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Gle mother and her child But when "A Secret From Scout’s Past Catches Up "secret from Scout’s past catches up her she must work with her self appointed guardian to save her daughter Before the kidnappers cancel Christmas for all f thempermanentlyProtective InstinctsFinding her son’s toys in the woods and dodging a gunman’s bullets wi. ,
Two suspense filled novels by bestselling author shirlee mccoy her christmas guardianformer army author Shirlee McCoy Her Christmas GuardianFormer army Boone Anderson immediately recognizes danger when two cars stop in front f Scout Cramer and kidnap her little girl Having lost "His Own Infant Daughter "own infant daughter before Boone is determined to reunite the sin. .

Dow Raina Lowery is trapped In A Real Life Nightmare a real life nightmare Jackson Miller Months Ago Saving Raina Was Jackson’s "Jackson Miller reappears Months saving Raina was Jackson’s as a member f HEART a private rescue team But now it’s personal The hardened protector wants to give Raina and himself a second chance at love But first he has to save heragain. ,

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Her Christmas GuardianProtective Instincts