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Od Peter is thrown into The Limelight When Charlotte A limelight when Charlotte a he was having an affair with while he was married and later with his live IN GIRLFRIEND WAS FOUND STABBED TO girlfriend was found stabbed to Charlotte also happens to be the DA s step daughter the same DA that Peter hated and later threatened Peter lands himself as the number one suspect in her murder Once a Liar is full of twists and turns and that ending Highly recommend to fans of mysterythriller books 5If you love reading books where the main character is one you just love to hate Once a Liar by AF Brady is going to be worth checking out ASAPWhat it s about Peter Caine is calculated cold and distant and he is also one of the best criminal defense attorneys in New York His company that he started with his ex wife s dad is doing great he has a live in girlfriend that he s been with for years money that he knows what to do with and a son from his first marriage he never sees he didn t really want to be a dad anyway But then his ex wife dies leaving his son Jamie in his care and on top of that Charlie Doyle who is the daughter of the DA that has been trying to get Peter to work for him is murdered And all signs point to him While Peter tries to prove his innocence his past will come back to haunt him and he will learn that you can t always trust the people close to you I have to preface this review by saying that Peter is a monster and it might make you need to read this book in small doses Everything is told in first person from his POV and man is it a doozy He sed to be a good person but his ex wife s dad and being a criminal defense attorney in NY really changed him and made him a despicable person He has no empathy and he treats everyone like crap If you can t handle reading from a POV like that it will be very hard to read That being said Brady has SKILL She really made me hate Peter with a passion and any author that can make that so real to the reader and evoke the kind of emotions I had while reading this is amazing in my opinion There were a lot of surprises and things I didn t see coming in Once a Liar While there was one thing I probably should have seen coming I still didn t fully realize what was going on ntil the end of the book This is also a pretty fast read that could easily be read in one day if you can stand Peter for that long It has if you can stand Peter for that long It has 400 pages but I still read it in just over 5 hours and I m a slower reader Final Thought I think that the synopsis for Once a Liar isn t the greatest The story is a pretty slow burn and you don t even really get to the mystery ntil a good halfway in Most of the beginning is the story of Peter s start with his ex wife and the start of the company he started with her dad but it also jumps to present and talks about his relationship with his live in girlfriend and his son I would say this book is character oriented than mystery oriented but that didn t stop me from wanting to know how it all ended I now officially can t wait to read The Blind and anything else Brady writesNOTE I received a copy of this book for free as part of the brand ambassador program with The Book Drop and all opinions are my own Book Reviewed on wwwwhisperingstoriescomPeter Caine is a defense attorney working and living in Manhattan The book opens. He didn’t kill socialite Charlotte DoyleAnd if he wants to avoi. .

Once A LiarWith Peter attending the funeral of his ex wife Juliette After her death Peter is having to take in his teenage son Jamie a lad he hasn t really had anything to do with for the last 16 years of his lifePeter lives with her girlfriend Claire and she and Jamie seem to hit it off He also has been known to have affairs including one that ended his marriage To Juliette After He Had An Affair With The DA Juliette after he had an affair with the DA Step daughter CharlotteAfter a gala event brings Peter and Charlotte back together again Claire gives him an Fortinbras at the Fishhouses ultimatum but it s not long before Charlotte is brutally murdered and all the evidence seems to point to Peter being the culprit It s nowp to Peter to prove his innocence but who would want to frame him It s a long line so take a seat and enjoy the rideIt s long line so take a seat and enjoy the rideIt s often I read a book where the main protagonist is a hateful disrespectful and outright self centred arse but that is who Peter is He wasn t always this way but after working for Juliette s father who was the same sort of man he lost all empathy and only cared about money winning and how he looked in others eyesThe book is told in alternating chapters of Then and Now The pace is A Way Youll Never Be uite slow which is not something I particularity like about a book especially a thriller but it worked for this oneIn case you have read the synopsis and wondering who Charlie is I was thinking the same when I was reading the book It is actually Charlotte Charlie is the name Peter calls herThe murder of Charlotte Charlie happensite a way into the book giving you time to work out what type of man Peter is and was and his backstory I can t say I felt sorry for Peter being wrongly accused of someone s murder This was a man who spent his career getting murderers rapists etc off from their charges even though he knew most of them were guilty He enjoyed the challengeThe writing was superb and I was held to the pages at first waiting for the murder I knew was going to take place to occur and then waiting for Peter to put all the pieces together If you like a good thriller and don t mind them being slow and jumping back and forth in time then give this book a read 35 Stars rounded downPeter is a high powered attorney He s cold and he s calculating Getting ahead and being successful is all he cares about Peter has been divorced from his ex wife Julianne for Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers uite a few years to the detriment of his teenage son Jamie whom he gains custody of once Julianne passes away He has been with his girlfriend Claire forever though being faithful is not high on his list of priorities He s been stepping out on her with Charlie the DA s daughter for years and he doesn t even care Unfortunately for Peter it s about time he started caring as his life is about to becomeite complicated and not in a good way Good thing lawyers know a thing or two about damage control Once a Liar is a twisty turny suspense which I stayed Present Pasts upite late to finish My head was spinning round and round trying to discern who did what I ll be happy to report however that my detective skills paid off in the end as I guessed correctly This was another buddy read with Kaceey Thank you to NetGalley Harleuin Park Row and AF Brady for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published on NetGalley and Goodreads on 112718. D going down for her murder he has to find out who didPre order no. Short SummarySuspenseful and edgy After I hit the half way mark I DID NOT want to put it downMy thoughtsThis book definitely makes you think about the conseuences of your actions and the way you treat your family If you love thrillers and haven t read and the way you treat your family If you love thrillers and haven t read Brady you need to read this bookI can t praise her writing enough Although it wasn t immediately Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie unputdownable once I settled in a little itickly picked The Possible Police up the paceIt switches back and forth between Then and Now going into depth about Peter Caine the MC accused of murder I love AND hate this way of storytelling In a well written book it s easy to follow and suspenseful But on the other hand the author buildsp tension and you re left hanging at the end of the chapterugh It makes it very hard to find a stopping place i m constantly telling myself just one chapter m constantly telling myself just one chapter are so many words to describe Peter Caine liar narcissist heartless callous ruthlessI could go on but I m sure you get the pictureIt s hard to feel any empathy for Peter We see the cold and A Letter To Pakistan uncaring side of his personality that he tries to disguise He s a self centered egomaniac who thinks only of himself Most of the characters which are tangled and intertwined in lies and deception arenlikable The kind you love to hate LikesAfter getting into Peter s head listening to his thoughts observations and his inflated ego I was thrilled to see his perfectly controlled life start to crumble Such KarmaDislikesI don t think there was anything I disliked about this bookRecommendYESMy Rating 4 sPublished January 29 2019 by Park Row Pages 336Thank you to NetGalley Park Row AF Brady for this digital ARC in exchange for my honest review NetGalley OnceAliarBook BlurbIn this electrifying psychological thriller a high powered sociopath meets his reckoning when he s accused of the brutal murder of his mistressDid he kill Charlie Doyle And if he didn twho didPeter Caine a cutthroat Manhattan defense attorney worked ruthlessly to become the best at his job On the surface he is charming and handsome but inside he is cold and heartless He fights without remorse to acuit murderers pedophiles and rapistsWhen Charlie Doyle the daughter of the Manhattan DA and Peter s former lover is murdered Peter s world is Before Our Eyes uickly sent into a tailspin He becomes the prime suspect as the DA a professional enemy of Peter s embarks on a witch hunt to avenge his daughter s death stopping at nothing to ensure Peter is found guilty of the murderIn the challenge of his career and his life Peter races against the clock to prove his innocence As the evidence mounts against him he s forced to beginnraveling his own dark web of lies and confront the sins of his past But the truth of who killed Charlie Doyle is twisted and sinister than anyone could have Imagined Once A Liar Once a Liar an enjoyable mysterythriller solid 4 stars The book centers around Peter a defense attorney and one of the most nlikeable characters I have ever read Peter is all about his career and himself but he is forced to to take a hard look at himself when his life suddenly changes for the worse When Peter s ex wife passes away he finds himself taking on the role as father to his son Jamie a teenager he barely knows or wants to get to know Added to the new pressure of fatherho. Cheating lying lawyer Peter Caine is guilty of many things – but.

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