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Twice in a Blue Moon

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I get the conflicting eviews about this book now I mean I will Always Love Christina Lauren love Christina Lauren will dive head first when it comes to any novel they write I adore themI think this story should ve been longer There was so much development that could ve been added to make this second chance love story even of a whirl wind I personally didn t have a problem with the insta love aspect of this story That shit is possible to me For someone to become that meaningful and close to you in a short amount of time It can t just be dismissed if one hasn t experienced it What I did have a problem with though was with how the story was fleshed out I think it could ve worked better if we got dual perspective I wanted to see how Tate and Sam managed their lives after it
But we just got thrust their lives years later after they ve lived so much of it and were supposed to be on board And even though we did get moments where there lives and feelings were expanded upon it wasn t enough for me to latch on A lot of what Tate was living was a lie and I felt the discomfort and facade that she had to live I eally would ve enjoyed eading about her dropping that facade and coming to terms with her truth Fully I wanted Sam s perspective with his adoptive parents and his see how his writing developed How he dealt with the aftermath of that time he spend with Tate and the passing of Luther There was so much to this story that could ve been added I don t care if it would ve been a 500 page story I would ve easily devoured it because Christina Lauren know how to fuckin write and bring stories to life But alas I enjoyed it Just didn t fall head over heels in love Need this to be sorta kinda epic Buddy eading with Karima Thank you to BookSparks for sending me a copy of this book as part of their HittheBookClub Fall campaign I wish I could bottle the feelings I experience when I m eading a book by Christina Lauren First there s anticipation as I ve now ead eight of their books and I just love the way they tell a story Then there s excitement as the main characters encounter one another and begin the awkward dance of attraction and emotion tinged with the eluctance of acknowledging their feelings Excitement gives way to complete emotional immersion and I find myself Not Handsome Enough rooting for the characters to find their happily ever after Then of course there s satisfaction which uickly gives way to sadnessbecause Iealize I ll have to wait at least six months for their next book Boy am I fortunate they ve been giving us two books a year latelyTheir newest book Twice in a Blue Moon has now become my favorite There s a love story of course but it s coupled with complicated family issues and the added appeal of the entertainment world It s ironic too that a book which in part takes place on a movie set is one of the books I d most love to see adapted for the big or small screenTate Jones and her grandmother are on a trip to London to celebrate Tate s 18th birthday and her impending departure for college Apart from the early days of her childhood Tate has lived with her mother and grandmother in a small Northern California town where everyone knows everyone and tourists are plentiful in season She s always longed for but since she bears a secret that the world would die to know she s the long lost daughter of a famous film actor she has always had to live life uietlyWhile Tate enjoys everything about London early on in her trip she meets Sam Brandis a handsome college student on a similar vacation with his grandfather who aised him Tate and Sam are drawn to each other immediately and over the course of a few late nights spent talking and they fall in love with each other Tate gives Sam her heart and at the same time shares the secret of who As an adventurous send off to her childhood eighteen year old Tate Jones travels with her grandmother from their small town in Northern California to London But the vacation of a lifetime is wonderfully derailed by the appearance of two charming Vermont farmers grandfather Luther and his handsome grandson SamSam and Tate fall hard and fast For two glor. Er father is and all of the facts and feelings she s kept hidden deep inside Within a day or two her truths are exposed for the world to see and she never sees Sam againFourteen years later Tate has made a name for herself as an actress She s been lucky professionally but omantically not so much She is set to make a movie with her father for the very first time a movie she believes might change the course of her career and perhaps the dynamics of her elationship with her father And when she steps to the set one of first people she sees is who betrayed her trust all first people she sees is the one who betrayed her trust all years ago leaving her life and heart in turmoil Twice in a Blue Moon is a story of whether love can withstand anything thrown in its path and whether a second chance is eally ever possible It s a story of the complicated elationship between fathers and daughters particularly when both are in a business where image is everything as well as a story of the sacrifices parents are willing to make for their children The book also explores the idea of whether there s eally one true love out there for everyone or whether you can find it in yourself to move onChristina Lauren s books are always full of humor emotion steamy sex chemistry and an immense amount of heart and Twice in a Blue Moon is no exception Most importantly though the way they tell a story Christina Lauren is the pen name for the collaboration of two writers who are best friends is so compelling that I can never seem to tear myself away even though I know I might be left without one of their books for a whileI can t GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany recommend this or any of their other books enough Love and Other Words was my favorite until now mainly because like this book I tend to like love stories that have some emotional history to them But every single one of their books that I veead have left me in awe of their talent and left me a little teary eyed at the endNetGalley and Gallery Books provided me an advance copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased The Confederate Privateers review Thanks for making it available This book will be published October 22 2019See all of myeviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomCheck out my list of the best books I Big Bad Detective Agency read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at The Magic Comes LateTwice in a Blue Moon is a second chanceomance about first love heartbreak and betrayal I am a huge CL fan In no way shape or form is Twice in a Blue Moon Bad it just lacked the magic of other CL books The beginning The Placer reads like a YA novel In the first part of the book theeader is introduced to 18 year old Tate and her grandmother who are in London for two weeks While dining at a Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism restaurant near their hotel they meet 21 year old Sam and his grandfather Luther Tate and Sam uickly fall in love She confides in him her greatest secret only to have him betray her in the most awful way possible Fast forward 14 years Tate now a famous actress is about to begin filming her nextole When she arrives on location to begin filming much to her surprise she discovers Sam on set She now must face the man who betrayed herIn some ways Twice in a Blue Moon The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, reminds me of my favorite CL novel Love and Other Words but there are differences in narrative structure and plot line In Love and Other Words the tension between Elliot and Macy never waned whereas with Tate and Sam it was lacking in intensity Twice in a Blue Moon was my Hurricane Barryead I was hoping to escape into the blissful world that CL oftentimes creates but I wasn t able to get completely pulled in While I liked Tate and Sam during their younger years I didn t feel the love of your life chemistry that was supposed to have developed It wasn t until I was at the 95% mark that I finally felt the magic I should have been feeling from the beginning The. Ious weeks the couple share their hopes dreams and secrets Sam admits he suspects his grandfather is dying and that this could be the last trip they take together and Tate Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness reveals that she is the hidden daughter of one of the biggest film stars in the world a secret she’s never told anyone beforeBut when Tate is exposed by a crush of cameras andepo. ,
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Ending saved it for me This is probably just a case of "Me And Not The " and not the ignore my eview and TIABM for yourself I eceived an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest Der Bilderwächter review the only thing wrong with this book is that its WAY TOO SHORT oh what i wouldnt give for another 100 pages of this i honestly cant get enough of it theomance of a second chance at love the tender connection between tate and sam the swoon worthy motivation behind sams writing the innocence of firsts and the desire to make them lasts and the adoration for those who aised you this story has it all while i love christina laurens trademark snark and humour i cant help for fall head over heels and love with their serious stories it makes both the heartwarming and the heartbreaking parts feel eal and this story is no exception this has literally checked all my boxes and i couldnt be happier that CL has done it again 5 stars It s so crazy to think that things that I thought only lived in my imagination can be eal The one constant threaded throughout Christina Lauren s body of work chemistry idden love From meet cute to flirty banter and the intoxicating solidification of feelings this dynamic writing duo delivers on what Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris romanceeaders crave Storylines that unfold through the thoughts feelings and vulnerabilities of an easy to adore cast Letters to Rollins ready and willing to steal heartsWhat s noticeably absent this time around the snark or uirkiness fans have come to adore The heady mix of humor andomance present in some of the writing duo s past eleases have felt akin to magic ahem the BEST to date being Josh and Hazel With that said bliss often comes from setting aside preconceived notions or the desire for a previous experience to be emulated and fully succumbing to the journey at hand Different doesn t have to be a dirty word After all second chance love stories of this caliber only come along every once in a blue moonOn the precipice of college and freedom from the constraints of the small northern California town she calls home Tate learns that sometimes the most life altering things happen when we least expect it By happenstance while on a two week trip to London with her grandmother Tate meets Sam A small town guy from Vermont with plans to farm and a dream to write Tate and Sam s connection tempts fate eleases inhibitions and inspires that elusive L word to linger Even post heartbreak and disappearing act Fourteen long years after those impulsive London nights spent stargazing in the grass Tate and Sam find their way back to one another Not an ideal time for Tate considering it s on the set of the most demanding ole of her acting career yet and the one chance she has to cement a connection with her Hollywood god of
father Naturally Tate s feelings Sam are a confusing mix of disdain assumptions and to her complete and utter surprise lust I won t deny I was a little less than enthused with the Hollywood aspect of the storyline initially My tune changed uite a bit once the characters stepped foot on set and were ingrained in the process The deeper meaning behind the script and what it managed to provoke from Tate and Sam worked to pull the entire story together To eignite and solidify those deep feelings the lovers caught way back in London While the two plots vary vastly there are some notable similarities between Twice in a Blue Moon and Roomies Both lack outright humor of course there are a a Blue Moon and Roomies Both lack outright humor of course there are a one liners and dual perspectives this one is told solely through Tate s eyes but deliver leading couples that command the spotlight In typical Christina Lauren fashion devour able writing meets intense connection making a binge session imminent Thank you to Gallery Books for providing a eview copy. Rters she knows she's been betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust She is forced to decide whether she will eturn to her uiet life or embrace being in the public eye So when Sam Unverified: A Novel reappears in her world than a decade later can Tate forgive the past andekindle the passion they shared on their magical trip abroad And does she even want to.

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