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So much suspense sex appeal and adventurethe story of a simple hunt is turned into so much A Great Book Suspenseful Till great book Suspenseful till last pagewhere you ll want to cheerOne of Mr Smith s fine books On the same suspense as all his other works Great plot great suspense very detailed In what has been labelled the seventh Courtney novel but which sits accurately as eighth in the chronological progress of the series Smith depicts a tale that offers the reader an in depth glance into the life of Sean Courtney son of Shasa and Tara Set around 1987 Sean is a veteran of the Rhodesian Bush Wars and has become a full time hunter with his safari company in Zimbabwe Coaxed by his clients to follow a legendary elephant across the border into Mozambiue Sean leads them on a treacherous hunt that sees one client die and the other Claudia Monterro kidnapped by anti governm. Two men and a woman embark on a hunt that will tear their safe African safari apart in a deadl. Ent forces With no other means to free Claudia Sean must work with the guerrillas to save the woman with whom he has fallen in love General China head of the Renamo rebels has high hopes of pushing out the Marxist leaders in Mozambiue and taking over before has high hopes of pushing out the Marxist leaders in Mozambiue and taking over before his eye on crushing Zimbabwe s Robert Mugabe with the help of the white South African Government However in order to achieve this Sean and the group of rebels must pose as Zimbabwean troops and steal a shipment of Stinger Missiles sent by the Soviets which can be used to uell the attacks of Hind Helicopters being used by Mozambiue s Frelimo forces With the weapons in the General s possession Sean and Claudia sit in the middle of this bloody battle to topple African leaders with high hopes that they will be able to make their way into South Africa and be protected by all those known to Sea. Y civil war For Sean Courtney guerilla fighter it is a time to fight and find love For Claudia. A Time to DieN and his family Smith paints a heroic side to Sean and His Battle Hardened Nature battle hardened nature he pushes himself to the Limits To Save Those Close to save those close him An interesting way to end the second seuence of Courtney novels which differs vastly from the other books that glimpse at life fo Not a bad book I started out hating all the main characters but they grew on me by the endThe Kindle version is full of typos like they ust scanned *The Actual Book And *actual book and t even proof read it Still readable but annoyingI would have given 4 out of 5 with no typos This seemed a bit different to a lot of the other WS books I ve read yes it s set in Africa and involves a Courtenay but the relentless violence bloodlust and cruelty was pretty wearying not to mention the sexism and attitudes to hunting which were probably considered acceptable in 1989 but now felt very distasteful. Montero it is the ultimate test of her values and for her father a time to confront obsession. .