[E–pub/E–book] Thor's Wedding Day By Thialfi the goat boy as told to and translated by Bruce Coville

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I uess I am on a bit of a Norse mythology kick lately between reading the books in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series by Rick Riordan and Neil Gaiman s recent book Norse Mythology So when I discovered this audiobook on our local library s OverDrive website I just had to listen to it The full cast production is very funny and I loved the way that Mr Coville This Is Coville This is really The GI Bride good story they found reallyood actors for the characters and they make the story really interesting and fun to listen to And Coville did a really ood job of making this a funny story I d definitely job of making this a funny story I d definitely it especially for people who like reading about myths and legends Bruce Coville is an incredibly talented writer and one of my favorite authors He writes for kids which is ood for kids but not so reat for adults who are missing out on his worksThis book can easily be read in an afternoon but that doesn t mean it isn t ood just brief Because of it s shorter nature there are some uestions I have mainly what was Loki s purpose in the story He is set up as being uite the trickster we are set to wondering why he insists on attending Thor on his journey we learn that the dwarfs who actually stole the hammer have a Ratscalibur grudge against Loki and that s the end of it Ir definitely had the feel as if something important was intended to happen but never didNonetheless I enjoyed this read Perhaps it s just kismet that I happen to be reading other Scandinavian tales Saga of the Volsung at this time as well but the setting characters and mood sit very well with meA highly recommended read Listed as the only humorous part of the Norse myth of Ragnarok this children s book tells what happened after Thor s magnificent hammer Mjollnir was stolen and the outrageous lengths that were taken toet it backThe cross dressing scenes are funny though Loki s constant urge to play pranks can The Million Dollar Goal (The Million Dollar Series, get a little tiresome But it is Thialfi the put upon What could possibly make Thor the massive and mightyod of thunder and protector of all his people put on a bridal The Selected Poems gownIt all begins when the source of Thor's power his beloved hammer is stolen Unfortunately for Thor the plan toet it back reuires .

Thor's Wedding Day By Thialfi the oat boy as told to and translated by Bruce Coville

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Le has added uite a bit of extra detail to turn it into a charming novel for young readers pulling in characters and details of other Norse tales and inventing some of his own but his agreeable additions have only enhanced the and inventing some of his own but his agreeable additions have only enhanced the the tone the original Coville has also preserved the sexism of the original A man dressed in woman s clothes The shame The horror The outrage but I found that to be a reat jumping off point for a conversation about the variety of attitudes towards women and men throughout human history and in other culturesThe #audiobook is produced by Full Cast Audio and does indeed feature # is produced by Full Cast Audio and does indeed feature full cast of talented voice actors I feel uite fortunate to have stumbled across this so accidentallyThose versed in Norse mythology have pointed out that it was originally Heimdallr s idea to dress Thor as the bride Freyja although it was Loki who convinced Thor to do it Gr 4 7 Coville takes a Norse poem called the Thrymskvitha and turns it into a delightful prose romp The story centers on the theft of Mjollnir the od Thor s magical war hammer by the The Book of Leviathan giant Thrym Without the hammer theods are vulnerable to an attack from the Nine Ghosts giants which means that Thor will do anything toet it back including cross dressing as Freya the Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia goddess of love and presenting himself to Thrym disguised as theiant s potential bride Thor s story is told by Thialfi Thor s شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى goat boy who manages to save the day Coville fleshes out the ancient poem plucking characters from other Norse myths and weaving them into this story Throughout he injects a modern sensibility while keeping the feel of the original myth OK but Iot too busy and never finished it I know nothing of Norse tales or mythology but this was a short fun read A fun retelling of the Norse myth of Thor and Loki s scheme against the The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) giant Thrym It worked well as a read aloud lots of opportunities to do fun voices too and my boys bothave it 4 12 stars 3 stars for me. Only fair since it's his fault the hammer was stolen in the first placeThis book is a hilarious take on the only comedy in Norse mythology complete with talking Riding Hard goats cross dressingods and the warm wit that has made Bruce Coville beloved by million. Et resourceful Arabian Challenge goat boy who is the hero of this little tale Putting on a dress and tending Thor soats are the least of his duties as he oes through one stratagem after another to assist the Thunder God to retrieve his lost weapon It s a diverting read and children will be amused by this lighter portion of what can be a really rim saga I absolutely loved Coville s modern spin of this ancient tale what can be a really rim saga I absolutely loved Coville "S Modern Spin Of This "modern spin of this tale told to him personally by Thialfi the oat boy Great for all ages Coville commented that he feels that the Norse tales are kind of a combination of Greek myths and European fairy tales and I agree This is a lovely humorous tale with ILLERAMMA Kathalu groundings in Norse mythology written for the 9 12 audience Thialfi is a Goat Boy to Thor who managed toet himself and his sister enslaved in the service of the American Literature Student Text gods for some wrongdoing He takes care of Thor soats and ets into all sorts of mischief His mistake allows a dwarf to steal Thor s most prized possession the Hammer Mjollnir a mistake that could be deadly #for the ods Fortunately the real thief one of the iants isn t too bright and is easily outwitted He # the ods Fortunately the real thief one of the E.E. Cummings: The Art of His Poetry giants isn t too bright and is easily outwitted He to trade the hammer back if Freya will come and be his bride Ha No way Just ask her When Freya refuses to cooperate Thor and Thialfi and Loki all dress up as women and Thor pretends to be the blushing bride With the help of theoats Thialfi learns that the Black Wings of Cthulhu giant I picked this up at the library in audiobook format thinking it was something completely different It s in a DVD style case and the cover illustration suggested to me that it was a silly little animated short I was wrong It s actually an excellent retelling of the rymskvi a Thrymskvida a short but humorous poem from the Poetic Edda whose popularity and entertainment value has well stood the test of time Because the original story of theiant rymr s Thrym s theft of Thor s hammer Mj lnir and Loki s clever plan for its recovery is so brief Bruce Covil. Hat he dress in fancy finery and be packed off to marry the king of the Girl on the Verge giants Luckily Thialfi theoat boy along with his snarky charges Grinder and Gat Tooth have come along Working behind the scenes Thialfi just may be able to save the day which is. ,