to say about this one unfortunately Hopefully others enjoyed it Many Someone is watchingour every moveHolly Lawrence always wanted to be a spy but the experience proved dangerous than anything she imagined Now Holly lives in hiding under an assumed name. I Spy Author Claire Kendal