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Playing with Demons

Cally Edwards  0 Summary

Read full review hereI was hesitant the first few ages into the book because I wasn t sure which direction this book was going to take and I couldn t the book because I wasn t sure which direction this book was going to take and I couldn t if I liked how brief the first chapter was or if I was annoyed that I didn t get a chance to Porto Bello Gold properly get a feel of the other characters and surroundings I feel that if the first two chapters had been a little longer with a bit detail it would have really helped set u Fantastic Great cast of characters and thelot keeps you guessing and wanting Originally osted on A Reading Brit455Upgraded to a 5 after coming back to this after a few days I want to read the next book uite a bit I want to read the next book uite a bit it s worth the upgrade Overall I really enjoyed reading this and am impressed with this as a debut book For a debut it s retty amazingI liked how music was used in this It set the scene uite well when you knew what songs were laying in the background And there was some great music and the ones I haven t heard of I ll #Be Listening To If They #listening to if they anything like the others mentionedThere was a definite romance in this but it wasn t one of those where they tortured each other forever and there was no love triangle Two ositive things to me The over Mein Erster Mörder protective nature of Zadeon was a little eye roll worthy but at the end of the day he s superowerful and she was an unknown so I guess it kind of makes senseThe main character was well developed she had her own backstory and it tied in neatly with who she was Her ersonality matching her experiences wellMy favourite art of this was the world building The nephilim vs demon thing even though the nephilim were relatives of the highest level demons was a fun take The abilities and uirks of the demons were fun their demon marks making for some great description The setting was fun I enjoyed reading about what hell looked like and how it didn t follow 90% of the stereotypesI ll admit this isn t a book I d necessarily recommend as a serio. In a world where humans are unaware of the demons that roam amongst them it’s left to the Nephilim to keep it that way or at least that’s what Grace Campbell was brought up to believe Grace might have been born half Nephilim and half demon but her loyalty is wholly on the side of the good. Us read but as a light FUN READ I ENJOYED IT AND read I enjoyed it And I want a few hours of entertainment I ll look for the next in the series I m hoping one is coming at some oint There s a hint of stories to be told so I think there ll be and I look forward to it 375 stars I was finally seeing all the shades of grey between the black and white and there was beauty in the darkness45 starsWow this book came out of nowhere and just rocked my world I was so intrigued by the blurb of this book and from the moment I started I "was completely hooked A aranormal romance that is exciting intense funny emotional " completely hooked A aranormal romance that is exciting intense funny emotional gorgeously romantic this is a really entertaining read and I loved itGrace Campbell was raised amongst the Nephilim a race of angelhuman offspring charged with rotecting humankind from the demon threat that they are completely oblivious to But Grace is different she is half Nephilimhalf demon and though that gives her skills that her colleagues don t ossess she hates her demon half and she has dedicated her life to fighting for the good guys But Grace s latest assignment is about to change everything She is being sent to hell literally With her demon blood making her capable of crossing the wards into Hell Grace is being sent to enter a tournament where she will battle for her life and hopefully return the Bear Boy prize to the Nephilim But before she can do that she needs to acclimatise and who better to help her do that than the dark Lord s crew of seven elite warriors and Lucifer s son himself the darkly sexy Zadeon Grace has no clue what she s in for and everything she ever thought she knew is about to be turned completely upside down I was falling apart uicker than I could catch theieces I knew even if I could they would never fit back together the same way I loved the world that Edwards has created Not only is it interesting with wonderfully developed characters but it takes long held beliefs and flips them on their head. Guys She’s dedicated her life to Black Women in White America protecting the innocent and her mixed linage only makes her better at her job Unfortunately her blood also makes her the only one capable of entering Hell’s hidden wards Now her latest assignment will see Grace endure the trials of the seven deadly sins in. Revealing a differenterspective to the age old battle between heaven and hell angels and demons good "And Evil It S A " evil It s a intriguing twist that I enjoyed exploringAnd the characters that Grace meets along the way are just fantastic From the funny to the stoic to the flirty and the badass they are a fantastic bunch each with their own interesting story and I really enjoyed getting to know them But most of all there is Zadeon and oh holy damn The Prince of Hell is smart Worlds Beyond The Poles powerful and gorgeously sexy and against all odds he wants Grace It appears I m only interested in stubborn fiery little hunters sent to infiltrate my home and take down my kind The chemistry is fantastic the sexual tension sizzles and though the sexy time isretty subdued I loved this romance There s no stupid or unnecessary angst the attraction is there it understandably takes them a bit of get on the same age but once they do it s functional and intense with a ossessive rotective alpha demon and his smartass snarky badass heroine and I love them together I want you Grace And you want me That makes you mine And I m not ready to give you up There s action galore as Grace battles her way through the tournament as well as involving herself in the investigation into mysterious kidnappings that are impacting the underworld And as Grace spends in the investigation into mysterious kidnappings that are impacting the underworld And as Grace spends with her new friends and explores her new world she finds herself uestioning her ast who she is and her entire belief system and the emotion of that journey is really beautifully written I may have been "Left Standing Alone Sacrificed And "standing alone sacrificed and for dead by the very Monster der Woche people I had trusted but I had learned a valuable lesson and in doing so freed myself The story ends well if a bit abruptly but this is only the first of the The Devil s in the Details series and with such a strong start I can t wait for 45 stars An Advanced Reader Copy was generouslyrovided by the author in exchange for an honest revie. Order to win a barbaric tournament to secure an important rize for the Nephilim To survive Grace will be forced to embrace her dark side and accept the help of her greatest opponent yet Lucifer’s son The very sexy Prince of Hell Zadeon will have Grace uestioning just how bad the bad guys ar. ,